130407 Eunhyuk tells Siwon to shave his beard!

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Super Junior Eunhyuk showed his brotherly affection towards his dongsaeng Siwon who is celebrating his birthday today.

However, instead of touching greetings, he wrote on his twitter account,

“Just finished the recording ~~~!!! and Ma-Shi, happy birthday. You have gained an age therefore you’ve become a mature adult like hyung. Shave your beard too.”

It seems like Eunhyuk is teasing Siwon by showing his clean face.
Aren’t they really close for teasing each other like this?

Do you think Siwon should shave his beard?

The photo was from Legend of Hyang Dang, a mini drama where Siwon appeared.

Source: Eun Hyuk ‏@AllRiseSilver
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  1. lol if siwon had this beard than he should shae but he actually has a stubble now and he looks super sexy!!

    • I agree hahaha!

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