130529 Henry the new male solo artist from SMTOWN?

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130531 Compilation: Henry Lau Debut as a solo artist #HenryLauDebut

As you all know SMTown has a new male solo artist . The only reason I am showing any interest is because I think it could be Henry Lau .. obviously I could be wrong.. but here is why:

1) It looks like ‘Henry’ is written in sapphire blue across his chest..
2) Strings written on his forearm (Henry’s fandom!)
3) Maple leaf on his hip (Henry is Canadian)
4) Noizebank written on his right shoulder, covered up with the white art (which is the name of Henry’s production team)
5) Snoopy & Woodstock also on his forearm (Henry’s nickname is snoopy)
6) Also there seems to be a violin on the back of his left wrist..
7) The Korean writing on the left side of his back translates, New Start.
Therefore this solo artist has technically ‘started’ already. It must be Henry!

p.s. don’t forget there is this rumour too! http://t.co/09DBaMByVC


130529 1

^^ Credit: @kyupcakess

I hope it is Henry, as I’d love for SME to showcase a talented young man!



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  1. and “my everything” (i guess) in first pic right arm

  2. @_@

  3. so many clues describe henry, right? 😀

  4. I hope too..He’s Henry ^^

  5. it does make sense , i hope it’s him he deserve it

  6. i’m okay with it,, as long as he is still with SJ, i’ll be fine. kekeke, if he goes solo for awhile, it would be better for him rather than waiting for the another comeback for SJ-M..

    • Totally agree, as long as he is still with SuJu and doing solo promotions. I hope if it is him SM will do the same with Zhou Mi! But then again, i think Zhou Mi is dong solo promotions as well already, but still. Yea. xD

  7. nice

  8. I really really hope it’s him.Hedeserves this so much! This boy is too talented to waste

  9. Your arguments sound logical to me because I realize that Henry is very busy recently and there are lots of pics showing him with Noizebank during recording and at the SM building.
    But I was curious to see what the others think about these news so I went to the official SMtown facebook site and it seems that except Henry, a lot of people mention Jino and Woonkyu. Can someone answer me who Jino and Woonkyu are? I think they should be still trainees? And if yes why do many know them?

    I really really do hope that it’s Henry bc if it’s him I would so freak out!!! He really deserves to be in the spotlight! 🙂 He is such a talented boy 😉 I would support his new path! 😀

    • Jino is a trainee that actually debuted with SM the Ballad in 2010 with Kyuhyun, Jonghyun from SHINee and Jay from TRAX. After promotions on music shows for their mini album, Jino was never heard of again. Many thought he was going to debut with EXO but he didn’t. So now we don’t know what happened to Jino and everyone wants him to debut officially and that’s probably why people think it’s him who is the solo artist.
      I don’t know who Woonkyu is.

  10. First I thought it was only people’s wishfull thinking and over-imagination but no other than Henry can have Noize Bank logo tattooed (and then half-hidden through photoshop, as it is a dead give-away)
    This looks a perfect timing with the release of his movie. Good luck, Henry!

  11. I hope Henry get lots of love so maybe sm will think of putting him in the main sj along with zhoumi…so, if this is true lets support henry fully ELF 🙂

    • I’m a Henry and Zhoumi SuJu supporter…it’s long overdue…they’ve worked hard.

  12. I really hope it’s Henry! I’m so excited for him. Henry, hwaiting!

  13. i dont think it looks like henry XD
    but there are really a lot of signs ‘-‘
    i’m curious o.o

  14. i don’t want him to leave sj but if it’s really him he’s surely happy and we’ll support him our maknae (i really don’t think it him xD anyway…)

    • Don’t worry, he won’t leave SJ! 😉 It’s just his new project as solo artist if it’s really him.

  15. And ther is the word “TRAP” … it could be a trap too!! I Hope not!!

  16. I hope be Henry… he has everything to be a successful solo artist!!!
    GO MOCHI!!!

  17. It’s trueee! ELF are so smart ;D

  18. So i herd it really is Henry!!! I saw someone comment on the photo posted on SM Facebook, and they put a link to this!: https://twitter.com/kor_celebrities/status/339888094113320960/photo/1

  19. Ohh . i really hop it’s henry .. ^—^

    • hope*

      • You don’t have to hope^^ It’s already revealed that it IS him! 😀

  20. @Kyupcakess, you’re so brilliant!!!^^ It turns out that the new male solo artist IS really our Henry 😀 !!! I’m so happy!!!! Finally, my bias gets to be more on the spotlight!! 🙂

  21. I’m really happy if its Henry but I must admit it kinda frightens me too. There is that “what if” if he debuts as a solo, does that mean he’s not going to be with SuJu? I hope not….. But if it is him, Congratz! Just don’t forget SuJu!
    ( I know… I sound really selfish now!! I’m sorry….)

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