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(Disclaimer: May not be every word said but most of the announcement)

I came out here again because I have something to say. Since everyone will be taking fancam so I hope this will get out to Korean fans and fans from all over the world.

Recently I heard about bad things happening between our fans so I thought I should come out and explain.

Zhoumi and Henry are not official members of Super Junior. However Zhoumi and Henry are official members of SJM. We worked together for so long and we grew to have feelings with each other already, like family.

There won’t be official activities with zhoumi and Henry.
Please don’t have any misunderstandings but please still keep supporting them.

As for the part about standing together on stage for SS5, there’s no other meanings. As we were having concerts we were in the same waiting room, and they also waited in the waiting room. They look lonely waiting in the waiting room and they wanted to stand on stage and perform for everyone too.

So please look after them with a warm heart and please support henry and zhoumi in their SJM activities.

Source: 13elieveSG ‏@13elieveSG

Firstly, Zhou Mi and Henry are not official Super Junior members, but Zhou Mi and Henry are official members of Super Junior M. And we … Henry and Zhou Mi as Super Junior M members, are important, and we`ve spent a long time together with them. We have a close friendship with them, and support them like they are family members. There won`t be any change with their positions nor will they promote with Super Junior. They won`t participate in Super Junior`s albums, nor take photos with us for Super Show posters. They will not have official promotions with Super Junior. I hope you all won`t misunderstand. We just… those two… we truely support them; I hope there aren`t any more misunderstandings. I think this talk started at last Super Show, when they stood with us for Super Junior stages. That did not have a different meaning. Doing Super Shows with them, and watching them wait for hours in the waiting room after performing only 3-4 songs made us sad. And knowing that they want to stand with us on stage instead of feeling lonely, we thought it`d be nice to bring them up for not all Super Junior stages but ones we.interact with fans. so we brought them up. We hope you all wil have same feelings as us, and look at them with warm hearts, and cheer for them. They will not become official Super Junior members. I hope you support them as Super Junior M members. Singapore ELF, sorry to talk about this here. I hope you will all leave safely. Thank you

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  1. To be honest i didn’t even think it had such an impact (the petition i mean)…I’m really surprised and i feel bad for them who obviously saw it…
    I am open-minded as believe that fans can like whoever they want and dislike others. I don’t scold those ELFs(only 13ers) as long as they don’t do something serious, but with this i am a bit frustrated and disappointed…
    Hope Henmi don’t take it too much at heart

    • yes, i agree with you

    • if some “fans” made a petition to set them (HL and ZM) apart, why not us ELF send a petition to SM Entertainment demanding them to be in the official group. why have 8 members when you can actually have 10 currently. EH might have said something about HL, ZM will never be the official SJ member, but that is just because SM thought some fans didn’t like the idea. so if we show them this support, it will be good for both SJ and ELF too..

      • agree

      • ikr,, i agree with you steve..

      • ikr, i agree with you steve

      • great idea!!

      • Love the idea…

    • Lets make a petition ‘only15’ to SM and demand the company to set them into the official group… I know the ‘only15’ idea will be loved by Sm..

      • Hey Steve, coq, SPVTW15, RVP11, RVP Bloe-jopp, UGHPS76 and ELF, I’ve seen an O15 petition on tumblr. Just type Only13 and u all can see that a fanbase (I think) has written a letter against the O13 petition. If u are all really interested in participating an O15 campaign, u can sign.

  2. its over. please dont fight again in the future, we are family ELF..Hyukjae~ya I love you 🙂

  3. ELF must always support SJ Forever..

  4. Can someone explain me whats going on? I just got back from camping and saw this. I’m at lost right now. TT

    • some K-ELFs bring the stupid ”Only13” petition up again. Those who didn’t want HenMi to be considered as SJ. Well it’s just the same as the previous petition.

      • and C-EIFs. *eye-roll* seriously, ppl need to get a life and move on!

      • its kind of ridiculous to see ELFs behaving like this!!!… I mean seriously…. every member of Suju… be it Suju or SJM have worked hard to bring themselves where they are today… comparing when they started is not fair… its not their fault that they were discovered later… besides they are a family and ever since they joined they have poured their heart and soul into their work…… how can u ask them to break up their family or should I say differentiate…

        Hyukjae must have mustered a lot of strength to come up and discuss this on an international stage…. it only goes to show how they all care for each other… pls consider their feelings as well

        I really hope this petition issue is not further pressed and is brought to an end here

  5. Not this issue AGAIN.
    Am I out of the loop since I don’t notice any commotion of this? Why on earth is this starting AGAIN? I’m pissed.

    PS. Please, VOTE DAILY
    * for SJ-M and Henry 20’s Choice Awards. Can use 5 IDs per IP address
    * for Siwon 2013 Seoul International Drama Awards

    Plz, help spread this Voting Info. to ELF. I usually send out Voting Info. to major ELF fan base accs but Twitter just gave me a warning and temporarily suspended my acc. So, I can’t send info. to everyone like before 😦

    • 5 IDs per IP address, If we turn off the computer & turn on, we can vote 5 IDs again & repeat so! I use 70 IDs to vote / day. So frustated! The difference is only 2000 votes but we can’t chase them. I don’t believe that shinhwa has more fans than elf. Plz spread on weibo so china ELF can help!!

  6. to me,Henry and Zhoumi are SJ Family from the start.

  7. I support Henry and Zhoumi .Love u both being with SJ.

  8. Wow. I didn’t think they would talk about it in public. Honestly, the only13 is stupid, why hate HenMi, they are talented and good looking, people shouldn’t make hate petitions! If you don’t like them then fine just don’t say anything! If you are a true ELF you support all members of Super Junior which includes the official sub-group members Super Junior-M. No matter what true ELFs support everyone even if a member or a few are not their bias. So please ELFs don’t make out boys cry over the hatred from ELFs. Reading/watching this made me testy too, if it didn’t touch your feelings you are seriously a heartless ELF. Prom15e to 13elive

  9. Can we just forget about the Only13? That Only13 thing is just making more burden to them, Zhoumi, Henry, and Suju oppadeul 😦 We don’t want to see them stressed because of the Only13, right? Just seeing them in pain will hurt our hearts… but how about pain and stressed out? Imagine yourself if you see them like that… It already make me want to cry for 2 weeks. Let’s just forget about it as I say before and do what as Eunhyuk oppa said, look after Henmi with warm hearts and keep supporting them, shall we? ^^♥
    -But anyways… who made this petition? When I see this petition, all I can say is “WTH!? What’s wrong now!? >:-<"

    • can u read what Hyukjae stated above???Henmy are member of SJM..n SJ is only 13members…u can say “Can we just forget about the Only13?” because u dont know what SJ n ELF Korean went throught to protect SJ as 13members!!You’re only new ELF who knew them after sorry2 era right??u know them after they became famous..Do u know that K-ELF have spent their energy n even their money to protect SJ as 13 members??n if they didnt do that maybe we will lost some SJ members because SM added Henmy as SJ member…

      • Can you please get your damn facts right? And no. I became an ELF way before Sorry Sorry. Do you want to know something? Yes, you’re right. Henry & Zhou Mi are just SJ-M members & in reality, they will not be a part of Super Junior in any ways BUT what did those 2 poor boys do to get all the bashing, death/threat letters & getting thrown by stuffs by Only 13 fans just because they have dreams of becoming singers? They left home, left everything & came to Korea to find a better living but all they get was SHIT. Fucked ass shits. Do you think they deserved this? SJ & SM has already clearly said that they won’t be a part of SJ but still, immature & delusional ELF’s still go all the way with all these Only 13 shit. You have no rights to say K-ELF’s protected SJ to maintain the 13 members. SJ were hurt by ELF’s too. Do you know why? They took things for granted to the extent they don’t fucking care what they think anymore. Do you know how some ELF’s are actually hurt by what Eunhyuk said? Yes, they may not be a part of SJ but their name is SUPER JUNIOR M. They’re a family for Christ sake! Do you know how many shits Henry & Zhoumi had gone through just because of them? And do you know how pissed off Heechul was because K-ELF’s were being selfish. I won’t get my hopes high when it comes to Henry & Zhoumi being a part of SJ but seeing them performing on stage is already good enough for me. That’s all I ever wanted. You know what should K-ELF’s do from now on? GROW UP which they can’t.

      • You say all this things but when you think about Hangeng and Kibum leaving for their own reasons and not planning to come back, what’s the use of only13 not accepting HenMi?? they’re not oficial members of the band and still two members left. Keeping HenMi away of SJ is not going to prevent other members from leaving. They will go their own way, together or in separated ways no matter what so when you see this kind of behavior from only13, it’s really pointless, they’re just causing pain.

      • I want to ask you…I’ve followed them even before this O13 hooplah. In 2007/08 when this protest happened, I kinda’ understood the mission behind it, I’m not in favor of it, but I understand why they felt the need to do that.

        Fast forward to 2013….SJ is an established group a global group with strong international followers. What the objective of O13 then is not the case now…protect which 13? and again from what? Geng is not officially a SJ now & Ki Bum his last activity in SJ is a cameo in Neorago MV. Ki Bum’s heart wasn’t really into SJ because it is acting he really like.

        Henry write songs for SJ and to delegade him to “just” the sub-unit without any part of the main group is a diservice to his contribution as a member of this group they call a “family”, the same with Zhoumi. O13 K-ELF can never claim that HenMi were never part of the hardships the original members have gone through, heck the members did not even think they’ll still be the same group past their first album. When Dong Hae’s dad passed away, when Heechul broke his leg in a car accident and when Teuk, Shindong, HJ & Kyu got in to an accident back in April 2007…Henry & Zhoumi are already with them, their identities may have not been revealed yet, but they are both witness to all these trials the group experienced…So I really want to know what is it O13 is trying to protect and why is SJ needing that protection when they are a much stronger force with HenMi with them especially that the members are now rotating for their military service. PLEASE LET ME UNDERSTAND WHAT IS IT THAT SJ NEED PROTECTION FROM, NOW THAT THE YEAR IS 2013?

