Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcripts] – From 130405

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Min: “Do you like planting trees?”
Wook: “It’s not my hobby.. but doing it makes you feel.. refreshed? cleansed? in heart.”
Min: “When I see little plants, I get desire to buy them. But I don’t buy them because I know I wouldn’t be able to raise it.”
Wook: “They are expensive. Even little ones.”
Min: “but they are just that pretty. It’s enjoyable to buy”
Wook: “I wanted to buy a bonsai when we went to Jeju island but it was so expensive”
Min: “Those require much attention. It’s hard to raise.”

(*Today is 식목일 in Korea… it’s like.. a day you plant trees/plan)

Wook: “Have you ever made a mistake and got angry at the wrong member before?”
Min: “I don’t really remember.”
Wook: “I have done many times. We members share our foam cleansers and stuff. I bought expensive products and they kept running out fast and I forgot that I’m the one that use it most, got delusional and thought other members were using it too much. I once got to the point i hid it in my closet and use it secretly.”
Min: “I had a similar experience. I didn’t want others to use some of the things so I just bought a separate makeup refrigerator”
Wook: “There are people who open it”
Min: “No way”
Wook: “Donghae-ssi…”
Min: “Good thing I’m not living in his floor”

Ryeowook: “We ate popcorn so many tmes, I got tired of it. I bought a new thing… a sweet-potato drying machine.. I’m going to dry sweet potatoes now. Maybe I will give out some later to those who come to open studio.”

Ryeowook: “I love eating 청국장”
Sungmin: “He’s on our floor… it really smells (when he eats it)…”
Ryeowook: “Super Junior members really love Korean cuisine”
Sungmin: “We really do”

Ryeowook: “My father eats chicken* for side-dish.”
Guest: “Chicken???”
Ryeowook: “I think that’s what caused me to become fat when I was young. kkkk”

Sungmin: “We have the chinese restaurant we always order from.”
Ryeowook: “We say ‘hi GeeShik-ee hyung~~~’ he would reply ‘ohh~~ Super Junior!!’ he has a really soft voice. We would converse a bit before ordering.”
Sungmin: “‘Oh oh~ i’ll bring ttangsooyook this time for you guys to try~ let me know how it taste~'”
Ryeowook: “We used to think he was the owner.. but I think he’s the manager. We’ve been ordering from there since we were trainees.”
Sungmin: “On days we order ttangsooyook, he gives us kkanpponggee too.”
Ryeowook: “We always order from there and there only.”

Ryeowook uploaded a picture of dried sweetpotato made by the guest on his kakaostory and all his friends and staffs asked him “where did you get those??”. Now, Ryeowook has bought the drying machine and members have already been asking him to make some.

Ryeowook: “He (Sungmin) really loves jajangmyeon. His nickname is ‘jajangmyeon ghost'”
Sungmin: “I really do love it.”
Ryeowook: “I think he likes most noodle dishes.”

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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. annyeong every1 in sukira ! ; D

  3. haha.. lee donghaeeee! i wonder why u are so naughty>!!

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