Compilation: Yesung’s Enlistment May 2013

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Twitter / Facebook / Weibo

130504 Yesung Twitter Update: With handsome Siwon-ee^^

130505 Yesung Twitter Update: I’m always thankful for you my friends..

130505 Yesung Twitter Update: I look forward the day we meet again, ELF

130506 ianizing Twitter Update with Yesung [1P]

130506 Zoumi Weibo Update: will wait for you to come back

130506 Yesung Twitter Update: See you again, ELF ^^

130506 Super Junior Facebook Update: YeSung from Super Junior has joined the army.

130506 SMTOWN Global Twitter Update: @shfly3424 from Super Junior has joined the army.

130506 Park Inyoung Twitter Update: Yesung-ah, go and return well ~~!!!^^

130506 Jongjin Facebook Update: Hyung has went into the training center.

130506 Leeteuk Message to Yesung: Our member, Yesung,

130506 Leo Twitter Update: i’ve sent him off well!

130506 Siwon Twitter Update: go and come back well(,) hyung..

Yesung at Jeongju

130506 OFFICIAL, Fans waiting for Yesung at Jeonju [5P]

130506 Wide Entertainment News about Yesung Enlistment [Cut]


Yesung To Enter Army By Himself, SM ‘We Will Not Be Accompanying His Army Enlistment’ – From 130502

130502 Yesung’s Enlistment News “Super Junior members will not go..”

130503 Super Junior will not accompany Yesung at his enlistment

Super Junior Yesung Reveals Mysterious Self-Cam Photo, ‘Leaving for Army in D-3′ – From 130503

130506 Super Junior’s Yesung bids farewell to fans before enlistment

130506 Yesung’s Faithful Fans Shed Bucket of Tears at Send-Off Location

130506 Yesung enlists quietly as promised

130506 Super Junior’s Yesung Bids Farewell to Fans Before Army Enlistment


130506 Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook Talking about Yesung [Eng/Chi Sub]

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