130421 Super Show 5 World Tour in São Paulo,Brazil [FanAccounts]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130321 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” South America #SS5SouthAmerica

Intro: Sungmin said he’s hungry

The whole intro was in portuguese and Wook took a paper to remember it!

Siwon said “I’m Siwon, but you can call me boyfriend!”

The ELF screamed to Siwon “beautiful, gorgeous, sexy” and Sungmin looked not understanding

Donghae: “I really wanted to see you, you’re so sexy, I want a kiss!”

Kyuhyun: “I’m Kyuhyun, did you want to see me? I wanted to see you so much, let’s have a lot of fun!”

Eunhyuk: “I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful, i love you~”

Donghae was reading a paper to talk and Kyuhyun was speaking portuguese too!

Kyuhyun repeated his words many times and laughed deviously

Donghae was speaking mixing portuguese and english

Henry: “Brasil, how are you? Pretty girls of Sao Paulo, I love you!”

Hyuk said he traveled for 25hrs and it’s far away, but now feels that the distance is short

Wook sang Yesung’s parts during Neorago

Kangin made a mistake during A Man In Love

Kyu showed up running for A Man In Love!

Sexy Free & Single on now!

Donghae sang quietly Kyuhyun’s part and laughed

Siwon laughed when fans screamed at Donghae and leaned over winking

It seems all VCRs are a continuation of the previous

Everything was serious in the VCR and suddenly they begin running and it starts playing Black Eyed Peas

Everyone wearing black during Break Down minus Hae and Hyuk

Eunhyuk spoke portuguese again

Eunhyuk rapped with Shindong

Donghae is shaking his head like a kid. So cute~

Sungmin did pelvic thrusts bitting his lips!

Kyuhyun threw away his jacket

Hyuk took off his shirt!

Kangin threw water on the ELF

Shindong: “You liking it?”

Kyuhyun headbanging like a rocker!

Kyuhyun threw himself on the stairs, tired, and later came back running to jump again

Kyuhyun and Sungmin left to backstage together

Donghae is dancing shirtless RIGHT IN FRONT of the ELF! OMG

Daydream now, everyone wearing white

Sungmin is almost crying singing Daydream

Sungmin was looking at ELF while singing and sighing to not cry

Eunhyuk said that although the stage is different from SS5 Korea, he’s doing his best

Eunhyuk apologized for not seeing fans at the airport

Kyuhyun and Donghae looked at Siwon and looked down laughing

They keep repeating “Obrigado” [“Thank You”]

Sungmin is almost crying again!

Sungmin sent ELF kisses!

Donghae forgot his turn to sing and soon after the microphone failed

Sungmin waved and made hearts to the fans in wheelchairs

Kangin gave an autograph to a fan in a wheelchair during the song!

Hae kept repeating “Are you liking it?” and Hyuk was imitating him

They are waddling around asking “are you liking it?”

Ryeowook shook the brazilian flag!

Donghae is with a blue Minnie ears

During Sunny they taught the dance with the kiss and thumb!

They said it seems the Brazilian passion never ends!

They are singing Ai Se Eu Te Pego again in acapella!

Eunhyuk is almost crying looking at ELF

Encore started with Sorry Sorry!

Sungmin hit his hand against the microphone and Donghae laughed

Ryeowook was startled by a paper that fell on stage

Kangin threw a teddy bear to the disabled fans in the crowd

Sungmin is talking with ELF with signs and laughing!

Siwon and Donghae hugged

Kyuhyun is wearing a Brazil shirt!

Hyuk talked about Neymar and went back to dancing Michel Teló (Ai Se Eu Te Pego)

They took a photo the Brazilian shirt and flag turned to fans!

Eunhyuk is crying!!!

Eunhyuk: “I think this show will be in our memories and hearts forever”

Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are chitchatting

Kyuhyun is the only one with the Brazilian shirt

Shindong hugged Sungmin cause Sungmin is so moved.

Siwon and Kyuhyun are talking the whole time

Sungmin said IN PORTUGUESE “Give me a kiss~ Thank you”

Shindong said in portuguese “Hungry. Hungry.”

Shindong: “I’ll come back to eat barbecue”

Siwon said in portuguese: “God bless you”

Siwon: “Unfortunately Yesung couldn’t come, but he really wanted to”

Kyuhyun: “Actually I was surprised to see you singing in Korean”

Kyuhyun said he loves “Ai Se Eu Te Pego” and he was the one who asked to sing it in the concert!

Kyuhyun is dancing Ai Se Eu Te Pego alone

Donghae: “We could live like this forever! I’m gonna buy a house in Brazil when I save up money!”

Donghae is playing with a soccer ball on stage

Apparently once Hae gets his house in Brazil he said he’ll invite everyone to dinner

Eunhyuk: “We never imagined we’d be in Brazil one day”

Almost all of them are moved/touched!

Hyuk said he wants to do a concert here at the 2014 World Cup!

Eunhyuk promissed that next time they come, they’ll sing a song in portuguese that they’ll record!

Marry U now

Kyuhyun is with the soccer ball, brazil shirt, two flags on his foot and waist

Kyuhyun is playing with the soccer ball

Credit: rising☆규 ‏@sarangkyu

The members are taking fans’ cameras and taking pics of themselves!

Kyu got a Brazilian Soccer Team shirt with his name, now he’s associating himself with Neymar

Eunhyuk cried a lot!

Show is over!

Credit: kteambrazil

Translated by: Carolina/Purinchun ‏@derpyeon / @jailedyeon


Credit: luhankitty

Translated by: @ELFISHics

Shared at by salimahsj



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  1. Omo thanks so much~! Actually my friends were updating me with this the entire time while i was watching the livestream. SUPERJUNIOR are amazing <3333

  2. I watched the concert through live stream and it was the most amazing concert! I wish I was there 😀 I was so moved as well by Brazlian ELF singing along the whole way!!!! Their dedication is so touching. Super Junior must have been so happy! Thank you!!! I hope our oppas can go back one day but with everyone.

  3. So happy both SuJu & ELFs have a memorable night~

  4. OMG there was a livestream?!?! Are there always livestreams?! Where was it??

  5. I was there, I saw everything *-*

    • glad to heard that,, do you enjoy it,, i hope soo ^^~~~

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