SS5 Indonesia, Share Your Pictures with Sup3rjunior

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Credit: SMTOWN
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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together” & Marry You” Project Sup3r Show 5 Indonesia

Compilation: 130601/02 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Jakarta, Indonesia #SS5Indonesia

Simple, link us to your Super Show 5 Jakarta, Indonesia pictures and we’ll be happy to publish them ;D

Make sure you comment on this post!

Thanks ❤

^^ Credit: hyukwoon



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  1. Hi, can i share my fancam of SS5 Ina day 2? I’m standing so close with stage ^^
    Where can i send my video?
    I’ll share on youtube too, so whats your email?

    • you can contact our author @mrseunhyukie @evilaegyo13 @missdonghae @_lingfeigo @firnia @selviayoulanda @mignonne_indah
      if you share ur pic we will put our watermar ur name like this

      • Ok, and for fanacc?
        I wanna share, coz its very special momment ^^ i got handshakes with Siwon, Donghae, and twice handshakes for a few second with Sungmin!! And Sungmin takes my gift and play aegyo >.<
        And i got kiss bye from Hyukjae :p

        • you can mention that to our author too.. thx you so much

  2. Hi, i wanna shaaaareee … is it right to share the links only?

  3. I have 27 pictures 😀

  4. I wanna share my photos at ss5inaday2, im at standing D you can get the photos in this link thankyouu 😀 hope you’ll share my photos in this web 😀

  5. all of my pict 148 Pict ^^ I’m sorry it’s not HD Pict or not a good pict ._. DL Link thanks admin^^ cr : @kyuchie0302

  6. I have fancams of ss5 ina day 1. How to share it?


  8. I have any fancam ss5ina day1 , im in vip that fay ^^

  9. Sorry i mean that day *typo xD

  10. hello….went for Both days, day1 n day2 n both r standing close to stage..
    but, all my vid n pic have my watermark already…
    n i have hundreds T_T how to share it here with that countless…?

    i will really love to share^^

    • you can contact our author @mrseunhyukie @evilaegyo13 @missdonghae @_lingfeigo @firnia @selviayoulanda @mignonne_indah we will still shared it eventho you have own watemark ok..

  11. I wanna share my fancam SS5 INA day 2 when sweet moment siwon oppa shaking hand with kid 😀

  12. share pic ss5jakarta day 1

  13. hi, i wanna share photos and videos. but i think many of the photos are LQ..
    i will share the video later (still uploading~)
    Super Show 5 Indonesia day 2

    • already finish uploading the fancam but some of it only less than one minute
      actually i have sorry sorry fancam too,, but because i stand in behind,, so i decided not to upload it because it’s not too clear and i’m sure someone has already upload it with clearer quality (and because it will took whole day to upload it)

  14. Still uploading 🙂 I record all the performance from day 2 (except So I because i ran out off the battery T______T I’ll share here^^

  15. i wanna share the pics from SS5INADAY2, enjooy it happy to share ;D

  16. I wanna share my hd fancam from day 2.. in my playlist.. hope you can share my video ^^ and also siwon in bibigo too.. and rehearsal fancam too ^^
    this my playlist link..

    • thank you for sharing your fancams with us…. we will posting it soon

  17. This is my picture from SS5 INA day 2 ^^ on my fb’s album ^^

  18. hay i wanna share my HD pict from SS5 INA Day 2 😀 I hope that you can share my photo 🙂

  19. SPECIAL to @henrylau89 HOPE YOU SEE [SS5INA] AKU ❤ HENRY!

  20. My photos:

  21. Hheeemmzt kngEn 5 super junior

  22. my fancam SS5 INA day 2 ^^ it’s really closed, coz i can touch the stage kkkkkk enjoy elf! (hope author can share it, thx before)

    SS5INA day2 opening MR SIMPLE – HYUK focus




    SS5INA day2 – WOODY ZHOUMI ^^ so close, really in front of me. handsome Zhoumi with bright smile 😀

    SS5INA day2 – Siwondambi so sexy ^___^ so close, really in front of me 😉

    SS5 INA DAY2 – memories Siwon Shindong hug

    SS5 INA day2 – shake it up Sungmin Siwon. Min’s butt is sexy kkkk

    SS5 INA DAY2 – BOOM BOOM Eunhyuk fokus

    130602 SS5 INA DAY2 – Sexy Free and Single

    130602 SS5 INA DAY2 A-Oh Kyuhyun Sungmin Eunhyuk


    130602 SS5 INA DAY2 – CROSS DRESS Siwon Sungmin Kangin Ryeowook

    130602 SS5INA day2 – Wonder Boy Eunhyuk wolfrine, Zhoumi woody

    130602 SS5INA day2 – How Am I Suppose To Live Without You, Ryeowook Kyuhyun Zhoumi Sungmin

    130602 SS5 INA day2 – Day Dream. our superman in white suit is so excellent!!

    130602 SS5 INA day2 – Super Girl

    130602 SS5 Jakarta INA – shake it up ( i shake hand with Sungmin)

  23. can I share pictures i’ve taken from ss5 jkt day 1 too? but i upload it to mediafire, is it ok?><

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