KBS ‘Happy Together’ Season 3 with Kyuhyun and Henry [ENG SUB] [Cuts] – From 130704

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”  & Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: KBS ‘Happy Together’ Season 3 with Kyuhyun and Henry

Credit: AnnRedhaired

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  1. OMG! Henry is so funny! Can he be any cuter? Thanks for the subs…

  2. Oh funnier henry could be??because of his origin and where he came,he is not familiar with korean variety show.therefore could not understand the rules of variety show..if it just simple show like talk show will be different but such like HT obviously different.haha..i kept laughing..kyu had to take care of this dongsaeng coz this is what happening,hahaha

  3. henry jjang…and the first totally honest idol

  4. OMG!! i laughed so hard… Henry was simply amazing here!!!

  5. Henry’s sooo funny haha. And it was so amusing to see Kyu being a little nervous for Henry. It was refreshing to see him sweat for a change since he’s the hyung now here xD

  6. owww this show make me believe the evil maknae can change to be angel hyung for his beloved dongsaeng

  7. ya ampunn..
    gaberhenti2 ketawa liat olah henry xD
    cute bngt.. kyuhyun keliatan grogi ngliat hyuna :3

  8. WOW it’s funny henry and kyuhyun

  9. omg henry and kyuhyun… kyuhyun is such a lover hyung… protectif..

  10. HenSom!!! ❤

  11. i remember teuk also say about sungmin shoot love bullet in strong heart
    can someone tell me which ep is that?

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