130429 Super Junior Successfully Completes South America Portion of ‘SUPERSHOW5’ Tour with 40,000 Fans

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Popular male idol group Super Junior has finished their Peru performance and has wrapped up their South America portion of their ‘SUPERSHOW5’ world tour.

The South America portion started on April 21 in Brazil and continued on to Argentina, Chile and Peru for a total of 4 cities, 53 hours and met with 40,000 fans.

Through this portion of the tour, Super Junior also became the first Korean group to hold a Brazil concert and is the first to hold a solo concert in Argentina. They also made a new record for having the biggest audience as well.

Aside from their shows, the airports in which they entered and departed from created a huge commotion as well. Due to the massive number of fans that showed up at the airport to meet them, it caused a safety hazard and the group had to be escorted through the VIP hallways, showing off their immense popularity.

Not just the airport, but their hotel, concert location and more were overflowing with fans who wanted to catch a glimpse of them. Security guards and police had to be brought in to maintain the situation.

The Peru performance was on April 27 and fans from not only Peru but also Mexico, Spain, Equador and more came to see the group as well. This Peru concert brought in 10,000 fans and for those that was not able to purchase a ticket were seen outside the concert location cheering on the group. It was revealed that there was around 3,000 fans outside the location, supporting the group.

At this concert, they sang many of their hit songs from “Mr. Simple” to “Sorry Sorry.”

They also sang a song called “Ai se eu the pego” for their South American fans. They sang a total of 24 songs in total.

Super Junior commented, “We still can’t believe that this part of the tour is already over. We are so thankful for all our fans here that support us.”

Super Junior will continue their ‘SUPERSHOW5’ tour and head to Jakarta on June 1 and Hong Kong on June 16.

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  1. If the Jockey club holds at least 15,000 people, and there were only 10,000 inside, why did 3,000 have to stand outside?????

    • They didnt afford the price of the ticket?
      Or the club only opened a part of the facility?

    • I think cuz they only selling 10,000 tickets NOT 15,000 tickets cuz they think more ELFs than 10,000 but for real this have more that made 3,000 ELFs stand outside^^

  2. why its says brazil concert and solo concert at argentina?
    should be solo concert at Brazil too, cube was already here, i feel bad for cube being totally forgotten in those articles TT.TT

    • u dont have to feel bad coz its really “the first Korean group to hold a Brazil concert” . Cube is not Korean group, they are Agency, thats why the words is different between Brazil and Argentina. in Brazil its first solo and Korean Group 🙂

      • but 4minute and b2st are groups, is not like cube staff come and hold the concert, it were the groups from cube together, i dont know if english is this different from portuguese, but in our language when this is translated it seems like a total media mistake

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