        • @AnonYmouSmE – A very BIG thumb up for your comment!!

      • @mesecret – someday in the future, I hope your grandchildren ask you what you did when you were young and you have to explain Only13 to them. They’ll laugh at you – it’s ridiculous. You had all your youth to do good and useful things and you wasted your free time on a petty, spiteful and mean campaign against two people who never hurt you and who are loved by all of SuJu and for what? Two members have left already and are never coming back (you know Kibum’s never coming back, right?) so there’s no 13 to protect. Were you Only12 when Kyu joined? I bet you were. I’d love to see you spout your nonsense to Heechul’s face and see what he thinks of you. You disrespect the members and are hateful to people they care about and say you’re doing it to protect them? They don’t need the help of bitter bullies. Use your free time for something useful – support a charity or something. This poisonous stupidity helps no-one.

        • @HollyBeeElf – LOVE U!^^ Such a pity that there’s no like or thumb up area to click because your comment is AWESOME!! 😀

        • I Love this…

    • O13 basically wanted HenMi were removed from SS5 (only appear with SJM songs) they don’t even wanted HenMi greet or say goodbye with the rest of members on stage, and also don’t want Henry uses blue sapphire color on his solo activities…

      now every member has their own space and nobody can replace them, so why try to revive this matter again? nobody was asking HenMi were called official SJ members (although for mostly of ELFs they are)… with this issue O13 only brought paint to HenMi (and the rest of members) once again… T.T

      • I think it just the way they want to express their worrieness.The ultimate purpose is to protect SJ member..They afraid Henmy became SJ member n replaced other members who are still in the army..We all know SM, n I think it is the best way to show ELF power to SM

      • Look, I kind of get why the Only13 EFL did it when ZhouMi and Henry introduced… But why keep it now? Suju members won’t leave, we know that now. We don’t have motive to bully Henry, Zhoumi or any other suju member.

  10. I think Eunhyuk felt the need to come out and tell us this after the concert has ended because, at the beginning of the concert, he asked us to support Henry and Zhoumi, and we did, we truly did and I salute the fans who were there for their extra hard screams for Mi and Henry and I think all the members felt thankful, especially Hyuk, which is – in my opinion – why he came back unexpectedly to give this message to the rest of the world.

    Zhoumi and Henry honestly gave the best smiles to fans melting in the standing pens.

    PS. Just came back from the concert lol

    • ikr, i screamed super loud for henry and zhoumi more than the other members! haha:) i really felt the happiness from henry when he said all those things about being connected to the singapore fans:)

      i never did think it positively. haha, maybe thats what hyukjae was thinking when he said that!

    • Me too! Screamed extra loud for Zhoumi and Henry:P! Seriously with all their talent and hardwork, they deserve it! I felt really happy that Henry felt at home in Singapore too^^ And i think Singaporean elfs gave a great response to Zhoumi when he hinted that he will be promoting his book in Singapore soon, good job Sg elfs:D! Hope these two boys can continue to feel the love!

      • Me three!! Sad that we didn’t get to see Henry perform ‘Trap’ live. Hope the reason he can’t perform it has nothing to do with this f**king only13 petition crap!!

        • sorry about the language. :p

          • Don´t worry about the “language”. Every true ELF are thinking this petition as CRAP!^^ I think he couldn´t perform was maybe SM didn´t allow him? Weird…but whatever I really hope that he will perfom Trap in SS5!

            • How to u differentiate true ELF from non ELF?? True ELF are ones that support 15 members?? Then ELF that support only 13 are not ELFs? I am support 13 Super Junior but I don’t hate Henry and Zhoumi, I don’t bash them. I go crazy for Super Junior the same as other ELF so why can’t only 13 ELF be a True ELF.

              • @ELF – What I’m saying about “true ELF” is to respect every member and to not cause any trouble and sadness for SJ and also in the fandom. But what the O13 petition has done was only to cause war between ELF and to hurt the members, epecially HenMi. What I’m saying is that ELF are supposed to show respect to every member. Of course I won’t force ELF to like every member, everyone has their biases BUT is it so hard to respect HenMi? I do hope that you don’t belong to the group who signed the Only13 petition. If no, then I’m thankful that also you support O13 that u don’t bash HenMi.

                • Sorry, correction: *also you support -> THOUGH you support

        • wait you mean he didn’t perform trap earlier? shit that’s messed up D:

          • Yes Henry did NOT performed Trap during SS5 in Singapore, I was so disappointed! That was definitely one of the highlight of the night that I have been anticipating:( During the concert, elfs even started to chant “Trap Trap Trap~” (Shindong heard “crab” lol), egging Henry on to perform Trap. But if I did not remember wrongly, Henry briefly apologized for not being able to perform trap “due to some matters”. I wonder what, hopefully it’s not because of the petition D: Sigh what a waste, it was a golden opportunity for him to promote his album:(((

            • But he did have a solo right? or did they remove that too? 😥 They’re coming here in 3 months and I hope by then he performs trap! Ugh, it’s actually one of the things I’m looking forward to seeing 😥

              • Henry did not have an official solo time during SS5 in Singapore:( He only had an impromptu short performance of Trap’s chorus towards the end of the concert when all the members were talking on stage and they cued Henry to perform:(

                • aww, i just googled and it seems he really doesn’t have a solo performance for ss5. 😦 so i guess there’s really no hope for trap in the upcoming shows 😦

      • Yup, although I am not particularly a big fan of them two, but I screamed myself hoarse for them, because that is the only way I can make them feel like they’re not the ‘extras’, the ‘unwanted’…because they’ve worked so hard too, and they deserve the support in return. Suju, wouldn’t have a good time if their two friends are treated coldly…. I don’t understand Only13. Why was there even a need for Hyuk to come out and make such clarifications? I just don’t get it.

    • True.
      I thank Eunhyuk for that, he has my respect.
      But in my humble opinion, it would be more appropriate and awesome and he will be much cooler if he talks about this in Korea or China, since K-Elfs and C-Elfs are the one who started all this shit.

      We, international Elfs have nothing against Henry and Zhoumi. We love both of them as much as we love all the other members.

      But, he did sorry though in the end. *sigh*

      Elfs, let’s just support all of them, shall we? 🙂

    • I did not like the content of EH’s speech…it is obvious though that it pains him to stand on his own to talk to the fans about this matter that is painful to Super Junior as a whole….BUT ……it also is obvious that EH does not know that the O13 sentiments of some K/C-ELFs is not one that is shared by the majority of ELFs especially outside of Korea bec if he does then he would know that Henry and Mimi are very much cheered on and supported beyond the border os SK and didn’t have to address the issue in Singapore.

      Hence…the more reason to show in their future SS stop that there are more ELFs who are for Henry & Mimi’s inclusion in SJ…for goodness sake what is the problem in adding HenMi officially in SJ…2 SJ members were added to SJM when Geng left, there were no protest to that…why can’t HenMi join the main group and be truly a family?

      ELF is a broken fandom if HJ & SJ want to have it that way…should SJM fans be called ELF-Ms and use a different colored balloons…maybe SJM fans should hold a white balloon in protest to the separation.


  11. All I can say is


    Let’s trend and send this to them 🙂

  12. That petition makes me sick…you can have fond memories of Hangeng and Kibum, but it looks like they left and never looked back. While SuJu was celebrating their anniversary a few years ago, Hangeng was celebrating his two year solo…Henry and Zhoumi work really hard and deserve to be part of SuJu…none of this part time nonsense. If this continues, I give Super Junior two years at most, maybe not even that…

    • IKR? Why hating on those who have been stuck around, stayed by your side through thick and thin? It’s beyond me to comprehend. Should you love and value those more than anything? It’s like diamond. It’s precious to have.

  13. they way he talk make it seems like henry and zhoumi where there because they wanted, not because everyone in suju wanted T.T i wish he could have talk more strongly, zhoumi and henry arent guests and shoudnt be disrespected in this way, the ones that signed that petition cant be called elf

    • p.s: i hadnt read the second part before comment, the more specifcs words seems right to me. but still, i wish he could had ask for respect, i think this only 13 thing cant be nothing more than xenophobia

      • Yeah..I agree with u but I think he just wanted to stay polite. And also, this speech was all very spontaneous, In the vid you can hear that he thought carefully what to say next. But in this matter I really wish that Heechul were there if he hadn´t do military service. I think Heechul would talk more strongly. He will be obviously really pissed of about this and maybe he would be very honest and straightforward and maybe would curse the ONly13ers so that Only13 should should shut up as we all know that Heechul doesn´t care about the consequences, image or losing fans.

  14. Good for Eunhyuk. It couldn’t have been easy for him to do that. Henry and ZhouMi are part of the Suju family. I love all these guys.

  15. this is so heart-touched :’)
    Dear Hyukjae, thank you so much for taking care the members so well. You’ve worked hard for being the one who take the responsibility of the group. I’m so proud of you. This stupid issue and petition thingy must be give you a damn stress. Don’t worry SUPER JUNIOR, I AM ELF and I’M HERE !!

  16. i hope sj members inc henmi knows that only minority of elfs , i don’t even think its a minority , theres so little of them that supports only13 , most elfs loves henmi now , i feel bad for henmi :”(

  17. Not sure what I make of the translation because it’s obviously only a fraction of Eunhyuk’s actual address. I’m glad Eunhyuk came out and said *something* about this issue but I hope it wasn’t any kind of apology for having Zhou mi and Henry up there on stage. There comes a time when you just have to say ‘enough is enough’, placating bad behaviour never makes it stop.

