130530 Super Junior-M′s Henry Revealed to be Mystery SM Solo Singer

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130531 Compilation: Henry Lau Debut as a solo artist #HenryLauDebut

SM Entertainment′s first solo singer in 13 years has unveiled himself, and he′s actually a face many know. On May 30, SM Entertainment announced that Super Junior-M member Henry will be releasing his first solo mini album Trap. Mystery teaser images for Henry had been released on May 29, dropping a bomb among music fans and SM fans everywhere.


On June 7, Henry will release Trap through various music sites including Melon, Bugs and Genie, and promote his album in Korea.

A rep from SM Entertainment said, “Henry is a big talent who has released many self-written songs with his composer team Noize Bank, and also boasts great skill in song, dance, piano, violin and other instruments. He will unveil his talents as well as his own color of music through the solo album.”

Henry is fairly popular across Greater China and Asia, helped by his fluent Korean, English and Chinese. In Korea he′s appeared in Olive TV′s Master Chef Korea Celebrity and appealed with his cute looks and cooking skills.

Henry will continue to promote in Korea with Trap.


Source: enewsWorld ‏@enewsWorld
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  1. ♡ congratulation to Henry Gege…
    waiting for “TRAP’ album..♡

  2. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck BB Mochi, you deserve this! I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo glad right now!

  3. good henry oppa .. 🙂

  4. Henry! God luck and lots of happiness! I knew it was him when they didn’t adress the rumours on Sukira 😀

    • Were there rumours on Sukira??? Can you tell me on which date and who spread them?
      I hope what the rep of sm said is true and that we can listen to him playing lots of instruments in his album, especially his violin play that we all love^^
      I’m curious whether his album will have 3 versions: korean, chinese, english?? Because he’s capable to sing in these languages and that would make everyone happy 😀

  5. WOOOOOW Henry Oppa Congratulations you really deserv this Good Luck Saranghae<3<3<3 but I'm thinking right now SM what about ZHOUMI…

  6. congrats HENRY do your best in your first album..

  7. Our mochi fighting!!!

  8. omg i’m so happy for him…good luck baby mochi~ !!

  9. Good luck Mochi!!!!!!!!!
    I cant wait!!!!

  10. “Trap” will be daebak!!!

  11. Finally, it’s his time to shine, he’s so talented. I just have this question in mind though, if he’s debuting as a new solo artist, he’s still in sj-m right?
    So many thoughts running through my mind, but anyways, i am looking forward to this.

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