130425 Super Junior reveal they want to continue ‘Super Show’ until the last member enlists

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130321 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” South America #SS5SouthAmerica

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Super Junior performed in front of 8,000 Brazilian fans at ‘Super Show 5‘ in Sao Paulo and reflected on the overwhelming fan response as well as the changes in the number of members, especially with Yesung‘s upcoming enlistment.

Q: “How was the fan response in Brazil?”

A: “It was crazy. They danced along and followed the choreography to each song. That is why we adjust our pace in the beginning, and we end up using up all of our strength. The fans don’t get tired, but we get tired instead so it’s frustrating.”

Q: “Why do you think the South American fans have a stronger response?”

A: “In the countries that we visit often, we expect to see more individual fans. But because South America is a place we don’t come too often and they like Super Junior as a group and like our songs, so the response is stronger.”

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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Q: “How does it feel to be the first idol group to hold a solo concert in Brazil?”

A: “When we first made our debut, we dreamed of becoming #1 in Asia, but as the scale grew bigger, we were amazed to see requests for us to perform coming in from half-way across the world. We are amazed that the name Super Junior can be listed in the pages of history and record books.”

Q: “It took 25 hours for you to travel to Brazil. How was the ride?”

A: “We previously traveled for thirty hours to arrive in Chile. To be honest, because of our experience going to Chile, we had fears about going to Brazil, but we formed our own know-how on how to get through it. We rode the plane comfortably this time.”

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Q: “Do you have any concerns about the decrease in the number of members with some enlisting in the military?”

A: “It is true that we had a lot of concerns about the number of members. But while touring for ‘Super Show’, we formed our own individual know-how and our faith in our members grew. Now we think that there is no need to worry about the changing number of members. More than anything else, if one member enlists, we know another will come back. Until the last member enlists, we want to protect the brand of ‘Super Show’.”

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Credit: Sports Chosun and allkpop 
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  1. dont worry about the numbers. even tho we are used to have large number of members but i believe that sj still can do well even with a small number. still,u are the best.!

  2. Even the number is decreased ..Super Junior is still the best..

  3. I crying a lot.,, this word…
    ” Until the last member
    enlists, we want to protect
    the brand of ‘Super Show ”

    and we want to protect you with the name of Everlasting Friends ELF!!!!

    Proud to be ELF!!!

    • yes ELF fighting!!!

      • Count me in…proud to be an ELF.

        • yes, everlasting SJ & ELFs!

    • YES!! whatever it is, ELF also will be together to protect the brand of Super Show n the name of Super Junior!!

  4. Wowww, salute for super junior…. Deabekkkk n missss you so much…(^~^)

  5. They mention also that members return from the military, so no need to worry
    They intend to come back to us, so we only have to keep being faithful to them
    As far as I am concerned they are always in my heart, no matter where they are or what kind of activity they do
    Who knows…maybe one day when we all are older, there will be a Super Senior group instead and still the same craze and the same devotion
    That would make real History!

  6. Super Junior is the best. I hope their fame will last a very long time! I hope it was last as long and hopefully longer than SHINHWAs too. I want to see a stage with all of them together again. I mean even in Hangeng will not be a part or Kibum. At least have a stage with Leetuek, Heechul, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryewook, Kyuhyun, Henry, Zhou Mi all together. I am waiting for that day 🙂 Forever ELF and Super Junior 🙂

    • Me too…even without those two, I hope they will always stick together as of now..:)

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