  18. Eunhyuk said his heart hurts cos of this discord between Only13 &Henmi Supporters.
    C’mon man, both sides have their own standpoints. Can’t we just respect them and just show support to all of them as SJ&SJM???
    We are supposed to be UNITED, ELFs!!
    Don’t weaken our fandom because of things like this. Just believe what you believe in and don’t force your opinion onto others.
    PEACE so that SJ & ELFs can go far together!!

  19. hum, i don’t know if i can trust the translation entirely but for what i read, i wish he would have said “Henry and zhoumi are part of Super Junior family point”.
    he gives too much credit to only13 like if he was apologizing and confirming they are not part of Super Junior but SJM.
    a little bit disappointed by the choice of his words honestly.

    • my feelings exactly but I’m still thankful he came out and speak up.
      hopefully everyone else get the message.

      • yeah, actually i applaud him for speaking about it and not ignoring it.
        and i hope too that the ones responsible of this petition will get the message.
        i guess he was just trying to be careful with his words but sometimes you have to be rude if it’s needed, even more when it’s not the first time such a thing happens.

        • You know Eunhyuk have a wonderful heart..He try his best not to hurt other ELF supporters heart..He only want to share SUJU side about the issue..

        • But.. It wasn’t Hyuk’s fault either.
          Can you imagine what would happen if he said HenMi is part SJ? Dude!!! i can’t imagine al those Only13ers freakin’ out!
          I’ll be always thankful to HyukJae for this… And I hope those who made the petiton can understand why they’ve decided to do the peformances including HenMi…

          Please MiniKyu don’t be disappointed 🙂
          That’s all I can say.

          • Those Only 13 made petition like this better they make more acc vote for SJM as Global Star & ELF battle in fan club, we r in the 3rd place now, losing from ft.island & shinhwa fans

    • because it’s the fact,,,SJ only13……n hyuk made it clearer… if u still say SJ 15members,you just hurt SJ’s feeling..

      • oh dude you totally miss the point.

    • oh God Hyukjae already said it.. he said that Zhoumi and Henry are family thus he asked us to support, and welcome them with warm heart.. he spoke spontaneously and I think he choose the word carefully so that it won’t hurt one side/both.. he’s good in taking care of this fandom internal problem.. for me , it seems that he tried to console his 2 dongsaeng who are in fight and he tried that both dongsaeng feel satisfied.. and here some of us just still think what he did is not enough? he could ignore this problem you know … but he choose to step up.. I feel sorry for SJ because it seems no matter what he does.. it won’t make elf happy..

    • oh “disappointed by the choice of his words”
      he don’t wrong,i think that, SJ have 13 members, Henmy are are not official members of Super Junior but SJ.M, It’s real :v

      • HenMi are family, as you can read he said that… But, you know you can also choose misunderstand what he actually said and used as you want.

  20. My heart was hurt to see our SUJU babies are hurting about “SUJU 13” issue..I hope all ELF’s become more openminded about this..SUJU loves ZOUMIandHENRY we need to respect that..If they love this two guys WE NEED to LOVE them too..PLS. DON’T MAKE ANY STUPID MISTAKE TO HURT OUR SUJU BABIES..

  21. May i know is there some fans put on only13 petition in the singapore ss5??

    or is there any other reasons behind?

  22. honestly those people who petitioned for 13 only members are nothing but IMMATURE & INSENSITIVE fans OR WORSE THEY ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS!!!! it’s been a long and on going issue. WHY CAN’T THEY JUST MOVE ON AND LOVE SUJU (and all it’s “unofficial” members) UNCONDITIONALLY.I cant see any logical reason to bring it up til now. I mean come on! how long has it been when those 2 were added as part of SJ-M?? I believe having Henry & Zhoumi around doesn’t hurt the group at all, they actually helped a lot in the group. Henry & Zhoumi are there not just a support, they are family. ARE THEY BLIND??? how come they dont see that suju love henry and zhoumi as brothers, as a family, why can’t they do the same?? are they incapable of doing so??? don’t they have brains? coz they are not in their right mind. If they cant accept SuJu having 15 members they better go and idolize someone else or better yet go to hell. SUJU DOESNT NEED YOU!!!! they only need fans who will support them 13 or 15 UNCONDITIONALLY.

    sorry for the negative comments and I really hope those 13 only believers (losers) will be able to read this message so please pass this message on to them.

    • can u read what Hyukjae stated above???Henmy are member of SJM..n SJ is only 13members…u can say that because u dont know what SJ n ELF Korean went throught to protect SJ as 13members!!

      • So they should be happy since Leeteuk + Heechul +Siwon, Kangin +Shindong + Eunhyuk + Donghae +Yesung +Sungmin +Ryeowook + Kyuhyun + Zhoumi + Henry =13

        • Minkyu, I love u! Why arguing about 13? Aren´t they already 13? 🙂

        • best reply!! hahhahahhahha

        • HAHAHAHAHA MINIKYU you’re the best lol♥

        • Yup.. agreeee

        • Let’s launch Already13 !!!

      • Do ‘U’ know how many times I’ve seen this same tired, meaningless argument over the last umpteen years? There are plenty of longstanding SJ fans who know perfectly well what went down with Only 13. They’re not ignorant of the facts. They just happen to think that the Only 13 behaviour is wrong and should stop.

        And you know who else has said so? Leeteuk, Heechul, Siwon… in fact, I think most of Super Junior has said it at some time or another!

      • that’s not exactly what hyukjae said. and for sure he was FORCED to say that Henry & Zhoumi are not “official members” just so those 13 only believers (retards) would stop this crappy petition and i know it hurts Henry & Zhoumi for hearing that. but if you have read between the lines he stated that Henry & zhoumi are “FAMILY” and fans should treat them the same. what’s so hard about that? they carry the same name “SUPER JUNIOR” whether its M, T, H, KRY etc. they are using the same name and should be treated as ONE. are they doing this because Henry & Zhoumi are chinese. if SM have added a Korean member instead of chinese will they still push through with this 13 only thingy??? i know what the fans and suju went through before, although the fans helped a lot to make suju successful but fans are acting like they own suju. they are the ones creating conflict and chaos among ELF and suju. i hope they realize that.

        • @Xian – about what u said that HenMi are bullied because they’re chinese is not true. Actually, now about this Only13 campaign, only a few K-ELF support Only13 BUT the biggest problem lies on C-ELF!!! A very big group of them still believe in SJ as 13 and the most signatures of this O13 petition comes from them!! Without O13-C-ELF, some K-ELF who initiated the petition won’t be able to collect more than 5000 signatures so far! I think it’s really funny and unbelievable that many C-ELF hate HenMi, conidering the fact that they’re BOTH Chinese! It’s just like bullying a family member if u know what I mean. I can imagine how HenMi feel, I feel really sad that they aren’t fully welcomed in their own home country, especially for ZhouMi this is really heartbreaking for him cause he was born and raised in China and has friends & his family there! And then he’s treated like the biggest criminal by his own country men! So sad!! 😦

          • @lovelyhen, thanks for correcting me about henry & zhoumi issue. its really sad. i think those people are sick and needs to go to a psychiatrist or something. for years now i’ve been thinking for any valid logical reason as to why they cant accept HemMi since it was very clear from the beginnng that they were only added as part of SJ-M and not to replace anyone from the original 13 members. and even if they have sub groups they are just ONE family (SUJU) if they can’t respect HenMi as part of suju atleast have some decency to respect them as an artist or a person or better yet respect them as their own countrymen. im very sure it was hard for hyukjae to say that henmi are “unofficial members” coz suju loves them as family. and i feel sorry for henmi coz despite all their efforts after all this years they are still unaccepted by some bunch of retards that call them selves C-ELF. crazy-ELF I should say.

            • Yeah…About this issue O13, I’ve also been thinking for any logical reasons as to why they’re against HenMi that much after 5 years being in SJ-M!! But after reading what O13ers say about their reasons, I just can shake my head. I’m 100% sure that I won’t ever understand what’s on their minds, really.

  23. I am seriously sick of those Only13! And please, dont even use the word ELF for them..I am so disgusted by that!! I hope they realize that Only13 now are only a minority of the whole fandom, and did Hyukjae only see the petition from Only13? I hope he also saw ours petition ;-;

  24. What do you guys want really?? Why put them in a spot??

    If they add Henmi into SJ main group, most K&C-ELFs will wreak havoc and some may be so disappointed that they leave the fandom. It’s THAT SERIOUS a matter to them and SM. Because K&C-ELFs are SM’s main source of income.They have extremely large fanbases there and SJ needs their support for EVERYTHING. Basically if K&C-ELFs are down, the entire ELF fandom is also ruined.

    If they don’t add Henmi, I-ELFs start complaining.

    The best solution now is keep status quo.
    Sometimes no change is better than pushing for one.
    Think of the big picture please.
    Just let everything remain as it is. Even though Henmi are only considered SJM members but it’s evident that SM will let them take on more solo projects from now on like Zhoumi’s book and Henry’s solo debut in Korea.
    They have a bright future ahead of them, don’t worry.
    There are already rumours that Zhoumi will also release a solo album like Henry.
    Just let everything stay as it is, don’t create more troubles for SJ pleaseeeeee!!!

    • i agree with u….Is Only13 sometimes rude? YES, but they do that to protecting SJ. If there aren’t Only13, i don’t think so that SJ could go this far. The best way just u said “JUST LET EVERYTHING REMAIN AS IT IS”.

      • they are not protecting suju or elfs. they are acting like they own the group super junior. they are not treating suju as humans, they treat them as something that they can and want to control. if they cant accept the changes in suju it’s better for them to just idolize someone else. International elf doesnt need them. suju doesnt need people who doesnt treat them as human.

    • I agree with u! “Just let everything remain as it is”. SJ is SJ, SJM is SJM.. SJ+M is a family,, can’t we just accept that?? Only13 is rude sometimes, but I thank them, if not for them, there wouldn’t be SJ like we know now..

