130325 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: Our beloved ELF who have been together with us for two days

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

Our beloved ELF who have been together with us for two days, thank you so so much!!!!! Because this concert had more headbangings than usual, my neck still hurts and my entire body aches… but in my heart, I want to perform again today too.. You know I really really love you guys right? See you again!!! http://twitpic.com/ce7nbm

eunhyuk twitter

Now!! Should I talk about the concert? kk. This time, we gave much care even in the songs list~ We wanted to do songs that we haven’t shown or haven’t had you hear yet! And as you know, the song Donghae, Siwon, Henry, and I performed was composed by Henry and lyrics composed by me, is called “so cold”!! We will later let you listen to it with official digital gversion!! We all had our own concepts in the dance performance but I think we were not good in showing those concepts, so I feel a bit disappointed.ㅜㅜ Shindong Hyung was a zombie, I was a werewolf, Donghae was a vampire… kk ah!! And members said some parts wrong~ the VCR stories are not suppose to connect, only the concept of ‘spies’ was present in all of them~ There are many people disappointed about me not having a solo stage~ but reaching Super Show 5, we wanted to show a new stage with perfection so we tried performing with Yesung hyung, because this would be his last performance (before going to army), Kangin hyung who returned, and a unique colored ‘unit’~. It should change in Super Show 6 ~? Please anticipate a lot kk do you have any more questions to ask?

ah! and the tour around South America will be our first performances (in those countries) and the conditions to make the stages is different so the set list will change greatly!! Park Jung Hoon producer, who is taking care of production this time! and Shim Jae Won hyung-ah who couldn’t sleep because you were making choreographies for us!! and manager hyungs, dancers, hair/makeup/stylists, and all other staffs, you all worked hard!! Let’s do the world tour this time very cooly!!

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  1. How is it possible, that no one, NO ONE, realised that they’ve got the spelling wrong? I feel so sorry for him… I can’t even delude myself into thinking that it was on purpose.

    • i have to read it backward coz i cant read the first word.. after i read “friend”, i realize it supposed to be “everlastingfriend”..
      maybe the tattoo artist realized it after he finished drawing it n didnt bother to fix it lol
      it reminds me of donghae’s “EFL”

  2. The tattoo is amazing, but OMG the typos: “Eeverlastting friend” T^T

  3. This is so cute, and touching, and HOT at the same time! How can you not love them? I hate to think that they feel disappointed in some way TT Please, don’t! The only thing I want to do is shout back: I LOVE YOU, TOO! haha

    P.S. I’ll look over the typo lol The thought is very appreciated ❤

  4. Why are they disappointed? They should be happy to be able to watch SJ perform well. Other ELFS in other countries are not so fortunate! Just come to our country then, I’m sure you’ll be better appreciated! They should rest though as their schedules are scary compact, hope they will all do well..

  5. Sj fighting!!! Hyukjae fighting!!!
    Whatever performance u give to us, we dont care! it just a miracle if you all can come to our country!! please take care of your health and be strong!!!
    Elf chingus dont be upset!! This concert made by our oppas sweat n tears… Just continue to support them and be everlasting friends forever

  6. SS5 is perfect for me, for be so different!!
    SJ SS5 Daebak!!!

  7. omg dear…..hyukjae T_T what a sweet man ❤ ❤ SS5 jjang!

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