130530 Ryeowook New Twitter Display Picture and Bio Update [1P]

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Participate Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together” & Marry You” Project Sup3r Show 5 Indonesia

130531 Compilation: Henry Lau Debut as a solo artist #HenryLauDebut

Credit: Ryeo Wook ‏@ryeong9
 Reupload and Posted by: lovekyu7 (www.sup3rjunior.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.



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  1. so sweet eternal maknae supporting baby mochi!!!

    • So true…Wookie is quite a guy!

  2. I love Wookie for supporting him *O* Honestly, I was a bit disappointed that Shindong tweets about EXO a lot, but not one word for Henry… Well, maybe because Henry haven’t debuted officially?… Anyway.. LOVE YOU WOOKIE :*

    • Well, since Shindong isn’t part of SJM, he probably isn’t as close to Henry as SJM members, and tweets about EXO a lot, so that SJM members who ARE close to Henry can concentrate on promoting him then on EXO? Also, he was sick recently. Maybe he doesn’t have the time/energy to promote both EXO and Henry, especially since when Ryeowook already does a great job with Henry. And it’s still early.

      • i think that even though shindong is not is sjm, therefore doesn’t spend a lot of time he still cares for henry and zhoumi. The boys said that while they were practicing for breakdown, shindong came and brought them food and everything, and the day of the line chat both kangin and shindong said very nice things about henry and zhoumi and you could see they had a good relationship. I think maybe he’ll start promoting him next week.

    • Shindong has to support EXO because their comeback is today, I guess he will do the same next week when will be Henry’s turn… for sure ALL SJ are going to support baby maknae for being first member on going solo!!! ^^

    • Lovekyu7 and Elia, we were right! Shindong has twitted about Henry (but not next week)! Guess he was indeed just waiting for a video/teaser/single to be released!

  3. Ryeowook always going that extra mile to show his support!!! we love you wookie ❤

    • Yes, that’s why I like him. He’s really a sweetheart^^. You can see that he loves his dongsaeng very very much. He behaves like a hyung in front of their maknae 😀

      • ….I mean “good” hyung ^^

      • I really think everybody in SJM loves Henry, but Ryeowook and Donghae seem to love him a little more!! XD

  4. Ryeowook is such a lovely boy ^^
    he is always supporting his dongsaengs and his members with their works.
    i just wish that sometimes they do the same for him.
    i don’t know, maybe they do it in private but i never see them posting messages for him on Twitter when he carries out some work, for example his musical, OST etc.
    Wookie is so sweet and he deserves as much encouragements than the ones he gives to others imo ^^

    • *as

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