  25. I believe that Henry & Zhoumi should be respicted .. they are like one of SuJu Family members ,, some of SuJu members had left and never looked back.. But HenMi are always there .. I hope this only13 will stop ..

  26. Folks – at the end of the day, we all love SUJU. Let’s love them in whatever form they take, or how many of them there are. Let’s not do things that causes pain or hurt to any of the SUJU members. Let’s recognise the hard work and effort that every member of SUJU put in to bring us joy, laughter and great music.

    HenMi are wonderful ambassadors for SUJU. I was at an overseas SS5 and HenMi’s ability to speak the local language brought SUJU closer to the international fans. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we want? To have SUJU reach and connect to as many people all over the world so that they will love them as we do?

    Let’s not focus on the negative views of a small group of naysayers. Let’s support SUJU so that we will continue to them in our lives! Fighting!!

  27. this only13 thing is fucking a minority !!! does sj thinks this is a big matter ?? most of us already support and love henmi srsly i hope they kno that !! i repeat this only13 is a minority !!! i’m pretty sure they’re like only 1000 of them or even less and fyi some haters are trying to fuel the fire by pretending to be only13 supporters

    • You’re 100% wrong..What I see is : only13 are ELF who support SJ from their debut till now..n ELF who say only15 are ELF who knew SJ since sorry2 era or after they became famous…So,they know nothing about what happened before 2009,,just like u!!!

      • Only13 are people who treat SJ like property, like dolls, not as human beings. Only13 would rather cause SJ members pain than admit to being wrong. Only13 don’t care that the members love and support HenMi, that they chose to include them in SS5. Only13 conveniently ignore the fact that there aren’t 13 members in SJ and that Geng and Kibum are gone forever. So, what are you protecting? This is just to make yourselves feel special, to lord it over other Elfs by going “we were here first – we’re better fans than you” and to try to bully SJ and SME into doing what you want. Ridiculous, childish behaviour from grown women.

        • BIG THUMB UP, @HollyBeeElf!! I like all your comments you wrote so far! ^^

      • Utter rubbish. I’m one of the many international fans who has been following SJ since way before 2009. You’re really deluding yourself if you think that the only reason people object to Only 13 behaviour is because they somehow “don’t know”. They object because they do know – they know that Only 13 behaviour has been awful. You don’t protect someone you love by threatening them and making demands, or by viciously bullying someone they call brother.

        Do yourself and SJ a favour. Go look up those Youtube videos of Siwon and Heechul trying to get the fans to stop the O13 chants. And of Leeteuk at the end of the Seoul concerts, quietly asking the fans to support ALL of the group. You can’t say that *they* weren’t around before Sorry Sorry.

  28. SJ or SJM for me remains one … the super junior!!! and it was a group together in one name! like here .. many areas and many different languages ​​but we are still one, namely Indonesia.. whatever it is I always support and love you guys…:)


    • THIS! THIS! ♥

  29. #unpopular opinion # rant: Honestly, a bit disapointed… He basicly complied to the main demand of Only13, which is to make the bonders between SJ and SJM clear… I know he probably doesn’t want more controversies to arise and tried to do the best he could without oppenly going against Only13, but he emphasied “not official members of SJ”, “not going to be on super show posters”… To me, if HenMi belongs to SJM and SJM is part of SJ, then HenMi is part of SJ. I know he meant well and he seemed really hurt and probably afraid of Only13, but, yeah…. Sometimes this fanclub makes me so frustated and sometimes I think HenMi deserve way more than what they get… Right know I don’t even know if I want they to be in SJ, they just deserve so much more… I feel so sad that their talent is being wasted in a fanclub and a group that can’t even fully appreciate them… But in the end of the day I really thank them for being part of SJ (for me they always will), because SJ wouldn’t be complete without them. HenMi, fighting!

    • “a group that can’t even fully appreciate them” you makes it looks like sj doesn;t love them and appreciate henmi which is not true at all , you can see that sj clearly loves henmi its just situation is a bit hard right now , you have to think from their side too . i think eunhyuk is on the fence about what to say and he tried really hard to say the best , they’re also hurt in this situation , and there’s only one side that can be blamed in this situation and its the fucking stupid only13 faggots , i hope you don;t blame hyuk 😦

      • I know SJ members really love and support HenMi and I don’t blame Hyuk… He probably just didn’t want things to get worse, so he kind of agreed to some points the Only13 demanded. He did say they are family and important members and I thank him for that.
        It’s just that from what he said, “Zhou Mi and Henry are not official Super Junior members”, I feel that HenMi will never be trully accepted in the group, at least officialy. Gosh, they can’t even have their pictures in the poster of SS5, a concert they worked for as hard as the others! They are stuck hidden in a subunit that releases an album every 2 years! That don’t even promote much in Korea! So much waste of talent, it’s not fair…
        I know it’s not their fault and they can’t really say what they want, because a big part of their Korean and Chinese fanbase would be angry, but this way they are enabling Only13… They can only support HenMi indirectly… They will never openly say Henry and Zhou Mi are part of SJ, even if they think they are… I know the situation doesn’t permite them to, but it still makes me really sad…

        • Yeah, totally agree with all your arguments. With what he has said that HenMi won´t be official SJ members, he actually didn´t really scolded Only13 for their petition but instead Only13 will think that what they´re doing right now is correct. I read comments of Only13 saying that what Eunhyuk said was exactly the same as they intended to do, to “clearly make boundaries between SJ and SJM”. Right now, I´m worried about the next SS5 concerts. Will HenMi be included in the concerts as always? Will they have solo performances? If SM really plans to exclude them from now on, then what kind of a concert would it be? You know, concerts should make fans happy and enjoying and they are mostly the only location where you can support and see your band and biases but what if HenMi won´t attend the SS5 concerts anymore? That would be pretty unfair! Just think about those ELF whose biases are them and imagine HenMi are not in the concerts? So sad…..I hope that because of EunHyuk´s announcement and their knowledge about the petition, SM won´t take any actions to the disadvantage of HenMi with regard to Only13. 😦

          • SM wont do it to Henmi but I’m sure eunhyuk will receive a lot of scolding…
            i dont think SM know eunhyuk gonna said this…
            why would he wait until the end of the concert to say this..
            the way he look at henry and zhoumi in the entire concert..
            i can see he is sad, he is not the same eunhyuk, the bright and cheerful..
            i hope this end

            • @lovesj – Were you at SS5 Singapore? Because you said about Hyukjae’s expression. Hearing this makes me sad 😦

  30. This things really make cry SJ is 15 & always be henMi is part of them & I don’t like 2 think that the sj & Sjm members r deferent Thay all 1 family & all elf around the should be 1 family 4 the suju
    Suoer Junior 15 always in my heart fighting

    • can u read what Hyukjae stated above???Henmy are member of SJM..n SJ is only 13members…u can say “Can we just forget about the Only13?” because u dont know what SJ n ELF Korean went throught to protect SJ as 13members!!You’re only new ELF who knew them after sorry2 era right??u know them after they became famous..Do u know that K-ELF have spent their energy n even their money to protect SJ as 13 members??n if they didnt do that maybe we will lost some SJ members because SM added Henmy to as SJ member…

      • Stop your bullshit. How could SM replace a member with another one ? It’s been freaking 8 years since SJ debuted, and are now well-known in Korea, to the point they’re part of the variety world there. How would the public react if SM did that ? SM aren’t stupid, they know they won’t do anything like that.

        Then, how do you know people who support Henry and ZhouMi aren’t around since SJ debuted ? Stop assuming things.

        Super Junior WAS 13, it is at the most 12 now since Hangeng left the group AND the company, he won’t return, even if SJ wants to, SM won’t take him back since he caused so much trouble with his departure.

        Henry and Zhou Mi are part of the group/family, ELFs have to support them like the “official” SJ members.

      • what protection are you talking about? in the end hangeng and kibum still LEFT.. or well, those hard core fans will go ‘nooo.. they didn’t leave.. they are always in our hearts..!!’ whatever. fact is they will most probably never return to suju PHYSICALLY.

        You love SJ? If you truly love them you won’t go against their wish. time and again they kept emphasizing please accept and love henmi. they are family to the boys. did the only13 fans care and listen to their pleas? NO. this is the 1st time ever a member had to come back to the stage 10 minutes after the concert officially ended, when half the concert hall was gone, when the translator knocked off, when the staff were already packing up, to say these words and requested spectators to take a video of whatever he’s gonna say (mind you, security was very tight and strictly no videography/photography allowed) and hope the videos reach K-elf and other elf in the world. teuk already mentioned in ss4 Seoul to stop this only13 shit. to think that hyuk had to mention the same again in ss5, goes to show how desperate and upset the boys are. think, would you want someone you love to feel this way?

        hyuk said whatever he said to appease the fans who only support the 13 members. he wants them to know SM have no intention to add henmi to the official SJ group and will only be in SJM forever (or maybe until they decide to do a hengeng – LEAVE the group suddenly.. only13 fans will be the happiest correct?), so please stop forcing them to leave. hopefully when we all are in our 40’s, the only13 fans will see how silly they were ‘protecting’ the 13 members. TRUE fans are those who RESPECT what the other members have always wanted – to accept HENMI.

        what era are we in now? stage a protest and petition against SM’s business plans? LSM is only interested in making profits. Who know.. these are all LSM’s marketing gimmicks. Go figure.

      • can you shut up please? you are literally pick on fighting to everyone who say that they consider Zhoumi and Henry as part of SJ!! what’s wrong with that? you can oppose the idea of Zhoumi and Henry are include in SJ family but you can’t force the other elf to think the way you do.

