Super Junior Showed Interest To Film An Action Film In Hong Kong – From 130617

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”  & Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Compilation: 130615/16 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Hong Kong, Korea #SS5HongKong

You can see pictures by KpopStarz here… –> Part 1 Part 2


Super Junior members including Super Junior M members, Henry and Zhoumi were present at their SS5 Press Conference. They appeared very lively and excited.

“As SS5 has not begun for so long, the past shows has been in South America so there won’t be much difference in Hong Kong” Eunhyuk answered when asked if there will be anything different in their Hong Kong shows. The MC praised Eunhyuk for speaking some good Cantonese during their first show. The members expressed that they have been watching action films since they were kids and they think of action films when they hear Hong Kong. If given a chance, they would like to shoot an action film especially a cop film in Hong Kong.

They hope that their fans can enjoy their concert like a party according to Eunhyuk. He then added that the fans screams of support makes them happy and touched. Its been a long time and they missed their Hong Kong fans so much. “I’m really not lying when when I say everybody has matured and become prettier” Eunhyuk stated.

Henry has just recently issued his new album and he said that he will buy dinner if you support him. He confessed that he needs to practice his Cantonese as he was speaking in broken Cantonese which the media didn’t mind at all.

In every concert, the members have cos played many funny characters and people. Siwon commented that they hope to show a great variety to fans and he wants to thank everyone who like it as they feel great when fans enjoy it. Were the members worried about their image? Eunhyuk revealed that Siwon  was worried when he found out that his character was Son Dambi. He spent a lot of time researching about her and learning how to pretend like her. “First of all, I have never seen a woman so disgusting as I was” Siwon’s comment on his Son Dambi portrayal. Donghae likes Ironman a lot so he chose it and this helped to make his dream come true. The other members picked characters they liked or thought would be funny.

In this SS5, the members participated in the planning of the concert. Shindong stated that it was difficult and tiring. It made them more ambitious for the next tour SS6. They wanted everything to be better and show their fans their side that they have never seen.

Zhoumi has just released a travelling book in Thailand. He expressed his gratitude for supporting him and glad to be back in Hong Kong. He will have a book signing on June 18 in Hong Kong.

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