130325 Super Junior-M at Incheon Airport (to Hunan) [FanAccounts]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together

Compilation: 130325 Super Junior-M in Hunan, China

Lmao omg ryeowook was holding a chocolate milk then he realized he wasnt supposed to bring food beyond the departure door and his face was like ‘omg what should i do with this’ and finally, he handed the milk to a fan XD

Source: @Teukables

Tall fans walking beside HaeHae and he was walking behind Hyukjae and Hyuk was looking all mighty can barely see tiny HaeHae behind him lol

Source: @Honeydewname

crowd today was crazy!! donghae have no choice but to run with yongsun, although davin told the fans not to push but it was crazy when they came out

wook have too much presents(i guess) that he cant even carry in the departure gate

earlier 5 mins before they came out. ming came out from one car to another and drove off. all the fans ran off like mad. and got trolled. it came back. lols

Source: 시지아 ‏@shijialee

Today,Many fans are at the airport. When members arrived, managers said to us “We tried to enter through other gate, but members want to use original gate because fans wait long time.So please maintain order.” But when members get off a car, order is already disappear!

Managers had to shout and hyuk looked so embarrassed…hae finally ran away!!! What a situation! I don’t want members to disappoint….

Source: @DonghaeWaNa
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  1. sooo very kind of them to use original gate so the fans wont disappoint..

    • very kind indeed

  2. I hate it when some fans embarrass the whole fandom by acting like this 😦 😦

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