130419 Yesung at Mouse Rabbit [Fan Account]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

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When I was in line, the girl in front of me ordered from Yesung and was very animated and kind of loud. Yesung immediantly wasn’t pleased and had a very impatient look on his face. It took her awhile to communicate what she wanted and it got confusing when yeye tried to confirm her order.. JJ and yemum came over to the register to help while the girl kept repeating herself. I couldnt hear exactly what was being said but both the girl and Yesung looked really frustrated. Finally with help from the ever so sweet and patient Yemum, the girl finally finished ordering and then Yeye tried to tell her somethin… I guess trying to explain something he was so serious.. And then finally she left. I got nervous because it was obvious that he wasn’t in a good mood after that so I approached Yesung slowly and he was mumbling to himself as he glanced at his dad and over to where she left then looked at me with the look of “can you believe that girl??” and even lifted his arms and shrugged his shoulders (i have to make a note here that he pouted too and looked soooo soo cute) Me and sonya just nodded and shook our heads acting like we understood and then Yemum came over and told us that girl’s breath smelled of alcohol and such and then we were like ohhhh and then Yeye was smiling again and I ordered and got his thank you and left for dinner… Lol

After dinner we went back to Mobit and I ordered again to trade in one of my cards for a free drink (I have been saving these up for awhile… Lol) I have a new hobby with drawing designs on these stamp cards and so yeah this card had drawings on the front and back. Usually Yesung would draw a big X on the card but lately he’s been drawing little pictures like: ^^, hearts, clouds, stars, tongues etc… Finally I finished my order and passed him a small gift and yeye gave me back my card and said he couldnt really draw much because of my pretty design… Kkkkk and yea this is what he did: yfrog.com/o0rcnkuj ~~~~♥♥ and yea thats pretty much it^^

Source: Kim ‏@sjissj
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  1. Thanks for sharing ^^

  2. thank you^^
    yeye is so cute><
    someday i wanna go to there~^^

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