130401 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

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Min DJ says he’ll probably become a 딸바보 (stupid for daughter- spoils his daughter)

Min said 귀한 (gwee han- rare) but Wook heard it differently (kk probably as Kyu) but Min said “i almost said 귀여운 (gweeyuhoon- cute)

Sukira today put Letter Reading Man (usually last segment) as first. DJs were like “we’ll finish early today then. See you tomorrow. Mwa~”kk

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Min Dj said not many people have made jokes to him today & that he’s really gullible

SJ’s manager sent answer to Sukira quiz today as text to DJs but it was wrong xD So sungmin replied the text (from manager) with a “땡!” (Xylophone sound for ‘wrong’)

A dongsaeng Min knew told him “I have a heart disease” and Min believed him. Min said “i’m so innocent kk”. Ryeowook said he told many lies/jokes today xD

DJs said every segment/everyone will change in Spring segment change time.. ><

Fan: “If i was a guy, i’d date (girl version of) Sungmin”
Wook: “I am a guy. And i would say i wouldn’t”
Min: “I wouldn’t date myself too”

Guest suddenly mentioned chicken. Sungmin “Ai i want to eat chicken… Why did you bring this up..”

Min/Wook DJs said they don’t know if they will continue to be DJs when the new segments come in for spring..;; DJs said they aren’t keeping any secrets, they just don’t know what is confirmed yet;;;;;

When Sungmin/Sungjin were little, Sungjin has gotten hand-me-down clothes from Sungmin. Now, Sungjin steals Min’s clothes. Sungmin said Sungjin took all of Min’s clothes, some good tools, and other things when he came to visit SJ dorm xD Then Ryeowook said “are there even things to take from you?” Kkkk

Source: @NKSubs
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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. really sweet & thoughful to translate the scripts, thank you very much!! god best every1 in sukira

  3. hahaha…..are there clothes to take from a fashion terrorist?? Ryeowook is so mean.

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