130622 Sungmin Blog Update: jack…

June 22, 2013 at 11:43 am | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Sungmin, Wonderboys | 15 Comments

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title: jack…


message: these days, I was.. unable to focus..

due to my ankle (injury).. and summer snow..

and people are judging me however they want to..

i do admit i am still lacking…

but that isn`t there anymore.. just wait..

come see it..

without childish stereotypes…

Source: Sungmin’s Blog
Translated by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj


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  1. idk… but this message sounds weird… minnie, are you angry or upset????

  2. omg minnie !!!
    people are being judgmental, that’s just sick the man is obviously in pain due to his ankle /sniff
    fighting babe 😦

  3. ???? TTT____TTT

  4. Poor baby…Cheer up…I know you always put the best effort in everything you do

  5. What? People are judging him? For what? Did the people critize him?

  6. No matter what it is, I’m proud of Sungmin for standing up for himself. Fighting Min! ❤

  7. woah, some people must have been said something about him in JTR musical show.I hope sungmin will show a great performance no matter what people said.He is really working hard despite his ankle injury

  8. I would love to go and watch the show
    Unfortunately I Am too far away
    I wonder how he manages all this great deal of work with a bad ankle
    But I know he will always give his very best
    Probably the usual netizens are criticizing him
    The world will not stop because of them dearest SungMin
    You have all my support and encouragement

  9. oppa, don’t mind them. that’s all they will ever be, haters. elf will uncondtionally support you baby. just continue being yourself and that’s all that really matters. saranghae! fighting minnie baby!

    “heavy is the head that wears the crown”

  10. Fighting Sungminnie !!!! show them that you are talented !!! ELF know it already ^^

  11. i’m who bring my tab with your name stick on it at SS5jakarta, and next two weeks I’ll be at Singapore Indoor Stadium to see your performance, due to tight inspection at Singapore venue, I don’t think I can bring my tab, but i also cheering you, however for the musical summer snow or jack the ripper too far away from jakarta, fighting Sungmin oppa, hope your ankle well soon, keep your good health

  12. Honestly, i’ve seen fancams of the entire play and i think is very good, of course he still has to improve but so does everyone in that field. If he weren’t good, they wouldn’t be calling him to do it again.Also i haven’t see any bad reactions from netizens. I just hope this doesn’t affect him much, he has been so happy lately

  13. he has been doing it three times.. I think he won’t do it if he is not good enough.. figthing minimi oppa !! ^_^

    you are doing the best on the stage, I hope I can see it. though it is impossible since I’m faraway (jakarta)

  14. mr. rippler, why u didn’t rest in peace? hv a good wk every1

  15. oh my oh my GOD minimi oppa…. please dont angry with me…. TT__TT

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