130325 Ryeowook Twitter Update: Before going to China, I will do a storm of tweets~!!!

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together

Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

Before going to China, I will do a storm of tweets~!!! kkk ate out (after SS5)~~^^!!! with members ~~~ pic.twitter.com/6D2l8zpRKr


Yesung, Zhoumi, Kyuhyun, Henry~^^!!!! pic.twitter.com/5yxDDdReJA


It’s F(x)~~!!!^^ with Victoria kyakya pic.twitter.com/3jMowiGP1Z


with F(x) Luna~~^^ Thanks to your prayers, we finished well. Thank you ~~ pic.twitter.com/3ZaUNqK1MM


snap with B1A4 too ~~^^ Thank you~~ Sandeul, let’s eat ^^ pic.twitter.com/MhTMFZDO5w


my dongsaeng Kyungsoo~~ and a snap with D.O. ^^!! Thank you~~ You boy, stop becoming cooler. kkk Everyone from EXO, thanks~ ^^!!! pic.twitter.com/vbKPXiVQGE


Our Ailee praised by saying “How am i supposed to live without you” was the best ! Thanks~~^^!!! Let’s do Immortal Song again together kk pic.twitter.com/DJzqwTuRFR


Sukira family ~!!!^^ thank you ~~~♥ Park Jung Yu PD-nim, Big Flower Noona, Ho Script writer noona, and Ahyoo script writer pic.twitter.com/KA6NvsQXja


SS5 Congratulating cake is mine ~^^ This time, when we ate out, we all yelled “Super Junior to the world”~!!^^ It’s the words we shouted when we ate out for first time after Super Show1… Dream is becoming real~^^ i will return well after doing the tour~♥ pic.twitter.com/Gp5ATAlYPE


no more after this~~ kk revealing everything including this last picture~~ kkkk pic.twitter.com/hI4CndfnEx


it’s Sukira~!!!!!^^ Ate a lot of meat with Sungmin-ee hyung kk pic.twitter.com/zihMqbqjbj


Noona i miss youㅠㅠ @moi_jj: yesterday, i uploaded a picture of me wearing a hijab and i received a storm of mentions from friends in Islamic regions. This is all thanks to(?) Super Junior’s Ryeowook. I feel now that Ryeowook is popular globally. Ryeowook, are you watching this?

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  1. So nice!

  2. So cute! Ryeowook really loves to take pictures! No Ming? Kangin? Siwon?

  3. Do more storm tweets!! ^^ Wookie’s the cutest ❤

  4. he really gave aus a storm of tweets! DAEBAK! xD

  5. My baby always has a thought for ELF ^^

  6. who is that noona moi_jj that wookie missed???

  7. Suju and B1A4!!!

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