130524 EUNHAE ‘I Wanna Dance’ [Lyric Translation]

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[TRANS] I Wanna dance lyrics short version English translation

its not the case to sleep
all night is unconditional
young lady, won’t you come along tonight ?
to be addicted is an invincible dawn
surely feel good tonight
shake it feel good tonight

leave it all to me
don’t ask who is it
give me the swing
isn’t it good to try and have fun
its joyous oh ! its the best
floor is the climax

i wanna dance, don’t let loose
the coolness is daring when you dance
i wanna dance, adrenaline power
instinctively until it caught fire

i’m lucky, ah ah, i’m lucky (lets dance dance dance)
i wanna dance
i’m lucky, come on come on, i’m lucky (lets dance dance dance)

Translation by: zureq ♪ ‏@hyukarmpits
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj

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  1. Aren’t you trans the ending part – Eunhyuk rap ?

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