130325 Super Junior Opens Up ′Super Show 5′ with Grandeur and Laughter

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Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

Super Junior shone with confidence in the first concerts of its Super Show 5 world tour. With its performances, it proved the tour, one of the largest in scale in K-Pop history, was practically guaranteed a success with the support the group has been garnering inside and outside Korea.

On March 24 Super Junior performed for three hours in its Super Junior World Tour Concert Super Show 5 in Seoul. The concert showed just how much the group and its members had matured in their eight-year career with their staggering performances and wit. From start to finish the members filled every corner of the venue, and fans eagerly followed their every move.

The gymnasium in which the concert was held was full of the blue lights that represent Super Junior. Waves of blue lightsticks swayed with the music, and didn′t go out until the concert came to an end. Fans sang along to powerful dance hits, while during ballads they lit their lightsticks for a romantic mood.

The concert started off with performances of Mr. Simple, Bonamana and Super Girl. The members then spoke up before their fans, showing their determination for the new tour.

They then went on to sing such hits as It′s You, Sexy, Free & Single and Boom Boom. Fans went with the mood, dancing and shouting to the music.

The group then split up into units. Eunhyuk, Siwon, Donghae and Super Junior-M′s Henry performed a song titled Cold for the first time ever. Cold is a dance single composed by Henry′s composer team Noizebank.

Super Junior′s ballad unit K.R.Y, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, also sang a new single titled Jung.

Kyuhyun, Zhoumi, Sungmin and Ryeowook sang Michael Bolton′s How Am I Supposed to Live Without You in perfect harmony. Yesung set his own sad mood with Gray Paper, an OST piece from the drama That Winter, the Wind Blows.

What shone the most this day outside of Super Junior′s performances, however, was its informity and wit. The members not only flaunted their charms, but also managed to give a few laughs through their performances.

The highlight of the concert was underlined with a girl group song medley. Ryeowook, Sungmin, Siwon and Kangin transformed into beautiful women for their next performances.

Siwon appeared onstage in a blue minidress and high heels, singing Son Dambi′s Saturday Night and flashing his thighs in seductive poses. Ryeowook dressed as S.E.S.′s Bada to sing I′m Your Girl, while Kangin took on Gain′s Bloom and Sungmin did Hyuna′s Ice Cream with a real ice cream in his hand.

The four men then got together to become SISTAR and sing and dance to Alone.

Kangin definitely quenched his thirst for the stage this day in his first concert in four years. For his solo performance, he sang to Kim Gwang Suk′s Around 30, adding meaning to his own age.

The show went on with performances of Break Down, A-Oh, Go, Shake It Up, Rock Star, Daydream, Bittersweet, Someday, Memories, Dreaming Hero, Sunny, Wonder Boy and Marry U. A total of 28 songs were performed, and shaped the stage into Super Junior′s own with their bright colors.

Even the short transitions between songs were full of videos and special effects to see. A large LED screen stretching across 17 meters, two live screens, lifts and moving cars added to the splendor. The 3D mapping technology that used 12 projectors to put on a show provided for a jaw-dropping experience.

The concert was the culmination of Super Junior′s maturity and represented the road the Super Show had traveled all this time.

Super Show 5 will next tour through the world. The group will perform in South America for the first time ever, and is aiming to gather an audience of a million attendees.

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Source: mwave.interest.me
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  1. They never mention Harlem sake of eunshinhae performen. LOL

  2. SS5 Daebak!!!

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