130610 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook and Henry [Transcript]

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RW said Henry did a photoshoot for a magazine!! Whoo anticipating~!!!

RW said Yesung went to watch 광화문연가 musical on same day as RW. They didn’t know that the other was going

RW is worrying that his hair looks like onion ㅋㅋ

YS/RW were in same chat room, talking. They didn’t know both were heading to same musical because they were talking about different topics

Today’s taetaeshow is about “the moment when you felt ‘acha!’ (oops)”, RW said “Acha is also SJ’s song” and sang a bit

Myname’s fans sent Pecan pie. Ryeowook stuffed his face with it during the song, so he couldn’t talk when it was time to talk ㅋㅋ

RW said he is good in asking people for 100 won (to use to get shopping carts)

RW said he doesn’t buy 1+1 products because he feels like there’s a problem with the products

RW said he once mistook cleansing foam for a nutrition cream, so he put it on his face and went to sleep. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Beige: There are various types of products these days so… RW: and all the products are in English…….. // ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

RW: Talking about elevators, Sungmin hyung and I… we would go home together after Sukira. He lives in 11th floor, and I live in 12th floor. I would press the button and I’d always only press 12. Sungmin hyung once said “Ya, try pressing 11 too sometimes.” I thought ‘oh’ and thought I should start pressing 11 too, but next day, I pressed just 12 again ㅋ

RW said he’s never seen a woman with lots of armpit hair … ._. …. …. …

RW said members sometimes make fun of Donghae because Hae doesn’t have much armpit hair ㅋㅋㅋ

RW once met a middle school friend (when he was in highschool). So he wanted to text another friend to say “ya, I saw ___” but he ended up texting ___ instead. ___ replied “who is this..?”

RW pronounced “Wash away” like “wa-shu away” and guests said it sounded like chinese

Wook DJ and guests singing Wonder Girls’ “Tell Me” now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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  1. thanks for the transcript

    • ;^)

  2. yaaa… wook ah, donghae asked you not talk bout his private life, right? ah.. poor hae, wook doesn’t keep his promise.. but he can’t mad at cute wook too..

    • lol wookie talks about donghae almost everyday, he’s always teasing him. I guess cute wookie loves him too much ^-^

      • yup.. every SJ member always talk bout donghae, although he isn’t around.
        the fact that donghae is lovable for members or he always spend his time with members so the other have something to talk bout him, the other have story bout him too
        sometime i wonder how hae manage his time with the other with his/their busy schedule, it looks hard to spend time together with members in same time.
        do you know what is hae doing in this entire week?

        • lol honestly i have no idea, i believe that they filmed the video for Hero or they will be filming it during this week; he also went to The EL Spa, i think they might be involved with the spa in some other way more than just costumers, but that’s just i random idea i have. I think that the rest of the time he spends it in the dorm with the other members being cheesy like they always say he is lol, and he’ll be getting ready for the new eunhae album they have coming up and the ss5 tour

          • yeah.. i expect that so (what is hae doing recently) but knowing that the other member hang out anywhere, i just wonder where is hae? from the pict on the spa and snsd concert, i guess he got pale face from practice.
            this blog post his pict from spa in 8 june, and he attend snsd concert with same outfit the next day 😮

            • i am curious about donghae… wasn’t he cast in a movie? anything happening with that?

              • i know I’ve been wondering about that too. He was supposed to start filming in january but nothing happened, and he has not said anything about itneither sm, maybe the project was put on hold

  3. Haha! And does he really wanna see a woman with bushy armpit hair??? 😀

  4. keep healthy guys.. 🙂

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