130325 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcripts]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Ryeowook: Sungmin-ssi, has anyone destroyed your things before?
Sungmin: not mine… but when we talk about things like this, man with the hand of minus…
Ryeowook: Donghae-ssi
Sungmin: he breaks everything he touches
Ryeowook: One time.. he slammed his fist in his bed… I made fun of him, saying ‘hyung, are your hands the hands of minus?’ He broke my computer before so I kept scolding him about it. He got angry from being scolded so much, but couldn’t punch me so instead, he punched his bed and it broke and his fist sunk in the mattress. I thought he was very strong ㅋㅋ but seriously, he broke so manythings
Sungmin: he broke Kyuhyun-ssi’s mouse before too
Ryeowook: His hands.. must be cursed or something

Ryeowook: hyungs watch dongsaengs mood…I am maknae in Super Junior so I didn’t know but…They just suddenly started watching my mood…
Sungmin: Suddenly? Really, Ryeowook-ssi is unpredictable
Ryeowook: kkk I am a bit weird.
Sungmin: If Ryeowook-ssi were to cry in the dorm, all hyungs would come to him, asking “what’s wrong..”
Ryeowook: kkk tears really.. I make fun of hyungs a lot.. after I make them mad, if I (pretend to ) cry, they won’t do anything to me.
Guests: OHHHH
Ryeowook: It’s like there is a different Ryewook in me that comes out when you turn the switch on. I have multiple ‘me’s in me. I turn on the switch and I change ㅋㅋ

Ryeowook says his father often tries to introduce/connect Ryeowook with his friends’ daughters. But Ryeowook doesn’t like it.

Sungmin said he once had a dream where he was DJ-ing ㅋㅋ

Wook: Super junior has grandmother fans too ;D Min-we’ve fans who grew up from elementary to college, grandmother fans, and many boy fans. I hope many younger fans love us.

Ryeowook asked N to choose between him and Ryeowook in ‘ideal type’. N chose Ryeowook because Ryeowook was in good mood today xD

Story submitted talked about a guy who was handsome, tall and rich. Ryeowook suddenly said “Choi Siwon! Suddenly reminded me of him.”

Source: @NKSubs
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  1. that is how magnae in super junior become a spoiled magnae. cause a problem..and do aegyo ( for kyu ) and pretend to cry ( wookie ), so, the hyungs will never got mad at them.

  2. Lol sometimes i pity the hyungs ! With Kyu and Wookie as magnaes, they are screwed 🙂

  3. little child (not that mature adults) usually do the same 2, what+whenever they did something wrongs would pretend crying…… ;; ) u all good looking 2 + of course my bias kh ssi tall & handsome 2 ; p

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