130518 ‘Date With’ Vol.1 Magazine with Yesung, Kangin, Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae [Transcript]

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Date with SJ – Donghae Interview

Q1: How romantic are you?
A: I like events, so I always prepare a lot of scenarios in mind to give the unsuspecting girlfriend a surprise!

Q2: How gentlemanly are you?
A: You will find out after I go to Japan!

Q3: What are your strong points?
A: I think I have a very individual personality (laughs) When I send her home, I will confirm her safety as she enters her home, when calling for taxi, I will write down the license plate of the taxi.

Q4: Level of enthusiasm?
A: To use stars to symbolise enthusiasm is a bit vague, if it is someone that you like, of course I will be enthusiastic.

Q5: Level of commitment/binding?
A: Of course NO! Do not worry, because I will not bind you to me. (I think he means the level of clinginess/attachment etc.)

Q: What kind of date do you want to have with your girlfriend?
A: Things I want to do the most is, if there is an MP3 player, we will each wear one earphone and walk down the streets together. Also, in the mornings, when she is still sleeping, I will get up and make her breakfast, then give it to her when she gets up. It would be nice if I could do this.

Q2: What is your ideal type:
A: I like girls with pretty fingers!! So everyone, please take good care of your hands! I will like anyone with pretty hands! (smiles)

Q3: What type of women do you like, personality wise?
A: The dignified type… The pure type… But sometimes, the sexy type.

Q4: What kind of topics do you discuss with male friends?
A: Other than the topic of girls, we also talk about music, and share amongst each other. We will also talk about things related to Super Junior, like what kind of concept to present for the next concert, and whether fans will accept the ideas or not etc, we talked about this a lot. We also talked a lot about Kangin.

Q5: What types of girls suit the members?
A: Me and Kangin, I think we suit older women. They need to be able to control us.

Translation from Japanese to Chinese by: Hot-Ice熱冰

Date With SJ – Eunhyuk Interview (1)

Q1: How romantic are you?
A: (5 star rating) Actually, there can be many more stars~ My personality is the type that I don’t like expressing myself, unable to really express towards either family or friends, but only one person can make me express myself properly! That person is my girlfriend! (laughs) Towards my parents, I also want to be like this but really, I can’t, so in compensation, I give them cars and stores and holidays as a present (smiles)

Q2: How gentlemanly are you?
A: (3 stars) As a man, I think I should be able to do the basic of being a gentleman.

Q3: Level of gentleness?
A: (5 stars) I definitely will not do the things that annoy her. If she says that change is for the better (changing personality/habits), even if it is something that I like doing or a habit of mine, I will change without questioning. This has nothing to do with self-esteem. (smiles)

Q4: Level of enthusiasm?
A: (5 stars) I am the very enthusiastic type, I will start writing love letters to send to her, and I also like receiving love letters. Once, I put sweets and a letter in the letterbox outside her house.

Date With SJ – Eunhyuk Interview (2)

Q1: What kind of things do you like to do with your girlfriend?
A: I want to go travelling overseas. I’ve liked travelling since long ago, so I would like to go travelling together. Paris is the best. The first time I went travelling was to Paris. When I went in 2009, whilst walking slowly on the streets, I thought “ah, such a romantic place.” To this day, that image still remains in my eyes. If possible, I would really like to go there together. I want to prepare travel plans together, things to do at the vacation place, because the process of planning is interesting, so I like it. If they find this too bothersome, I will plan everything myself, and tell her the plans with great happiness.

Also, I like driving, I want to try driving a lot at night time. I want to drive to the seaside, eat, and set off fireworks to have a beautiful ending.

Q2: What is your ideal girl? Has your ideal girl changed from past to present?
A: In the past, I used to put emphasis on outer appearances. Now, I care more for internal characteristics, if she can care for others and such. The more I see, the more I realise that cautious people are more favourable.

Q3: What type of fashion do you like on females?
A: I don’t like those type of clothes that expose a lot of skin, I like the casual types. For example, Lin Soo Jung’s (not sure about name) style in the TV series “Sorry I Love You”, and her hairstyle as well. A little bit a cute, a little bit natural.

