130530 Henry revealed to be SM Entertainment’s new solo artist!

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130531 Compilation: Henry Lau Debut as a solo artist #HenryLauDebut


After getting fans buzzing with excitement and guesses with the release of two mysterious photos of their new solo artist, SM Entertainment has revealed his identity!

The male solo artist is none other than Henry Lau of Super Junior-M!

“Henry will be releasing his first solo mini album ‘Trap’ on June 7th, and we anticipate that he’ll receive much interest from global music fans as he embarks on promotional activities,” said the agency.

As fans already know, Henry’s a guy of many talents as he’s not only skilled on the piano and violin in addition to being a great dancer and singer, he also has experience with composing songs!

International fans will also have an easier time communicating with him as this idol is also fluent in several languages.

June 7th is just right around the corner so keep your eyes out for more teasers that will come our way!


Source: allkpop.com 
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  1. As expected .
    It’s your time to shine……..
    Show your talent babby

  2. Awesome .. ^-^ I’m so proud
    we’re cheering for you, make your best …<3

  3. YEAH!!!
    We’ll support you ALWAYS AND FOREVER!!!
    Ah.. can’t wait!
    I bet Kyu will be jealous of his dongsaeng… kekekeke XD

    • REALLY jealous.. Just imagine his jealous face! xDDD

  4. Yay! Henry! Rooting for you…

  5. Well, it’s payback time to me for being his fans since he was in Don’t Don.
    But it’s kinda surprising, though I’m sure he is one of the kid who wants his work to be released, I surprise that SM allows him to do that since we all know how KRY itself even doesn’t have a single mini album except the OST compilation (maybe because most of the songs were produced by him and his own team so that it doesn’t cost much?).
    Dude doesn’t know how i watch him grow just like a mom and how i scream ‘my baby!’ like a proud mom when i know only by a glance that it’s him. It’s better to be good, unlike YYJ’s work.

  6. I knew it as soon as i saw the HR on his chest, that was a giveaway!!! I’m really looking forward to what they’ll do with him!!! I know that he will be awesome, GO HENRY!!!!!!!

  7. Go Henry…….Finally,ur talents can shine to this world


  9. This is a wonderfull notice, Henry who has been helping suju for so many time, supporting all the bad word and treatments for haters, now, im sure that is so much more the people that going to support him. I only have to say “You DESERVE this Henry”. Congratulations and you have all my support C:

  10. WOW! So it’s really him! The first time seeing him with this image! But I like it, he looks so hot, cool and handsome in these pics! 😀
    Now, I AM SO HAPPY!!!!! 😀 😀
    Can’t believe that we will see him more in the future! I always believed that he’s actually capable to go solo as we all know that he’s an artist with so many talents that it wouldn’t do justice to waste his talent! I always found that it was such a pity that he couldn’t do so much activities like his other sj members because he’s only in the sub-unit but FINALLY he gets to be more in the spotlight and now we don’t have to wait for one year to see him with SJ-M.
    You know what, this year 2013 is REALLY his year bc according to the chinese lunar calender, 2013 is the year of the snake and as 89-liner, he’s a snake. Cause Chinese people believe that being in the year of your zodiac sign can give you luck!^^ And I think that maybe it has sth to do with his zodiac sign bec you’ve all notice, right? This year, he got lots of opportunities, debuting on the korean stages with SJM, being a participant on Master Chef and finally being more in the performances in SS5 alongside Zhou Mi! ^^ He’s now being recognized!^^
    Now he’s like G-Dragon, being a solo artist as well as being member of sj. 🙂

    I’m actually surprised that his first solo album will be released so soon, even before EunHae’s album. Maybe he can’t wait so long ^_^.
    I’m really looking for it and I hope that his solo album will be a great success!! 😀
    Henry, fighting, jiayou!!! I wish you all the best to your new path!

    So sorry if my comment turns out to be sooo long but I just wanted to express my feelings ^^ Hope you all understand. 🙂

    • Don´t worry about you comment I´m with you! Henry really deserve this! He is very talented and it´s great that now the spotlight are on him! 😀

  11. Awesome! I’m really excited for his album’s release! Henry’s trilingual and he’s extremely gifted musically! >_< This excitement is similar to how excited I am for Exo's comeback! Fighting ♥ Henry!

  12. OMG Henry looks so sexy!!!!
    I can’t wait for the realize… I wish him all the success with his new solo album!!!

  13. Okay, but now I want Kyu to have his solo album.

    • Kyuhyun is so overworked now, he doesn’t have time for a solo album these days maybe in the future he’ll have one…

  14. Like SJ’s boys chant: Let’s kill them all! bbMochi, fighting!

    Actually, it’s not SM’s fault but 13-only ELF that SM had to limit Zhoumi and Henry’s activities. They both has received hostile treatments, even in their native language countries. Thanks to their talents that nobody can deny and SJ members’ unconditional love, then I-ELF who keep talking to ELF community, pushing more support for these two. Everyone can see now majority of ELF love 15 of them all as family.

    SM has managed both carefully, but effectively. They gave Zhoumi chance to star in Taiwan’s popular idol drama, then published his books, let him have a solo song that he got award for it … Henry is given chance to create his own studio and get his/Zhoumi’s songs in SJ/SJ-M albums, star as a leading actor with world famous actress in upcoming screening China movie, on Korea celebrity chef and KTR with RW … They started to have them debut in Korea TV music program with SJ-M early this year, participate in most of SS5 …xD. Now this … Time seems right and all fall into place.

    But I still think we have to go extra miles to support Henry this time to prevent him from being shunned in the future. And I hope, rather guess that Zhoumi will get his solo in China soon if SM deems to see Chinese fans support him more now.

    I’m so nervous but happy for Henry!

    • I love your comment so much!!!! Yes, let’s support Henry and Mimi!
      I also hope that Zhou Mi will have a solo album in the future because he’s a talented songwriter and has a good voice!! 🙂 But I’m sure that Mimi will have the chance to be more involved in activities in the future.
      This year is such a good year for both of them!!! ^^

  15. He deserves this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BTW this doesn’t mean he’s leaving SJ…. right?

    • of course not!!! he still sjM members…

  16. Henry really deserves this, he’s a VERY talented guy

  17. chukae henry!!! anticipate your solo album… hwaiting!!

  18. woooow henryyy. i cant wait.

  19. EVERYONE PLEASE SUPPORT HENRY!!!!! HE DESERVES IT!!! Who knows, if this is a success, we’ll probably hear more good news from sm about other SJ members. A kyuwook duet or so???

  20. WOOOOOW Henry Oppa Congratulations you really deserv this Good Luck Saranghae<3<3<3 but I'm thinking right now SM what about ZHOUMI…I wish that he will have a SOLO Album Too .. Anyway HENRY & ZHOUMI Hwaiting<3<3<3<3<3 SUPER JUNIOR 15 4ever <3<3<3<3<3

  21. I’m crying tears of happiness ;__;
    He deserves this sooo much. Good luck to him and his team!!

  22. He is still part of Super Junior M right?

    • Cause some people are making it sound like he isn’t >~<

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