130419 Sungdong Cafe with Heechul – Mentioning Leeteuk [Transcript]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

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Fan: Did you meet Teuk oppa yesterday?
Heechul: I didn’t get to meet Teuk oppa yesterday. Teuk oppa… when he came out on a vacation (from army) before, I met with him and talked a lot. I… didn’t come to SungDong… didn’t have any plans to enlist as public service then so I had to write an oath every time I wanted to go overseas. It was an oath like ‘I will not cause trouble overseas. I will report back when I return from overseas.’. I said “Aish, it’s not like I’m going there to commit a crime! I’ll just go (to the army)!”

After that, I searched online when Kim Heechul would appear and it came out as 9/1. I checked that around 8/1. Then, people said ‘let’s push it back’ and the company said the same thing. Member who said “Let’s push it back. Heechul-ah, let’s go together.” was Teuk-ee. Leeteuk-ssi said to me “Let’s go (to army) together. We have our concert and 3 CFs…. Heechul-ah, let’s do this, earn a bit more money, then go. Let’s also go to New York together..” but my personality!! I said “I don’t like going to the district office to take oath and be like ‘yeah~ yeah~ i will do as you say’ as if I have done something wrong.” and Teuk-ssi talked with me a lot, and felt very sad about it.

“Ya.. when you go… Only one on my side is you… Can’t you stay with our dongsaengs with me then go together? Please?” but I am the type who can survive alone on a deserted island. If you leave me on a grass field, I would have eaten the grass to live. If you left me on the road, I would have lived like “Yo, what’s up?” but Teuk-ssi has a very kind heart. He is the friend to take care of everyone around him… so I thought “should I push it back?” not because of money nor concert but because of Leeteuk-ssi alone.

You can say ‘what is this mushy talk when you both are over 29 yrs old men?’ but I wanted to protect Leeteuk-ssi… So in the end, I was going to leave without saying ‘I’m going to go (to the army)’. I wanted to enter to the training office quietly, and have Leeteuk/Eunhyuk-ssi announce it on their radio like ‘Ah~ Hello. Everyone, Heechul went to the training location. He enlisted into the army’ but the company said ‘I think that’s wrong. Really wrong. That’s wrong to the fans and others who have been caring about you.’ so I said ‘okay. Then just don’t bring reporters. I want to enlist quietly.’

When I met and talked with Teuk-ee-ssi last time when he came out for vacation, he told me “Heechul-ah, I didn’t know this in past. When you said ‘I’m just going to go (to the army). Ya, we have to go anyways, let’s just go. I think it’ll be fun. It’ll be nice. I’m public service anyways, so I’ll just go~’.. I thought ‘Why wouldn’t he push it back. Can’t he go after spending more time with us?’ after spending time in the training office, I thought ‘Heechul must have felt troubled.. I should have thought more about Heechul’s side and asked him ‘Heechul-ah, what should we eat? what should we do?’ before he enlisted'”

I am in public service and he is doing a musical about the army. People talk negatively about it but I have always told Teuk-ssi. “That is the duty given to you and the army is using you because they need you.” I am in public service but public service isn’t a bad thing. Higher-up said so, and training office officials said so.. This has left a deep impression in me. While watching normal soldiers train, I said “Wow~ they are really amazing. How do they do those kind of stuff?” but a higher-ranked officer told me “There is no reason for you to feel lesser. You guys are not criminals. You also serve two years. You may feel more comfortable than them in these two years but you spend rest of your lives feeling uncomfortable (about going as public service). You guys have enlisted proudly.” I didn’t realize it before coming. I thought “ah~ why should you bring in reporters when I’m enlisting as a public service? Public service doesn’t need to say anything.” but I realized that it’s not like I committed a crime. I learned many things here at SungDong district office.

Credit: Nksubs@NKSubs
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  1. Thanks for the transcript…love you Heechul.

  2. I cry hard while reading this T______T.They really genuinely care of each other.Thinking for another person more and less about himself.Heechul may look carzy, weird, cold but he really loves sj members.Thank you for the transcript.
    Can’t wait for his comeback.

  3. can somebody post this transcript to allkpop or any kpop news outlet so that people that think negatively about leeteuk musical or heechul doing public service or any celebrity out there doing army entertainment can understand a bit…much appreciate by me…

    thanks for the transcript anyway 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • AGREE!

      • I always get PO’d when people criticize them…Leeteuk was recruited, he didn’t apply to be an entertainment soldier, and Heechul has injuries that prevent him from active duty…some people are so stupid.

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