Q4: What are the common topics discussed between male friends?
A: As as a joke, we talk about everyday things while messing around. As a serious answer, because we have already reached the age for enlisting, we always worry about how to fill the remaining blank positions. In fact, up until now, there haven’t been any bands where members have enlisted and the group has continued, and so we want to be able to continue being together. As a result, we worried a lot.

Q5: What types of women suit the members?
A: Kangin said that he must find someone that is able to understand him. If she is not as strong and smart as him, then definitely not. As for donghae, he likes to do things for others, so it must be someone that will give him responses, someone with a lot of emotions that will suit him.

Q6: What is the thing you most want your girlfriend to say to you?
A: (Say together) When we are together, whatever we do will make me happy immediately. I like this!

Q7: What do you not want to hear from her?
A: Disappointment. I really do not like this word. After I hear it, I feel like my chest is being torn apart, and so it is a really evil word.

Q8: Say something sweet towards your girlfriend (readers)?
A: Something very special and very sweet. Maybe next time, and also, chu~ (laughs)

Translation from Japanese to Chinese by: 菊皮皮菊PP

Translation from Chinese to English by: mish ‏@mish_shellx

Date with Super Junior – Interview w/ Yesung Page 2 (1/2)Trans

Q. If you go on a date, what kind of date would you like to go on?
A: First, I want to hold hands where there are many people, and go to a movie theater.
And an amusement park too. I want to enjoy the happy mood of the amusement parks with her.
Also go to beach together, and I enjoy traveling, so I’d like to go overseas too.

-You enjoy traveling.
A: Yes. I like watching movies but I also want to go to New Zealand, where Lord of the Rings was filmed. Before then, I liked NBA so much, I wanted to become a sports journalist for basketball. I want to go to USA, Europe, and France to go watch the games.

Q. It is said that as you age, your interest (in woman) changes. Did you have a type you liked in past, but now different?
A: As for my ideal type, I like girls who don’t have powerful presence, and not self-centered. I’d like her to have a light skin, and a calm personality.
Too much makeup, or women with sexy mood isn’t really (my type)… (laughs)

Q. Fashion you’d like for her to wear?
A: I like slim style. It is good to catch up to the trend too, but not too much exposure. I like styles that would show their unique charms.

Q: What type of girls do you think members would match well with?
A: someone who is very understanding. Members say kind, honest, and calm feeling girl would match them well.
We have many members, but all of us are very pure(/innocent), so girls like that would match them well.

Q: Is there a member who is very 4th Dimensional? (Off the wall/ Weird)
A: Sungmin-ee. In the past, he was normal, but as time is passing, I think he is the most 4th Dimensional. (Laugh) I can’t even think what type of women would match him.
This is of course, with Heechul hyung excluded (laughs) When Heechul hyung is included, he is the best (laughs)

Q: what topics do men get loud in?
A: Right now, the most discussed topic among us (SJ) is topic about the future. We know that there are fans overseas, so we discuss places we’d like to go out to. Because we are preparing Super Shows, we talk about this topic even more.

Q: What do you want to hear the most if you have a girlfriend?
A: won’t everything your girlfriend say sound good, regardless of what it is? (Laugh)

Q: Then what about something you wouldn’t want to hear?
A: “Let’s break up” “I’m tired of you” “Let’s stop seeing each other” I don’t like things like this.

Q: Please say something to your girlfriend( readers)
A: I am the type that can’t talk well with their girlfriend… but… “Call me when you get home!”

Date with Super Junior – Interview w/ Yesung Page 2 (2/2) Trans

Q: This Spring and Summer, what kind of fashion is good?
A: I don’t have a particular style I like, it just changes daily, depending on the mood or the situation. I don’t have a style chosen.

Q: Spring is the season for entrance (to school) or (start of new school year). There are people who have trouble making new friends, what advice would you give them?
We were once a student too. And after becoming a singer, we had to meet many new people. While doing this, I realized this
I think it is important to approach others comfortably. Instead of blaming others (for not having any friends), try looking back at yourself first.
Or instead of thinking about other people’s thoughts and views of you, just think “I have to do well myself”, and you’ll be able to do well.