      • and I know SH history thank you very much…we don’t hate O13 before this issue..and we’re non O13 already accepted that Zhoumi and Henry is SJM member not SJ and we don’t think SM will include them in the main group anyway. However, we still support and welcome them like family … but those 013 have gone too far to make petition to forbid Zhoumi and Henry to stand together in SS5 with SJ members etc etc…what’s the point of doing that if it’s already clear that they won’t be added to the main group? it will only hurt them… and people like you seems enjoy too much of hurting SJ(especially Henry and Zhoumi)

  31. Henry and Zhoumi are supporting SJ on the Super Show since now js leave 8 SJ member going on for the show. Henmi always introduce themself in SJM not SJ…. no matter wat petition… I will always support SJ, SJM, SJT, KRY & etc…. As long as grouped by SJ members.

  32. I’m so pissed off like seriously! Didn’t it occur to them that SJ will be needing members since the 86-87 line will be enlisting at the same time? I swear only13 stans are so pathetic I don’t get why they’re bringing back that stupid petition. If we’re talking about having just 13 members with Geng and Kibum gone, bringing HenMi in will make them 13 LOL

  33. I thank Eunhyuk for that, he has my respect.
    But in my humble opinion, it would be more appropriate and awesome and he will be much cooler if he talks about this in Korea or China, since K-Elfs and C-Elfs are the one who started all this shit.
    We, international Elfs have nothing against Henry and Zhoumi. We love both of them as much as we love all the other members.
    But, he did say sorry though in the end. *sigh*
    Elfs, let’s just support all of them, shall we?

    • It would create a disaster to address this right in k and c elf faces. Their market share is just too huge to be offended. It’s such an irony that sm ent added these 2 chinese members to the sub unit to fish more money from c elf, only to be rejected by them.

  34. so if there are zhoumi or henry in or not i will always support them and forever like any members of suju and please stay together for our fanclub elf …. fighting ………………….

  35. just uploaded a clearer video~~

  36. pardon me ? I just accept a news from my friend the petition about zhoury to be official SJ members , not ONLY 13 petition , anybody have a correct of this ? , and please don’t say ONLY 13 ELF are stupid , they are a human , they a have a reason why they do something , I can’t imagine if Only 13 not do something in 2007 , can I see Leeteuk Heechul in Super Junior ? because SM can do the transformation in SJ if they want do that , I’m Only 13 I dont hate Zhoury , thank you

    • yeahhh,,I really agree with u…ELF who says SJ 15members mostly are International ELF who knew SJ after they become famous (after sorry2 era)…n dont know the history of SJ 13members..they dont know that they maybe cant see Leeteuk or Heechul or Yesung or Kangin or Shindong or Sungmin or Eunhyuk or Donghae or Siwon or Ryeowook or Kyuhyun as SJ member if K-ELF didnt protect SJ as 13members in 2007&2008…

    • Just stop the petition.. Thanks.

    • Yes, but is sad in the present that zhoumi and henry stay alone, they work hard for sj, and hangeng and kimbum no stay now, so what problem that henmi be part of sj?

    • Honestly I know very well about what Only 13 supporters did in 2007. I can’t imagine how if one or two suju members has to graduate just like After School. I understand that. That’s why I don’t sign both petitions because I support all 15 members of suju family with all my heart.
      But I think about how they don’t like some fans using sapphire blue baloon was a bit overboard since the color for suju M also sapphire blue.
      At first I didn’t think only13 petition was a big deal, as long as the fans who sign it were not a lot and suju members or sm didn’t see it, it would be spoilt or disappeared with time.
      Well the counter petition about the fans who supported zhoury to be official members surely can’t be avoided IKR. I thought these would become a matter between fans only.
      But then what really irked me how a lot of fans (international fans too) mentioned this matter a lot to suju members in twitter. And congrats it has become a very serious issue thanks to them.
      I really hope Leeteuk was the one who tell this matter toward fans. It would be wiser, since all elfs respect him a lot.
      He is the one who asked ELF to change Protect13 to become Protect Super Junior. He also the one who asked ELF to love and support Henry and Zhoumy if they all wanted super junior last forever.

      • teuk did. he did mention this when during ss4 seoul’s concert. but none of the only13 fans cared and listened.

  37. Those only13 supporters really pissed me off.
    Do they even consider Zhou Mi & Henry’s feelings?
    And what about super junior current members? Im sure their sad because they care for each of the members a lot.
    Geez! Since their idols they really can’t express their feelings that much so we don’t know how much they felt about this petition.

    But in my opinion I already consider them as part of Super Junior, not just in SJ-M.
    So i hope those only13 supporters move on with their lives cause how much they protest, hankyung already left SuJu and theres little hope he can perform together on stage w/ suju.
    And kibum whose on haitus in suju, not even sure if he will comeback.
    Please don’t misunderstand, i like hankyung & kibum,
    I’m just saying whats on my mind.

  38. Korean ELF is not anti HenMi, they never said any “Only13”. They only want SM to clarify SJ and SJM.
    My own point of view, when there is SJM , that means it’s not SJ , as Leeteuk, HeeChul, Yesung, Kangin will not on that stage.

    • @sujuhoko – About what u said that the initiators of this petition want SM to seperate SJM from SJ, I’ve also heard about this. But the problem is that it wasn’t SM’s idea to let HenMi participate more in SS5. It was the members themselves who wanted to let HenMi participating in some SJ songs!! The songlist, the costumes, all SJ’s idea and never SM’s doing! As EunHyuk has said in these vids, members were always sad that in the previous Super Shows, HenMi could only perform for 4 songs and then after this waiting for hours in the waiting room. So this O13 petition is actually not against SM but against their oppas! And then saying like they don’t intend to hurt anybody is just a lie!!!! Are they really happy to see SJ being sad and hurt? Their petition is just like a shot in SJ’s hearts and not about caring for them!!! Now I’m addressing the people who initiated the petition and people who support it: Plz think about your doings!!!!

  39. I only hope after this Hyuk speech, O13 desist with their petition…

  40. when I read thru’ the comments, it just makes me so sad… for those who cheered so much for Henry & Zhoumi today, u are not doing wrong but did you ever do the same for Shingdong? Yes, he may not be talented in singing but he contributed so much for the group in terms of dancing or choreography.. The support or compliments he gets is probably the least – even less than Henry & Zhoumi…
    I am not pro 13 or 15 – so don’t attack me! But for those international elfs who says you love henry & zhoumi same as all other SJ members. … do you? In fact, maybe you just stan the one you like……
    Shindong is probably the one next off to army even before 7th album.. probably his goodbye stage here… do anybody remember that ? or any special support for him? NONE !!!!

    • Shindong is my 2nd bias… And if he were attacked I will bite back to the person who attacked him. When people start a big issue about his “macho man misogynist” comments, I stood up for him,,,

      Yes, he’s gonna enlist soon (I don’t think this is his last stage) but his “spot” on SuJu isn’t on gamble, even though he doesn’t get the much lines that I want on SJ’s songs, he doesn’t get booed on SS, he doesn’t get petitions for get him out (not now I mean) And do you know why people doesn’t talk shit about him or sign letters against him?

      Because people give him a chance, a change to prove that he’s a hardworking person who deserves to be in SuJu… Why can’t HenMi have the same opportunity?

  41. Eunhyuk support SJ as 13members!!!Yeahh..but I want it only 12members(without geng)

  42. I cried while reading it .. just the fact that they KNOW about it made me sad enough and Hyuk talked about it they must be so sad that we’re fighting with each other we shouldn’t do that as ELFs we’re big family it’s normal if we have different thoughts :/
    ELFs are so proud of Hyuk but some ELFs are saying that they felt Hyuk just approved to what Only13 are saying .. but we know he tried his hard just to stop all the argument !!
    I support Zhoumi and Henry as SJ-M members and if someday they will be part of SUJU activities I will support them too and be happy for them because they’re talented and even if they’re just members of SJ-M now as group they will stay part of SUPER JUNIOR Family no matter what all the members are more than friends they’re like family Zhoumi and Henry are close to all the members not just SJ-M members ❤
    and I really hope Zhoumi will do solo activities in Korean like Henry he's so talented too ❤

    I can't even imagine how sad they felt especially Zhoumi and Henry !! 😥

    ps: sorry for my bad English.

  43. i am happy and sad of his statement.
    sad- because he said that it will NOT be possible that HENMI to be in main SJ.
    I am happy his making credits to HENMI their effort and enthusiasm to perform on stage and entertain ELF.
    I am really against to ONLY13 bcoz they can’t appreciate the effort of HENMI
    while those who left and not promoting with SJ anymore they still consider.

    When you attend SJ Super Show as a fan i am expecting all super junior to be there whether they are from SJM/T/H/KRY/Eunhae bcoz they are under in ONE NAME its SUPER JUNIOR and ONE fan club ELF.

    MAIN SJ consider and appreciate the effort of Henmi why not as fan can’t do that?
    They’re supporting HENMI why we can’t ??

    if your a TRUE ELF considering HENMI is a MUST!! because we are under in one family SUPER JUNIOR!

    • Yes! Agree with u! If I visit their concerts, I expect to see ALL members on the stage as well! And now SJ and SM know about this, I hope that HenMi can still participate more in the next Super Shows. :-/ I don’t want them to wait for hours to only perform SJM songs!! They’re artists, damn it!!! What is the purpose as artists if u can’t perform properly on stage! 😦

  44. The situation is just basically the same, nothing has changed, it is just more clear for the Only13 fans, and I hope they won’t create more trouble to Henry and Zhou Mi.

    I just wanna ask the Only13 fans : isn’t ELF the fandom of SJM too ? Isn’t Pearl Sapphire Blue the color of SJM too ? So why shouldn’t Henry and Zhou Mi be supported like the other SJ members, since they both are OFFICIAL SJM members ? Why is there a division between SJ and SJM ? Aren’t you all the fans of both groups ? You don’t like SJM JUST because there are Henry and Zhou Mi in ? If so, shame on you, because at the same time, you don’t support or respect the other SJ members.

