130514 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook “if Yesung-ssi heard the Gray Paper you guys did, he would have been touched” [Transcript]

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Sukira (talking abt when he got kissed on the cheek at Sukira front yard concert)

RW: why did i get so embarassed…? That was my first kiss in 2013. I really didn’t know about it, everyone. I wasn’t prepared mentally.. I really rejected her .. Kk

KYH: Ryeowook-ssi told me “ah noona~ you should have just done it on the lips!” when we all went to eat out.

RW: if you were going to do it kk ah, really, if Yesung-ssi heard the Gray Paper you guys did, he would have been touched. When he returns after getting trained well, i’ll show it to him.

RW: i personally don’t like people with circle lenses.They make people look too much like a doll.

RW :i don’t really like kids.But, when they reach the age they can remember stuff, i like them.

Translation by: Nksubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by  lovekyu7


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  1. It was his first kiss of the year? even if it was just at the cheek? it makes me pit him T.T oppa, if you were from here…
    Yesung oppa should had give him a cheek kiss before goes to army, is not like it is a big deal u.u

  2. thanks for the transcript

  3. ok why are you suddenly speaking about yesung ?? 🙂
    heenim keeps saying he likes kids, and wook don’t like them… if you have one give him to your hyung and he will take care of him ^^ (i’m not responsible of what he become later xD )

  4. this boys aren’t promiscous we know that hahahahaha

  5. lol that noona wook talks about seems like a funny person, she was hilarious when she went at him for the kiss, and wookie’s reaction lol 😉

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