Q: Super Show 5 has started, I think the reactions from each countries would be different. What were you surprised about?
A: Everything. We have different impressions left from each country, and Japan has left me the most. Because we’ve done many concerts here, and we’ve visited here often.
And for me, the last overseas concert was in Japan… I am not the type to cry easily, and the reason I cried at KRY Concert was because I knew it was the last overseas concert I could participate in before enlisting. Many thoughts popped up in my head, and tears flowed.

Q: If you have free time, what would you like to do?
A: I am the type to receive stress if I am not working. So I want to go help my parents, or study since I have an interest in designing and fashion.
I studied art for about 4 years. I want to study composing, and foreign languages too.

Q: You have good skin!
A: I’m like my mother, so I have a fairly good skin. Thanks to it, I’ve never had to go get a skin care at a dermatologist. I do get thoughts about starting to take care of it but… (laughs)
When you go get skin care, you have to stay still for a long time. But I don’t think I’ll be able to stay still. And I am the type that cannot fall asleep in places like that, so I can’t stay long at hair salons too (laughs)

Q: Every one of your drama OSTs were a hit
A: Many people liked it, and I am very thankful. “It has to be you” had a very good reaction, and I feel that other songs weren’t as a hit, so I feel sad about it.

Q: How do you express sad emotions while singing?
A: First, when you sing, you pay attention closely to the lyrics. I think that the most important part was that I met a good drama. Many people tell me my voice isn’t normal. My voice makes them sad. I think the song matched me because of that too. Ballad is actually very hard.

Q: “That winter, the wind blows”‘s “Gray Paper” was also very popular. You sang it on SS5.
A: “Gray Paper” appeared many times in the drama, only as the instrumental version. I felt sad about the song not appearing as much, but since there were my fans who have been waiting for the song, I sang it during the concert. I wanted to let them hear it.

Q: It’s Spring, do you have any special plans such as traveling?
A: I am sensitive to season changes. I enjoy traveling but my situation will not allow me to go around comfortably (laugh) I am spending my time in my own way. Last week, I visited Hongdae. I also visited a cafe. I went at a time when there weren’t much people. Some Japanese people recognized me, and it was fun.

Q: Message to Japanese fans please
A: I won’t be able to meet you guys for a short time, but if those who are reading this magazine forget about me during the time… I won’t let you go safely!

Translation from Japanese to Korean by: yefan840824
Translation from Korean to English by: @NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj


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    I always say "I love u"….hehe

  5. “Also, I like driving, I want to try driving a lot at night time. I want to drive to the seaside, eat, and set off fireworks to have a beautiful ending.”
    He is just perfect- It might be that this is just few people personal taste. As for me, I have always loved to go on long trips at night time, sitting right next to the driver. I think it is super romantic.

  6. thanks for the transcript

  7. donghae says he likes pretty fingers, as wook said to dbsk changmin “what about me” lol so what about wook donghae xD
    and why older women babo >< i'm younger and i love you as you are~

    • hahaha i think he want to say “mature”

  8. before it was” i like girls who make me lunch box” and now its ” i wanna make her breakfast” … uuuuuh you had changed fishy!!!

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  13. “Also, in the
    mornings, when she is still sleeping, I
    will get up and make her breakfast,
    then give it to her when she gets up.
    It would be nice if I could do this.”

    is donghae live together with her girlfriend? ? omo…

    • no. he is living in a dorm with other suju members. i think he is just wishing he could do this to his girlfriend.

      • yeah.. i know that for sure..
        just wondering how could he manage his romantic side with his girlfriend when they aren’t living together..
        his statement make me a little confused but the fact that we love is he’s perfectly romantic.
        just like kyu said on sukira 🙂

  14. yesung and eunhyuk are kind of my type…and I like the way hae being romantic towards his gf..but I’m a little bit confuse of being his type..beautiful fingers?? sorry not me 🙂

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    “Q2: What is your ideal girl? Has your ideal girl changed from past to present?
    A: …The more I see, the more I realise that cautious people are more favourable.”

  18. I am Yesung’s type and he is my type it is such a shame that I live in England so our paths would never cross. If they did then I think we’d be perfect together! 🙂 Fighting Oppa! We will wait for you!

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