    • ELF is not the fandom of sjm but only superjunior’s. Until now, there is no clear fandom of sjm’s.
      I respect henry and zhoumi a lot.But the most important point is that,there should be a restriction.As you know,K-elf and C-elf are the important income of sj. Sj will no longer maintain if k-elf leave.

      I know some of the o13 are being over-rude.But you can’t deny that they stay wif super junior from the beginning.They just want to protect their first heart wif sj.Leeteuk has mentioned before in 1000days fansmeeting:”Sj will be only 13 members no longer what happens.” and also kangin has mentioned that “13+13=SUPERJUNIOR” in ss5 hk. shouldn’t we follow of what the guys said?

      I respect henry and zhoumi,but only in SJM. I know they are brothers of sj. The superjunior you love now, is the effort of K-elfs in 2008. Try to consider about elf in asia instead of just blaming them.

      • – “ELF is not the fandom of sjm but only superjunior’s.”
        So you’re telling me that the fans that come for SJM fanmeets, recordings, etc when they are in China aren’t ELF fans ? Weird, that’s really weird …. SJM is a subunit of SJ, so their fandom is different ? So SJ-K.R.Y, SJ-T, SJ-H and SJ-Donghae&Eunhyuk’s fandoms aren’t ELF too ? Tell me if I’m wrong.

        There’s only one point I respect about Only13 fans : trying to keep the SJ members in the group so SM can’t make them leave against their will. But too many people think that the members will be replaced.

        Like you ALL ONLY13 fans said, since the arrival of Kyuhyun, Super Junior is an OFFICIAL GROUP, not a PROJECT GROUP ANYMORE, so THERE ARE NO RISKS OF SJ MEMBERS BEING REPLACED. Hangeng left on his own, respect that.

        I don’t see the problem with ADDING members. As everyone knows, SJ has been around for more than 8 years. Replacing a member would be weird isn’t it ? SM CAN’T REPLACE MEMBERS NOW, IT’S BEEN TOO LONG SINCE SJ HAS BEEN AROUND FOR TOO LONG AND BEEN WELL-KNOWN IN KOREA AND INTERNATIONALLY. Replacing a member with another one will degrade SM more than anything else, and THEY KNOW THAT.

        – “Leeteuk has mentioned before in 1000days fansmeeting:”Sj will be only 13 members no longer what happens.” and also kangin has mentioned that “13+13=SUPERJUNIOR” in ss5 hk.”
        1000th day. GET SOME DAMN UPDATES. At SS4 Seoul, Leeteuk said to support Henry and Zhou Mi like SJ members, like family. He also said that he is TIRED of that “promise”. And also, SJ won’t be 13 anymore, at the most 12, since Hangeng won’t come back. 13 is just a delusional member, just face the facts and the truth. They are just 13 in your hearts, that’s all.
        – 13 + 13 = Super Junior.
        What I see is 13 + 13 = 26 = Super Junior ? It’s not clear ….

        – “Try to consider about elf in asia instead of just blaming them.”
        Don’t make me say what I didn’t say. I didn’t say that at all. With what you’re saying, you’re telling me that EVERY ELF in Asia are Only13 ? FALSE. The only ones I blame are the Only13 fans who can’t get the idea that Henry and Zhou Mi have been with SJ far too long to not be at least RESPECTED.

  45. speechless . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ……………………………………………………………………….
    “‘””There won`t be any change with their positions nor will they promote with Super Junior. They won`t participate in Super Junior`s albums, nor take photos with us for Super Show posters. They will not have official promotions with Super Junior.”””

    the words that i really scared about . …….. its……….happe…….nd …….

    • yup, it’s scared me a lot TT__TT. I really wish zhoumy and henry won’t leave. I agree with luffy’s comment above : I really hope Leeteuk was the one who tell this matter toward fans. It would be wiser, since all elfs respect him a lot. He is the one who asked ELF to change Protect13 to become Protect Super Junior. He also the one who asked ELF to love and support Henry and Zhoumy if they all wanted super junior last forever.

      • Leeteuk did mention to stop the only13 thing during ss4 seoul concert.

  46. I don’t know why but deep in my heart, I want Zhoumi and Henry to be part of official SJ… i always long for that thing to happen.. No, I’m not a new ELF (well, in case someone try to shot me down), i’m a fan since U era. Somehow i feel sad when reading this. well, whatever happens, Zhoumi and Henry have my best support… Fighting~! ❤

    • totally agree with you 🙂

      • AGREED

  47. These are certainly business matters, SME is behind these decisions
    I guess the fact that there are subunits, means a lot in terms of strategy towards certain specific markets
    A petition will not change anything, I suppose
    Best thing is to leave business for business folk and enjoy whatever unit and subunit has to offer
    Signs an ELF who found out about kpop 3 yrs ago, but a true one
    Kudos for all members and peace for everyone

  48. Lovely, my heart is breaking to see him like this. *Eunhyuk just said that it hurts to see fans fighting. Don’t fight with or belittle other ELFs because SJ don’t discriminate whom their fans are.*

    I was a bit worried about this petition for other reasons. But wow you guys surely don’t know a thing about it. The petition that K-ELFs started IS NOT only13. People who think it is, please read it and talk about it, or just don’t talk about it at all if you are not going to read.

    I’m really frustrated to have Eunhyuk weigh all these burdens just to restate what all ELF should have known. Anyways, please stop fighting or belittling other ELFs because it will for sure hurt my baby. IF YOU ARE ELF, STOP HURTING HIM!!!

  49. no matter what, i will always support super junior+M, as always
    that’s all i wanna say

  50. I actually think its very saddening that he had to come out and talk about this. It has been so long and things were going so well with Zhou Mi and Henry and then this happens. True, there have been a lot of petitions about the Only13 but never so big as for them to have come out and address it. Its ok if you don’t like them, you are not obliged, but at least respect them and don’t be rude and run to sing a petition, after all they have work as hard as the rest (and still are working hard even after the other 2 left, because honestly I don’t think Kibum is ever coming back again). So please lets keep supporting all of them, I don’t think our boys need any more of this, lets enjoy what we have. Henry and Zhou Mi keep fighting, you guys are great!! And Eunhyuk, you did the best you could with what you had. SJ Fighting!

  51. Again? Oh, give me a break. What’s wrong with those super narrow minded people?????

  52. I’m a little disappointed in his choice of words!
    my Leader we need you 😦

    • Or Heechul.

    • Why r u disappointed??
      (Just asking)

  53. Please stop compairing EUNHYUK and LEETEUK.Both of them are good leader .EUNHYUK try his best to clarify the issue.Did you see in his speech his hurting too..Please give SUJU a break ..ELF’s and SUJU FIGHTING!!!!

  54. Why are you pissed off? Eunhyuk said nothing but the truth, and the truth is that Henry and Zhoumi are NOT PART OF SUPER JUNIOR, as simple as that. Of course they are part of SJ-M, but there’s a HUGE difference between being a SJ member and SJ-M member.

    Oh, and stop talking shit about Only13 Elfs, ’cause you don’t understand it. I am an Only 13 ELF, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t respect or that I hate Henry and Zhoumi. You should grow up and accept that they are not part of Super Junior and they won’t be part of SJ, EVER.

    • I support 13 too.. and I agree with ur comment…I don’t hate them but I can’t accept them as Super Junior members. And I hate it when some ELFs say ELF that don’t accept Henry and Zhoumi is not ELF.

      • oh, if you love sj then why you still hurt them ? leeteuk-kyuhyun want henmy as family and with the way you 13OL doing now is really offend them. if sj-m not part of SJ then sj-T? sj-H ? eunhae? kry ? they dont have ALL of SJ in them, then when them in concert we can’t cheer them with sapphire blue too ? we can’t named us elf too? why they cant go there with sj ? this is super show, a party sj and elf had been held. sj + elf = family right? HenMi is family too ( its like what hyuk said) then we are like hurting our family now. u said u dont hate HenMi, but what did u do is making that guys broke. like what harry potter’s aunt treat him, give him place, food and education but always ensult , and give him a shit ( just read HP and feel how Different their treat between Harry abd dudley)
        if you say you protect them (sj) then way you make them sad ? with the way hyuk looked like while he gave speak, and all ? im not 15 OL or 13 OL . iam just Elf. okay maybe i known them from mr.simple era, and i’m really thankful for what anything u 13 OL have done before for sj at 2007-08 but please, we already in 2013 , 5 years passed. we have different things to care at, HenMi not give any harm to sj NOW and NEVER be. they won’t. and leeteuk or heechul or anyone in sj will not/ never be replaced, they have stocks remember ? if they want to quite then it will might be their own thing, beside sm would be really stupid if they choose that option (kick out member) their bond make them more famous, even kibum despite his long term hiatus still there. still named super junior kibum. then what is the point 13 OL have now for the petition they made ? it’s wont doing anything good to SJ, Elf or themself. it just broke our fandom. face it.

    • It’s because of ‘fans’ like you that’s why teuk and hyuk had to make such clarifications to elf ever since ss4. If you’re truely love and support sj you won’t be insisting on this only13 issue. You’ll do what sj want: stop this only13 crap.

    • We understand it just fine because you all never stop taking about it, behaving rudely about it, disgracing yourselves and Elf in public and at concerts, holding your vindictive petitions..oh yes, we understand what Only13 is. What you don’t seem to understand is how little support you really have and how embarrassed and ashamed most fans are of your behaviour and how many people have been put off from becoming fans of SJ because they don’t want to be associated with the sort of meanness and irrationality that goes with being Only13. You think SJ are grateful that you’re dividing the fandom and driving away new fans? You think they’re ever going to thank you for this? HenMi are SJ’s best chance of remaining active during the army years, so I guess we’ll know who to blame if SJ can’t keep going as an active group over the next 5 years. Bet you won’t shout so loud then. Get a real hobby instead of organised bullying and let us enjoy supporting the whole SJ family, past and present, in whatever they want to do.

