130607 Henry 헨리_1st Mini Album ‘TRAP’_ with Kyuhyun and Taemin- Full Song (Audio Only)

June 7, 2013 at 4:38 am | Posted in Albums, Henry Lau, Kyuhyun, Mod Post/Compilation Posts, Pictures/Videos, Updates, Wonderboys | 7 Comments

Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: Henry Lau Debut as a solo artist #HenryLauDebut

Credit: mykikiikyu6

Posted by: lovekyu7 (www.sup3rjunior.com)

this is very good, so proud of Henry!!!


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  1. where is the MV? When SM release their MV?
    SM makes me crazy waiting trap MV.
    so annoying T_T

    • We don’t know for sure when the mv will be released. SM delayed it but hasn’t set a date yet, let’s hope it will be soon^^

  2. OK . i’m just spazzing right now ..

  3. woooowww.. this song is wooow.. i like it very much, but why kyu’s part is too short? i just hear his falsetto? but, Henry Jjang! I’m Trapped!!

  4. This song is really really nice, and you can still hear kyu’s voice on the back. Hopefully the MV would be coming out soon!!!

  5. right now i’m in love with song sooooooooo good fighting

  6. The song so good. Beautiful. I think henry could pull it off without kyuhyun or taemin. So disappointed tough, i was wishing kyuhyun’s part would be quite long and then i found out that his part just a little near the ending. Maybe they afraid kyuhyun’s voice will outshine henry.

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