130423 Super Show 5 in Buenos Aires, Argentina | Part 2 [Fan Account]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130321 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” South America #SS5SouthAmerica

One of my and my sister’s biggest dreams finally came true this day:



I mean, finally one of my two favourites k-pop bands will come SO SOON to my country..! Money? place? when? what? wae? What will we gonna do? DDDDDDDDDDDDD:

The short time makes us hesitate for a few seconds, but we know that probably will be the best and only oportunity to see most of them, before other members join to the military service.

(Chapter 1)

OKAY, WE ARE GOING TO GO, DON’T KNOW KNOW HOW, HOW MUCH MONEY, no, it doesn’t matter… but, we have to do something special, something cheap, but with an emotional meaning.

After the first SS5 night -in Seoul- we started to draw and paint (using acriylics) every member of SUJU, but the 15 members.. because we LOVE THEM ALL :’) and finish some details with colours.

This was the final result!!! (this picture was taken on the afternoon – April 22th) before going to the Luna Park, and the hotel 😀

And at LUNA PARK!!!

(the 15 pictures)

BUT, the day they arrived to their hotel, someone stole my Zhoumi’s drawing. I don’t know why, because all the pictures weren’t made by a profesional.. and girls who were there were ELFs too -I think!- It was our work, our love, our day and night without resting well by a whole month. We’re not artists, they doesn’t have any commercial price to me… i mean.. no, I can’t even sell them to anyone.

You all know the “Chapter 2”

When Super Junior (without Zhoumi & Henry) arrived to the hotel, there was sooo much paranoia, crazyness, screams & love.. that I lost sight of some of our drawings… so we tried to reunit every, but when we did it, I counted only 14.. and 14.. and 14… OMG, I freaked out! I cried, I begged to all there to bring in it back, and finally give them to the owners: SUPER JUNIOR MEMBERS.

Just because I didn’t recovered the painting. We stayed all night, but we didn’t see anyone who can help us, SO me and my sister asked to the hotel to keeping the rest AT 7am… with THE GERENCY’s PROMISE (pfff) to give them to the translator and Sujus.
(Chapter 3)

Me and my sister, after crying and just sleeping just 1 hour and a half, decided to make it again: buy some materials -I have brushes and some acrylics- and we stayed the next 4/5 hs making the new one as same as possible.


This is the last part of the history, with THE WORST ending that I (or anyone) COULD imagine.

The 14 portraits left weren’t accepted (—again—) as a PRESENT by SS5 chilean’s production. So, during the concert, my friend tried to lift them with other ELF out there.

The result: ALL of them WERE STOLEN. YEAH, 15 portraits in wrong hands, instead os SUJU’s. Thanks God Zhou Mi got his new portrait ♥

Probably they will never notice about this work, plus the effort was taken away by inadaptated people.

My and my sister’s LOVE and HARD WORK for this SS5 in this picture below.

All that I ask it’s to share this history, reblog it, like it, commented, tweet it, copy or anything… this couldn’t be the end. All that I want is that Super Junior knows it.. because KanginEunhyukWookie and Donghaesaw it in Argentina before all this happen.

♔ ZHOU MI – you make us THE HAPPIEST FANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD. I LOVE YOU, I REALLY LOVE YOU. 2013-4-23 was the best day of our lifes ♥


Credit: Karen (EngelTW89) and her sister Gisella (Giche89) [engeltw89.tumblr.com]
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by: salimahsj



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  1. Omg! How could some elfs keep them when it was for the boys! >< The drawings are really, really good and i admire your talent and grateful for the time and effort you gave to make them. <333

  2. That’s horrible!! How could someone keep them when it obviously was for SuJu?!! ELFs we are supposed to help each other!!!But your work was great and at least Zhou Mi got his, I think he even twitted(weibo update actually) a pic about it, so at least that is something!

  3. I’m so sorry that the pictures which you and your sister put so much time, efforts and love into are gone 😦
    but it is just so noticeably talented those pictures are!!!

  4. ohh!!! gosh i feel sorry to the owner of that paints..Lucky Zhou Mi he got his picture..

  5. It happens every time ==; unless you know these people personally of course they will give it back to you… I’m not saying this in general but once you handed it to other fans, expect that it will never return to you. Glad that you had photos of your drawings to prove that they were yours. And Zhoumi acknowledged your drawing in Weibo, so be grateful & happy with that. 🙂

    • I saw someone giving the portraits to the security guy at the end of the show. The person said that they were handmade. I dont know if SuJu received them, but they were left at the venue. I am sure!!

      • can you please add me to facebook if you had one?
        please… I need to know what exactly happened. I really hope this is true.
        A little girl has Kibum’s portrait and she’s gonna give it back soon :3 but I want to know about the others..
        Gisella Estefanía Aruta is my name in facebook… or in twitter:
        engeltw89 (my sister Karen)
        giche89 (myself :D)

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