      • ^ this is totally true…

    • so wait.. I knew SuJu cuz Super Junior Happy, and their are my favorite unit but now you’re telling me that “there’s a HUGE difference between being a SJ member and SJ-M member” the same apply to SJH, right? So actually SJH members (Min, Teuk, Yeye, Kang, Shin and Hyuk) are just robots who uses the same features and names that “original” SJ members… Almost the same going on with SJ “official” members who also are in SJM. Everytime they go from group to group the pass through a room where some modifications make the clear difference between them as SJM members and them as SJ member.

      You are right, now I see why O13 is still a thing… There isn’t more space on that modification room for 2new members. The other 2that left take out their cubicle

      • Oh, come on, what kind of comparison is that? Of course it doesn’t apply to Super Junior-H and Super Junior-T because its members (all of them) ARE PART OF SUPER JUNIOR, officially. The diffrence between those groups and SJ-M is that it is composed by official Super Junior members (Sungmin, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Siwon) + 2 chinese people, but those two are NOT PART OF THE OFFICIAL GROUP, they are part of SJ-M and, like it or not, that’s their place. I don’t know why it is so hard for you all to accept reality. Grow up.

        You should start supporting Shindong instead of supporting the other two, I mean, Henry and Zhoumi are getting way more attention than Shindong, is that fair? I don’t think so. Shindong is OFFICIALLY part of the group and, if he’s lucky, he is allowed to sing four words of a song or have a 2 seconds close-up in Super Junior’s music videos. Start thinking about that, you “real ELFs”.

        • I said some childish stuff because I toughed that’s what O13 love to hear, I may be wrong… I get extremely mad cuz Shin’s issue, but as I stand up for him I also do it with HenMi. I love that O13 thing “we don’t hate HenMi we just want to protect the other boys” but meanwhile you are wasting all your energy on don’t respect boy’s wishes you are not doing much on that Shin’s problem, or caring much of Bummie…

          Don’t tell me that “I should start supporting Shindong” cuz dude, I’m already doing it, and I’m not throwing dishes to the others boys while I’m doing that… But maybe, that’s my super power, I can blindy support someone without bashing other people in the process.

  55. May I know why was my comment removed?

  56. only13 push SJ with 13 members only, then another ELF want HenMi be official member of SJ, so what the different between them? same word as u say CONTROL.

    honestly,now i cant see the different between fan and haters clearly. We are in the same fandom right??? so can we just support each other FOR SJ AND STOP THIS?

    • can u remove my comment? i post it’s wrong place

  57. I can accept Henry and Zhoumi in Super Junior M but not Supr Junior. I m actually a little glad Eunhyuk made this clear though. Because I was at first a little surprised when Henry and Zhoumi joined Super Junior for many songs in SS5. Well, I don’t hate them but for me Super Junior is the original 13….

    • So you should stop going SS5 because the original 13… Isn’t a thing anymore, and I love my Hannie and Bummie but I’m start to getting pissed off so I start to talk with facts.

  58. Promi5e to 13elieve!

    Zhou Mi and Henry, there will always be ELFs supporting both of you – like me !! 😀 JIAYOU!! Don’t bother about the negative comments!

    Thank You Eunhyuk, for coming out to talk about this issue!
    SUJU (ALL 15) FIGHTING!! 😉 ❤

  59. I really love 13 members honestly. But sometimes hoping hangeng and kibum to be back is like a dream won’t come true. While Henry and Zhoumi, the ones who always underated become so loyal to super junior. It just so sad.

  60. Seriously… as a 6 years fan from a 8 years group… what kind of reaction is to be expected from me?

    Its really a very unfortunate situation. Why can’t everyone just co-exist and be happy…

    Situation like this really render me pretty much speechless at the fuckery this whole thing is…

    Can’t we all just KEEP CALM AND FANGIRL ON?

    Be it 13 or 15. Its all okay. Just love the boys the way they are and keep supporting them!

  61. if only heechul was there , he would’ve bitch slapped some people
    baby hyuk i love u but i’m kinda disappointed with what u said

  62. I am just want those ppl that create the petition to list their reasons why they stubbornly want it only 13 which include the former members. What did henry and zhoumi does in the first place to have to accept this mind of things. If sj members are fine with it whats the point of creating this. Not like henry and zhoumi created any shame to sj. So why? I think having more ppl is very unique and advantages. Henry himself is so talented that its a waste to give him up just like that. So ppl that created only 13. Speak up your reason! Tell us why? Dont give me the stupid reason about the management promise after kyuhyun join. Using that as a reason is weak!!!!

    • SO TRUE! And also, plz don’t tell us about SJ history as a reason because this argument is also not strong enough to justify your doings!!

    • The reason is very simple. Keep changing # of members will only make the public more confused… gradually lose the public appeal.
      Did you see any group do that?
      SJ needs public appeal to survive in Korean market. SJ members are Koreans. To them, Korea is always their home market, their key market, no matter how big the international market is. They can only have concerts overseas but no way they can break into your local market !!!!
      There are more choices for Henry or Zhoumi since they are Chinese & they can easily accepted into local Chinese markets.
      By the way, I am not pro 13 or 15… ….just Leeteuk bias.

  63. everything clear now. so please voting SJM in choice awards even you are only 13 supporters. please do it for sungmin, hyukjae, donghae, siwon, ryeowook and kyuhyun.

  64. I feel like crying when I saw this video. I never once imagine that this ‘only13’ thing was totally serious. Honestly speaking,. I love Henry and Zhoumi to be an official part of Super Junior, common guys, they’ve been in the business for five long years working with super junior and sometimes creating/writing songs for the main group. why can’t the others appreciate all of their efforts? they are no less than talented with the other super junior members, I feel hurt whenever someone’s throwing a fit or bashing HenMi, if I myself is jus twatching the videos hearing some “ELF” bashing them feels hurt, what more on the part of HenMi? Super Junior themselves are already acknowledging them 😦

    Why are you so bad?? urrgggh! What Eunhyuksaid is true, and as I watch the video, I felt that when he said “HenMi are not official part of Super and will never be” was hard for him to say because as he said, they are already a family.

    Whatever those narrow minded people say, bash them or whatever, give your petitions or whatever, accuse me of not being a true ELF because of what I am saying, I will never care, cause for me, HenMi are part of Super Junior. ALWAYS BE 15. and that ONLY TRUE ELF will understand.

    *sorry for being emotional and for ranting bout this topic*

  65. please stop all this… what we need to protect is super junior… no matter what word come after it whether k.r.y , m , t , h…. please for suju..

  66. this petition is really long suju in this industry? 8 years.. the know what best for them ( be it 13 or 15 ).. we fans just have to support their decision..what ever you demand/want, weather only13 or wants henmi to joint suju just force suju members to do what you want..just think how they feel..

    please just support them the way they are.. so what if henmi joint more songs in sushow..

    personal thinking..long ago, elf did only13 petition coz they afraid other members would leave suju..but now even if henmi joint suju, it’s not like other members will leave suju (maybe temporary for their mandatory, but they will comeback for sure).. so..what’s the problem..

    i dont mind if suju remain the same or henmi joint them officially.. it’s still suju i love…

    • *join XD

  67. Hahh,,,I do really miss uri Leader-nim & Heenim in this such situation (both of them are trully SJ’s pillars). Just read all of this made feels uneasy.
    But, I thought the petition is too much, like called them by ‘guest members’ (hey~they’re still Super Junior member with ‘M’ letter behind) & limited activities (didn’t they already separate SJ&SJ-M promotion activity?)
    Whatever it takes I’m just an ELF who support SJ members as they give us so much love. Enjoy their music even it take forever to stop. Go” SJ, fighting!!

  68. I just hate it when some ELF who considered themselves as Super Junior’s Everlasting Friend bashing and turning their back on Hyukjae after what he did last night, he just want to clarify things…why u bashed him? u think it’s easy to say something like this which is counted as a big problem that will led Super Junior fandom into downfall? u think it’s easy to please both sides O13 and O15? try to be in his shoes and think of what will you say if you faced this kind of situation! And stop comparing Hyukjae with Leeteuk or Heechul! If you’re an ELF you would know that Hyukjae is actually a very timid person, to be able to stand alone on that stage, saying something like this, weighed a burden of being sorry for HenMi and feeling broken over his own so-called-fans whom won’t even considered their feelings…i know it’s really hard for him and i love him more for being able to stand for his family. I really despised all of you who said ‘i’m disappointed at Eunhyuk’. I’m DISAPPOINTED AT YOU!

  69. let’s also do a petition for SM Entertainment to file for TEMPORARY PROTECTION ORDER, both in Korea & China, against those ELF who still insists on only 13 members. On that protection order those fans will not be allowed to stay close or be near Super Junior atleast a kilometer away. which means they will not be allowed to watch concerts or go to SMEnt. building or any public place, TV stations etc. they will not be allowed to contact, or communicate with Super Junior directly & indirectly or through email, sns, twitter, fb etc. they will also not be allowed to send gifts of any form to suju. im pretty sure that all International ELF and non-O13 believers will be able to compensate for any loss in sales after this protection order became effective. if those O13 believers wont stop then it will become a PERMANENT PROTECTION ORDER. sounds fun right??? now who is with me on this??? 😛

  70. Whatever with henry+zoumy or without them.. I keep always stay with SUPER JUNIOR.. SJ fighting!!!!

  71. Hyuk already clarified everything,, he chose his words wisely,, I think his speech favored both Only13 and non-only13 sides,, so why all of u still fight about this matter??
    No matter what, HenMi won’t be added to the main group, but they chose to bring them on stage together because they’re already family.. with this clarification, only13 should stop bringing this matter again n support them as official (not guest member) SJ-M, and non-only13 should stop asking HenMi to become part of the main group, coz it will never happen..
    (note : I don’t think HenMi would be that greedy to be included in SJ main group. They just need us to respect n accept them as artists and SJ-M official members, something that only13 can’t give till now)
    So let’s just respect SJ+HenMi and don’t drag this fandom (that we love so much) down just because we don’t have same opinion with each other..

