130628 Super Junior 1st Full Album Japanese ‘Hero’ Cover [3P]

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Compilation: Super Junior’s 1st Full Album Japanese ‘HERO

Credit: R e i n h e i t ‏@0203KYU0105EUN
Reupload and Posted by: salimahsj (www.sup3rjunior.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you







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  1. Feels like Opera single………

  2. why is yesung on the cover ?

    • maybe because they recorded the songs before he went to army..

  3. This struck me madness Cover! SM to hell ? Why this cover !!! Very very Very bad !!!!!!

    But why yesung on the cover ?

    SM you not hear voices ELF well !!! Fuck !!

  4. it’s solo pict n then they photoshop it.. i want it like SJM cover album..but oh well.. i still love them

  5. still can hear yesung voice in this album,so glad ,

  6. Is it just me or does anyone else find Kyu & Hae’s pic funny in the 2nd photo? Seems like their head is bigger than their body. Could have done a better job in photoshopping

  7. Don’t hate me, but i find these covers so cheap… I mean with ALL the money the company earns with them, could make something better… T.T

  8. typical SM , i should have known , ughhh , when are they gooing to spend more effort and money for sj ??!!

  9. OMG Prince Yesuuuung>< so gorgeous:D can't wait to hear his art voice~^^

  10. Guys, stop complaining about the album cover. Think why they made the album cover looked so “cheap”. Maybe there’s a reason why they made it like that.. I was thinking about SM too >.> But maybe this time is not related to those “Spending much effort and money” stuff *Why am I like this all of the sudden .___.*
    Let’s just keep calm, forget about the cheap album cover, and wait for it to be released ^v^

    • I agree!
      I’ve stopped to caring about cheap covers since a long time ago.. I’m still eager to hear the new songs anyway ^^

  11. I really don’t care about the cover or the pictures (saying that cause I can’t buy that CD or DVD TT) ….. but what makes me really care is Hero song and its MV …. I just hope it’s great song with amazing dance cause I know these Japanese debut is very important and don’t want to screw up by awful song (cross fingers)

  12. People, when the album is Japanese, Avex is most probably the company to blame, not SM.

    I’m still disappointed though. Opera MV impressed me at that time because I felt that Avex was willing to spend more on the costumes for one song than SM would for a whole album. But now, it seems like they are not much better.

  13. Im quite disappointed about the covers. Except the first one with members’ solo picture looks ok, but simple. And the others are really bad, from the boys to the outfits and the backgrounds. Our boys look weird and stark because of hard photoshop. The backgrounds are f**king cheap and ugly. They are not even real rooms or stages, just sth ppl make so that the cover wouldnt be so empty and simple, but failed. And about the outfits, I have to say that Im really really bored with vest for SJ now. Cant ppl give these boys more cool and free style clothings?! What is Siwon wearing? =.= The name “SUPER JUNIOR” is very normal too. In general, the covers are cheap, old and simple T.T I hoped so much after I saw EunHae covers and mv, Avex made a really good single for them. Therefore, I have waited for a good album for SJ this time. However, the covers make me feel worry about the song and the mv right now. So sad 😦
    P.s: Can I ask the Sungmin’s solo song is a new one or not?

    • no it’s old 😦 …. here’s the link to hear it www,youtube.com /watch?v=YOs57t-eINA&feature=player_embedded

    • nope.. i heard that sungmin’s solo is ‘ashita no tameni’ from rokkugo album…

      • Thanks for answering me, both of you. Another disappoinment T.T

  14. what the…………….

  15. What is up with Avex this time………

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