130607 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook and Siwon [Transcript]

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Compilation: 130607 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook & Siwon

Sukira segment today w/ Siwon is called “연애학 개론” (introductions to dating), where they do “love skits” and talk about it *^^*

Ryeowook “Yesterday, EXO D.O.-ssi talked about Sukira on SSTP. I watched it and cried in happiness ㅋㅋ.”

Ryeowook “Shindong-ssi and i actually planned to make D.O.-ssi troubled by asking him about (Sukira on SSTP). But he answered in a very sense-ful way ^^b.”

Ryeowook “I was really surprised when I came today. I was like ‘Whoa!’ About 10 times more than usual came today. Super Junior’s face is here today.. Yesterday, Eunhyuk-ssi was here. And he’s Super Junior’s face too, ugly face kkkk… We will return after advertisements~.”

Ryeowook suddenly is craving plums ㅎㅎ

Ryeowook “Donghae-ssi really loves plums… he eats them very well. I… guess it’s because I ate it suddenly, I had stomach-aches. I guess plums don’t mix well with me. Donghae-ssi eats it very well.”

Henry “It’s f fff friday!”
Ryeowook “you are so excited. I don’t know if you are excited because it’s friday, or if it’s because your album is out… kkk”

Shindong insisted on coming with Henry tomorrow. Ryeowook said Shindong really likes Henry ㅋㅋ

Fan: Ryeowook-dj did you watch Henry-ssi’s first stage?
Ryeowook: It was cute ㅋㅋ I wasn’t able to go today. Kangin-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi went today… I plan to go on Sunday

Ryeowook read through the script while the last song played, because he heard that the script is really long todayㅋㅋ he is worried ㅋㅋ

Sukira playing Exo’s “Wolf and Beauty” right now, and Siwon keeps bouncing to the rhythm ㅋㅋ

Siwon brought coffee and bread today for Sukira staff ㅋㅋ

Lady Jane “why are you two both so excited when you guys are same group members?”
Siwon “It’s because I’m weak to ryeowook-ssi ㅎㅎ”
Ryeowook “and I don’t see him often ㅋㅋㅋㅋ”
Lady Jane “What are you two’s relationship?”
Siwon “Like an alligator a bird. Can’t live without another ㅋㅋ.”

Eunhyuk said he’d be listening to Sukira today ㅋㅋ Ryeowook, Siwon, and Lady Jane kept making fun of Eunhyuk ㅋㅋ

Siwon was nervous before coming in the studio. He kept saying “what do I do? What to do?”

Siwon said it’s hot (because he’s wearing long sleeved sweater.) but he has a cold right now

Siwon is looking over works right now to meet again with (acting).

Lady Jane “You two are so close!”
Siwon “I think we are growing closer”
Ryeowook “We especially have gotten closer.”
Lady Jane “How were you two at first?”
Siwon “It was like Ryeowook-ssi and Eunhyuk-ssi’s relationship… not matching.. just kidding ㅋㅋ”

Siwon “After the highfive incident in SS4, our walkway changed, so we don’t cross at all on SS5. ㅋㅋㅋ”
Ryeowook “oh we dont! They changed it!”

Ryeowook “It might not look like it on the bora… but if you look from here, Siwon-ssi’s sweater… is almost see-through…”
Siwon “kkkk Ryeowook-ssi catches things like this very well.”

Siwon: There are members that are weak to Ryeowook-ssi, stupid Donghae-ssi and Siwon-ssi. Ryeowook-ssi is very cute but he’s very cold. There is a member that isn’t weak to Ryeowook-ssi at all though. Eunhyuk-ssi has a cold heart… but he has members he is weak to too, Stupid Donghae-ssi and Siwon-ssi ㅋㅋㅋ because we are all friends

Lady Jane’s 10 questions to Siwon.
1. i am confident because of my looks / wealth
A: Looks
2. the one closer to my ideal type Suzy /Sohn Yun Jae
A: Sohn Yun Jae
3. Sexy / Pure
4. I get broken up/ or I break up
A: broken up
5. Do you think you’ll marry older or younger
A: younger
6. skinship takes one day? or one month?
A: one day
7. I usually confess first or get confessed
A: confess first
8. have you fallen in love with someone while working with them?
A: nope
9. I am skillful in dating / bad in dating
A: Bad
10. good guy / bad guy when you are dating?
A: good guy

Siwon likes girls with clear eyes

Siwon tells the girl about his feelings. “I think my feelings about you changed.”, and let the girl know, so she could break up with him if she decides to.

Fan: Siwon-oppa, you kiss the members too much! Siwon: when? Oh during the concerts? ㅋㅋ

Fan: Oppa,you are handsome even when you are cleaning your ears.
Siwon: when did I clean my ears o-o?
Ryeowook : you must have been doing something with your ears.
Siwon: Thankfully I didn’t pick my nose kkkkk

Ryeowook “when did you first date a girl?”
Siwon “3rd year in middle school kkkkkk” (9th grade)

Siwon kept saying students should study instead of dating (until they finish highschool) When Ryeowook asked when he first dated, and Siwon answered 3rd year in middle school, Ryeowook said “You are not making sense! Kkkk”
Siwon “Uh… my father was strict… but I did date people… but… um… it does give you good memories but… because I’ve experienced it, I’m saying um… it’s better to study in school ageㅋㅋ….”

