Super Show 5 Jakarta, Indonesia D-1 – Eunhyuk and Donghae [FanAccount] – From 130601

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together” & Marry You” Project Sup3r Show 5 Indonesia

Compilation: 130601/02 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Jakarta, Indonesia #SS5Indonesia

I will try to list all the interactions they did last night kekekekkeke there were quite some moments but i’ll list down from what’s very memorable for me XD

Sunny – Hyukjae was trying to break dance and Donghae challenged him 1 on 1. Donghae did this flipping thing where legs are circling and he held his body with his arm; I think it was called Flares or something. but he failed and fell down XD Hyukjae countered him by doing a perfect handstand. Then Donghae did a rather fail handstand as well nn

Sunny – Hyuk was just walking to the main stage and Donghae tried to tackle him down but Hyuk shoved him away LOL

Dancing Out – Hyukjae seemed to notice that fans seating at the far back can’t see them clearly. So when Dancing Out started, he was jumping so the fans at far back can see him ;;;; Hae ran to Hyuk’s side, following Hyuk jumped too. Then Hae about to walked away but Hyuk stopped him and put one arm to Hae’s shoulder, encouraging him to jump again. And so they jumped and jumped and jumped and the both of them were laughing so happily TTTT


Super Heroes/Wonder Boy – Donghae was using sungmin’s stick trying to spin it like wong fei hung XDD but he wasn’t really successful so he went to the corner following hyukjae who was already there. then the both of them were “clawing” at each other. donghae who seemed losing, grabbed on hyuk’s wifebeater and exposed hyukabs to us lmao. hyuk walked away but donghae still followed LOL and proceed trying to put down hyuk’s pants IDE meanwhile hyuk was still clawing him when donghae did that hahhahaha

Sorry Sorry – When EunHae was on the front of formation, Donghae shoved Hyuk away lol

Shake it Up – Everyone was touching Donghae but Kyu put his head inside of Donghae’s wifebeater that his head was popping on Donghae’s tummy as if Donghae was pregnant LOL. Hyukjae rubbed on Kyu’s head and when Kyu got out, he hit on kyu’s head and kicked on kyu hahahha ((u mad hyukjae))

Ending ment – Most of the members had gone from the stage but Donghae stood in the middle, bowing by himself. He bowed for really long time ;_______; Hyukjae had almost left the stage but he ran to Donghae and bowed down too. And he held on Hae’s back when they both bowed down TTTTT After some time, they stood up again and Donghae about to go to backstage while singing part of “I Wanna Dance”. Hyukjae suddenly remembered like “OH YEAH WE HAVEN’T INTRODUCED OUR SINGLE” then he shouted at Donghae to come back. He was saying something like, “yorobun, we have a new single too yknow *smirks* Now Donghae, please show us the choreo to I Wanna Dance”. Then Donghae danced while singing to chorus of I Wanna Dance. It was short but the scream was so loud and baby hae seemed satisfied doing it and Hyuk looked proud 8DDD

You know watching all these cute moments I guess it must be Donghae’s nature to follow Hyuk wherever he goes and also the opposite TT It’s so cute the both of them just stick to each other naturally 😦 My brother who was next to me even commented that Eunhae are like magnets they are always together (he didn’t even know about shipping a pairing) TTTT Sighs they are so adorable 😦

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  1. i wanna see pregnant hae >.<

  2. seems that everytime either each of them encounter problems, they will stick to each other. some sort like to assure us that they was fine and nothing can break them apart…^^

  3. I love the glue. Hyuk to Hae, Hae to Hyuk. They are the best. It’s also funny how they hit the other person that made them jealous. lol

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