  72. It’s hurt to see only13 said HenMi have no right to do hand greeting along with SJ members and shouldn’t perform in any SJ songs, because they are only SJM member.
    For me, Zhoumi Henry are also super junior members, super junior family.
    Only13 wants to protect 13 members? That’s when SJ still a project group. But now? Though it’s bitter, but the promise broke when Geng left and Kibum forever hiatus from SJ for acting. They are forever in our best memories, but accept the fact, they wouldn’t come back. And who are still with us until now? Henry Zhoumi.
    Please don’t hurt them, saying they don’t deserve many stages in SS5 and should only perform SJM songs.

  73. I think to add HenMi as main SJ members will give many benefits. The day will come when sd go to army and followed by four 86’er go to army service, sm eh dh sw as vocalist main dancers main visuals. SJ will have long hiatus then.
    I wish SJ will still active during those years. HenMi will make the team stronger and keep exist for an album, especially with Henry talent in composing, dancing, singing and Zhoumi’ beautiful voice.
    That’s my opinion.

  74. I don’t understand Korean so I’m going off the translation (so someone correct me if I’m wrong). As far as either supporting or NOT supporting Only13 goes, why give them the attention, it simply feeds their egos that they may in fact be able to manipulate the participation of members. For ANY idol group, those matters are up to the company. As for having shares in the company, do these fans have a majority share? If they don’t, I would SERIOUSLY like to see how they would cause any sort of trouble for SM.

    The way that Eunhyuk addressed the issue made it seem like the only reason HenMi became involved was because the members felt sorry for making them wait all the time rather than because they wanted them to participate and yet he says they are family. You can’t please everyone and trying to doesn’t solve anything. Yes, a huge chunk of their market is Chinese and Korean, but it doesn’t mean that no NEW fans will come. Fans come and go, they don’t stay for a lifetime.
    If they don’t plan to add them to SJ at least don’t emphasise the fact they are ONLY a sub-unit, if they’re truly family. A lot more can be said with what isn’t said.

    I’m waiting for the day when Henry and Zhoumi each have their own careers and those that opposed them are kicking themselves for not seeing their talent.

  75. the way I read this message is …thou Henry and Zhoumi are not official SJ but SJM…please continue to give them love and support. That is the reason why SJ are including more Henry and Zhoumi in SS5…..thats the message…hope you guys get it…Please continue to support them ALL…coz they all are part of the SUPER JUNIOR FAMILY….

    so ….please STOP hurting my boys and that includes Henry, Zhoumi and Eunhyuk as well…I wanna watch them doing supershows for a loOOOOOng time….till SSInfinity…..

  76. The way I read this message is….Thou Henry and Zhoumi are not official SJ but SJM…please continue to give them love and support…thats why SJ is including Henry and Zhoumi more in SS5…please continue to support them as they are part of the SUPER JUNIOR FAMILY…..

    thats the message….hope you guys get it….

    So…STOP hurting my boys and that includes Zhoumi, Henry and Eunhyuk as well…I wanna watch them do SuperShows for a long time till SSInfinity….so stop all this nonsense…. 😦

  77. eunhyuk really like a leader. henry and zhoumi are part of super junior families. so we (elfs) will support all of them so much.

  78. Please ber smart ELF…whatever mean about 13 petition…Now we just support our Super Junior (Leeteuk, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Ryewook, Sungmin, Kyu, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Henry, Zhoumi)…forget all about the 13 petition and ELF be always faithful supported our Super Junior.

  79. If Henmi will join into the main group. They won’t wait unstil now then do it. What for still have to concern about the only 13 issue. As long as they perform on stage together as sj or sjm then I will be happy.

  80. I respect for what O13 did in the past..but please O13 also have to remember what they did to Zhoury (zhoumi and henry), remember when u guys bashed them? yelled to make them stay away from stage?? Did O13 have officially apologized to Zhoury??

    On the petition only13 claim that they are not Zhoury haters.. Okay lets say you are not. But you also can not guarantee 100% only 13 are not zhoury haters. Some of you maybe not give a damn about these 2. I know when Zhoumi solo performanced, some people used this moment to go to toilet… So what is zhoumi meant to you? nothing? just a guest??
    Now the petition only make zhoury like a ‘frog in the shell’. They can’t do anything cos fans are controlling them what to do and what not to do..
    You think the petition only hurt zhoury.. oh no you are wrong. Super junior members are actually hurt more.. They are sad when their lovely brothers are being bash and hate.

    Why only13 keep stuborn that SM is the one who forced Zhoury on ss5?? You can see clearly it was suju who ask them to join! Can u blame our oppas? Why not yelled in front of super junior’s faces to reject the concept? You don’t want it cos you don’t want to see the sadness on suju.So it’s the same with us! We never want to see all the 13 members plus the 2 members are being sad! They are happy right now but you make them sad again!
    Why don’t change the slogan only13 to Prom15e to 13elieve?? we promise to stand up together with all 15 (13+2) and support all of them as family. And believe in them (suju) that the 13 members will be in our heart forever like they say to their fans EverLasting Friends! They believe in us for everlasting time and so why don’t we do the same to them??

  81. annyeong & i don’t see any problems with super junior & super junior m performed on the same stage. i luved both team deeply, all 13 + zhou mimi & henry. they r all great, so please don’t make them feel difficult. if any1 doesn’t like all of 13+2 then just focuse on those members that u liked and be a matural human being to leave others alone. i always like other elfs, please don’t make sj, sjm & the rest of elfs get hurt. good day

  82. Am I the only one who finds it so crazy that it’s a little bit funny? Considering that Kibum is on an indefinite hiatus for his movie carreer and Hangeng officially left, the ONLY possible way that Super Junior can ever trully be 13, is if Henry and ZhouMi are made official members!

    I say: replace Only13 by AtLeast13 !!!

    • Oh wait… at first, I missed what MiniKyu said earlier. But now I’ve read it! I’m agree with you, MiniKyu. Thank you!

    • Yeah, adding HenMi make SJ still 13. AtLeast13… ha ha sounds good ^^

  83. A bittersweet speech but well he did what he has to do and that’s very brave of him… And people should not bashing him because he doesn’t had to give that speech on the first place if O13 put their sheet together. I understand that when you guys started the movement they were on a fragile point of their career… But that’s not the situation anymore.

    Because, I reed some of their comments talking about how they only want to protect the boys (the original boys) but I start thinking, well there must be something wrong because I don’t see Kibum or Hannie being protected.

    Neither Bum or Han count on you actually. Cuz O13 doesn’t have a legal power on Han and lets faced they don’t even care about Kibum now. And don’t even think about lying to me and said that you actually do it because I stopped to see fans treat to crew and Bum a long time ago, I also doesn’t saw a support for him when he get that allergic reaction… And I don’t even going to talk about Han, because that’s basically the same history about your hypocrisy.

    The reason that move that “O13” thing is the sensation of power… Is just you wanting to knows if you are still important to the boys, more important than their incredible large amount of new fans. And you know what? You are, you are important to them because these boys love us, every single one of us because is because of us that they are the king of hallyu. Yes! you O13 help them a lot on the take off but they are still on top also because of us.

    I’m gonna rewrite my words on a previous comment that I made… Talking about Shindong, we all know that when SJ debuted SD weren’t wanted in there, he received a lot of hate, but people give him a chance and he blowed some minds. Same with Kyu… But beside the perspective from the outside (our side, the part that WE THE FANS start to given them an opportunity) is the perspective of the boys. They love Shindong and Kyu, they are their family. THEY WANT THEM TO BE WITH THEM. They cry and feel like crap is something happens to them. Same goes with ZhouMi and Henry, you don’t see the interaction? the histories? how the whole group knowing that there’s people like you guys who has no problem to show that you don’t like them, pull them closer to them, how they are never let outside? You really can’t see that?

    I’m not asking for people to make HenMi their bias fgs… Is just a normal petition, if you give it a chance to ShinKyu, can’t you also give it to HenMi? They are extremely talent and loved by a lot of people (including SJ members)

    • Nice emotional post. Thank you.

      Let’s all remember what ELF stands for: Ever Lasting Friends.
      So let’s have more friendship and support, and less bickering and blame, both among ourselves and toward the boys.

  84. When will this immature only13 sh*t die?
    Ah, I’m glad henry got his own movie, drama, single and #realmen, lol.

  85. Eunhyuk definitely should have taken a better stance against this petition cause I know if Heechul was there, he would have shut them up :/
    These crazy delusional ‘only13’ need to get their facts right, Kibum and Hangeng are never coming back.. Deal with it and accept Henry and Zhoumi x_x

  86. seriously……. only13 sounds selfish……….. ELF are selfish. You must understand that you are JUST a fan . You (ELF) cant control everything, your petition is SELFISHNESS

  87. All these years I have been a hardcore SJ fan but I´ve never called myself an “ELF” because the infamous and embarrassing “Only13Campaign” was created by ELFs years ago and they still kept it till now!! and I can´t be part of a fandom like that, really. The letter “M” after SJ is only a stupid consequence of it.Some months ago, these so-called fans sent another petition to SME to clearly separate Henry and Zhoumi from other SJ members, continuing bullying them.After that,Eunhyuk publicly asked to stop the insanity and asked support for them during a concert in Singapore.But these ELFs are even against SJ members feelings and wishes.For me,Henry and Zhoumi have always been SJ members just like the others, without any sufix at all. Shame on them!

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