Fan: Is the most ‘normal’ person in SJ Sungmin-Dj?
Siwon: he… is also very unique too ㅋㅋ
Lady Jane: But I think he is one that makes you think ‘oh he’s normal’ compared to you two ㅋㅋ

Siwon: after SS4 encore, we went to drink and Ryeowook-ssi drank too much. He… suddenly went towards the kitchen. It was close to closing time, and Manager said “Ryeowook-ssi, it’s time to go.” Ryeowook -ssi said to the wall “You can’t do this here… don’t do that here…” with that voice of his… ㅋㅋㅋ Ryeowook-ssi, when he gets drunk, he does more skin-ship
Ryeowook :I do kisses…
Siwon: and he spreads his arms out and goes “Siwon-ee hyung~~~” and hugs me
Ryeowook: So i drink a lot only when I am with SJ hyungs. When I get drunk, I see the “end”.
Siwon: Kyuhyun-ssi and Ryeowook-ssi… are either “good” or “fail” when they get alcohol in them.

Sukira staffs went to drink once, and one of the staff has recording of drunk Ryeowook ㅋㅋ

Siwon: our Eunhyuk-ssi likes drinking too. His first time drinking was in April 2012.. It was a day after my birthday.. or was it on my birthday? It was his first time drinking in his life, and he drank 2 bottles of Soju. We gave him a nickname ‘Joo Hyuk’ (Good drinker hyuk)

RW: It’s time to send you guys off~ Siwon: already? What? I don’t want to go yet! ㅋㅋㅋ

After Siwon’s ment, Ryeowook said “amen” ㅋㅋㅋ

Because Siwon did not complete the 10 questions mission(earlier), he had to leave a “personal item” to give away to Sukira listener

Siwon left, and Ryeowook is leaving now 🙂


brief explanation of Sukira Mini Drama 130607

(this is off what I remember ㅋ might be missing a bit)

Siwon and Lady Jane met at a parking lot. Lady Jane was going to park, and Siwon’s car took her spot. Lady Jane went to complain to Siwon, and Siwon replied “what. So? It’s not like spots have names written on it!” (so they had a bad first impression of each other)

turns out, they had to work together for a company project.

Lady Jane went to drink with her friend, Ryeowook, that night, to blow steam off (from getting angry b/c of Siwon earlier.)

Siwon later called Ryeowook (they are close friends), because he wanted to go grab a drink too.
Ryeowook said he drank w/ a friend already.
Siwon said “Oh, that girl you had an unrequited love for 5 years?”
Ryeowook “What can I do… hehe.”


As time pass, Siwon and Lady Jane grow closer.
When their company project was nearing it’s end, Siwon confessed to Lady Jane, and they started dating. Siwon was very kind to Lady Jane.

Lady Jane met Ryeowook again after a long time,
and Ryeowook found out she has a boyfriend now.

Siwon: Ryeowook-ah why are you drinking so much these days?
Ryeowook: Siwon-ah… my friend Siwon-ah~ Sit down~. Have you ever felt… your world just fall apart?
Siwon: what is this about?
Ryeowook: You know the girl I am in love with… She has a boyfriend now..
Siwon: what? I told you to confess to her
Ryeowook: I didn’t want to get rejected, and have an awkward relationship… nrrgg… Jane-ah… Jane-ah… /pass out/
Siwon: /thinks/ Jane..? is it a girl with the same name…?
~phone call comes~
Siwon: /answers/ This is Ryeowook’s phone.
Lady Jane: Oh this is Ryeowook’s phone. I seemed to have a missed call from Ryeowook.
Siwon: …
Lady Jane: Hello?
Siwon: Hanging up now.

Siwon: Let’s break up.
Lady Jane: what??? what brought this on??
Siwon: I am tired of you. So let’s break up.
Lady Jane: what? You did events to me just yesterday. What is this?
Siwon: You know the bad first impression you had of me? That was really me. So we’re breaking up. I’m sick of you. This is why I say you have no charms, I dislike women who are clingy.
Lady Jane: … What? Okay! Fine. Break up!

Siwon (inner thoughts): What can I do, my friend’s world just broke apart because of me. Sorry Jane-ah but…

Very cool role, Siwon-ssi bbbbbb
(did the explanation make sense? hope it did ㅋ)

Translated by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at by dreamhae



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  1. hyukjae likes drinking??? well, i can say that i’m surprise~

    • yup… his drink for the first time last year… it was because he used to make promise with jyj junsu not to drink.. i read about it somewhere before…

  2. lol

  3. what is highfive accident that they talking about??

