130506 Yesung’s Faithful Fans Shed Bucket of Tears at Send-Off Location

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Compilation: Yesung’s Enlistment May 2013

The day Super Junior fans have dreaded has finally arrived.

May 6 marks the day when Yesung will start his military service. He previously mentioned through his agency that he wants to quietly leave for duty, but his fans still decided to go all the way to Jeolla Province to take a glimpse of their beloved celebrity and maybe send him off.


His fans represented many different countries, but all wrote messages in Korean varying from “Yesung, I’ll be here,” “I love you, I’ll wait,” “Oppa, I’ll wait for you.”


Quite a few Japanese fans bought airplane tickets and flew to Korea just for this occasion. The fans vary by age. There’s an ahjumma fan who brought her young child and there were high school students. One high school Japanese fan shared, “I came to Korea today to see Yesung. I’ll love him forever.”


 One fan gives the symbolic salute


Other fans patiently wait for Yesung to arrive


 Patiently wait with other fans


Even though the fans waited for some time, Yesung kept his promise and entered the training base without greeting the fans.


Realization hits

After four weeks of basic military training at the 35th division in Jeolla Province, Yesung will start his service as a public officer.

Until then, Yesung. Take care.

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  1. It hurts !!! For the fans because they don’t see yesung for the last time. But we need to respect his decision not to see his fans for the last time.Try to understand that he will sad of they see crying from his enlist. We waiting for you yesung til you comeback be healthy always.

  2. As a fan said it maybe because he thinks he cant stand the separation… so its better this way… oppa pls take care ):

  3. elf love u and always waiting for u oppa~!
    elf fighting!!don’t cry, yesung will be sad if we sad tooTT

  4. Go silently, returned safely, maintain a healthy, and do it well. its more important that just ‘greetings’. its okay, its hurt. but i respect you.
    you keep your promise to go silently, and keep my promise to wait you.
    I am proud of you, oppa :””’)

  5. take care and stay healty oppa..

  6. take care oppa.. :’)

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