    • During SS4, Siwon used to highfive ryeowook whenever they came across during the performance, ryeowook didn’t always feel like doing it but he still did, to not embarrass siwon in front of everyone. Wook got tired one day and told Siwon to stop doing it, Leeteuk came up with a coupon like plan, when Siwon could only highfive wook certain amount of times during a performance lol, like 5 times, that way both were good. They told this story on Radio Start last year, and made fun of it

      • oh… tqvm for your info:-)

      • I’m amazed by the fact, how Teuki born to be a leader. O_O

      • I like how they troll it out on Radio Star esp by Eunhyuk… He is like Siwon uses English when arguing…. together with his epic gestures… “actually (english) your(korean) focus(english) is wrong(korean)!
        roflmao… and Siwon has the cutest embarrassed face!

  4. thanks for the transcript

    • 😉

  5. Loved this…thanks for the transcript. Siwon, sweetie, take care of your cold. Hope Hae doesn’t catch it…where is Hae?

    • 😉

    • i’m wondering too.. what is hae doing recently? ? he didn’t make a call on sukira

  6. Wow, thank you so much ! That was quite a novel ^^
    Lol at Ryeowook’s comment about Siwon’s shirt.
    I can already picture Ryeowook and Kyuhyun drunk together kkk 🙂

  7. Plz don’t make stories like this again , ever

    It’s broke my heart

    • Reminds me that true story when Donghae and Heechul like the same one girl a long time ago. They talked about the other always, said about the other to the girl, that he is a really cool guy, and at the end the girls was totally confused. Heechul said friendship is more important to him, than girls.

  8. Siwon still “ottoke, ottoke” ??? That’s cute. 🙂
    I really love how every one of them went, go, or going to go to support Henry. One thay this, the other that, they don’t leave him alone in this important days of him.

  9. so sw is dating now? he said : “I think my feelings about you changed.”, and let the girl know, so she could break up with him if she decides to.
    or what?? didnt understand? he dating now but he doesnt love her girlfriend anymore now?? or what?

    • No He isn’t. He was saying that in a past reference…. He is still “sexy, free and single” 😉

    • He isn’t dating. Really the transcrip is really confused. I think is a typical story invented by fans only for fun, that mix reality with fiction.

      Really i found the transcrip really rare and incoherent

      • I think that a lot of part isn’t true.

        • We should be grateful to the people who do the translations (of interviews, programs, etc.) but the translations that fans do not be accurate because the people who make them are not professionals. Then you should not believe word for word what they say, but a general idea of the conversation.

          Also for to understand is necessary to know the person, as he thinks, as he is. Siwon is complex and that makes it more difficult to understand what he want to say or means

          • Also in the transcrip put that the person writes that she remember.

            But like i saidmwe should be grateful to the people who do the transcrips, translations,etc

          • I agree siwon is really complex its very difficult to decipherer what he is thinking and meaning to say

            • Yes I am with you

      • no no the transcript is correct but yes it did not mean he is dating, he is just telling what he says to a girl if he strts liking her

        • ah ok! thank you

    • no they asked him if he confess to girl first? so he said yes he does and than he told them what he would normally tell a girl if he starts liking her, he would say ” I think my feelings about you changed.” he tells her that and lets her decide if she want to accept his feelings or not, that’s what it meant, it doesn’t mean that he is dating

  10. Just by reading the transcript I laughed a lot, members always have fun stories to tell, ^^ hahaha love to see them together, thank u for the update ❤

  11. I want to see a drunken Wookie. 🙂 I think he is the funny type, when he drinks. 🙂

  12. Hyuk likes drinking now?… 😦

    I really appreciated the fact that he didn’t drink, and I was okay with him drinking for the first time, just to try it out. But now, he likes to drink? I’m sad…

  13. Thanks you so much for the transcript! Means alot to English-speaking fans^^

    • Thank you for your appreciation really, we try our best give Elfs as much info as possible about SJ….

  14. When Kyuhyun coming on Sukira too?

  15. it was really great having siwon on ktr he was so funny, hope he comes more often and siwons acting was amazing!!

  16. To clear the misunderstanding about the translation and what Siwon said. The topic was relationships, and they asked Siwon about it. He didn’t said he was dating, he said that whenever is is in a relationship, he let’s the girl know his feelings, whether they have changed or not, if he’s still interest or not, and then let’s the girl make the decision about breaking up or not. This transcript is no fiction nor was it made of by fans, its a translation of what they said on the show. The person that translates gives a trans. as accurate as possible, so that fans that do not speak the language can understand as well . If you read carefully and interpret it well, there is no need to be confused. Thank you to those who tried explaining this misunderstanding before me.

    • I have a question, why put in the transcript that he did not pass the test of 10 questions and he had to leave something? he did not answer them all?

  17. i dont really understand the part of the weak members? what does it mean?

    • That Siwon an Donghae have a weakness for Wookie, meaning they find him cute and can’t deny him a thing. On the other hand, Eunhyuk is completely immune when it comes to Ryeowook but is not towards Siwon and Donghae so it’s the opposite for him 🙂

  18. hahahaha thanks for the transcript ^^

  19. hyukjaee!! you broke ur promise! nooo /sobbing with junsu/

    • junsu start drinking 1st..4ur information..
      eunhyuk tell this story many times already 🙂

    • junsu broke the promise long before eunhyuk

  20. I have a question, why put in the transcript that he did not pass the test of 10 questions and he had to leave something? he did not answer them all? in the transcription the 10 questions have a supposed response

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