130324 Super Show 5 Seoul, Korea D-2 Press Conference [Transcript]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

Eunhyuk said that while he preparing for SS5, he thinks back abt SS1 those he can work harder this time.

Hyuk: In SS5 there so many parts that resemble SS1. During that time we mastering the know-how on stage. So pls anticipate.

SJ: We will show you performance that will not ashame our sunbae and hoobae

Hyuk: We are deeply moved that we can bring the brand ‘Super Show’ until now. I hope many people will support us more. I hope in the future they can support us warmer.

Shindong: Super Show 5 concept is ‘Dream Note’ we put all of our dreams into one. This SS5 another member also participate in all of parts

Hyuk: Now we mastering the know-how. What kind of perf the fans want, we know it. *omo the stripping show too?* lol

Because the SJ members know what kind of perfs the fans want to see, the company only listen to them and trust them.

Super Show 5 use 3000inch large screen and Full Mapping project, they introducing the new technology by this concert.

Kyu: I cant believe it with my own eyes. This stage is all like a movie embodies. Since rehearsal I fell so great. I think I can perform cooler for the fans

They said that Next year Super Show 6 what should we do? We already worry for now.

Ye: We do Super Show5 after a long time. Personally there are no difficult parts here because the members are working out hard.

Kangin said thanks to the members coz he can perform in Super Show again after four years

Kangin: It’s been 4 years. Coz I didnt do SS for a long time ofc there is so much lacking part. When I’m alone the members guide me to do the impossible part. Pls anticipate it~

Ryeowook wants to show this concert to the other singers. Especially this SS5 and will work hard to not embarass their hoobae

SJ said they want to break the record of one million audiences kkkk gogo go!

they also want to break the 100episode of stage record… means 100 tours for SS5 kkkk Yey~!

in the past they so greedy abt solo performances, but now they think abt the team first. *thats why there only 2 solos ytd ><*

SS5 uses 12 projectors, new technology 3D mapping screen (size 55m), 14m large backgound screen

Kyu: As we starting SS5, the members are a lot older now. As a magnae, I’m starting to feel my energy is weaker too. But the members nowadays work out a lot so it’s OK

“Through this concert we want to show the public to think that ‘oh, super junior is not die yet!'” – Kyuhyun

SJ keep promoting that this concert is a looot very very different than other idol concerts. So you must it guys!

Credit: Waiting ♥ 83line ‏@Sujuquotes
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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. They’re only beginning SS5 and already worrying for SS6… SJ are amazing!!!!

  3. yuhuu! i am anticipating ss6 with leader and heenim! and ss5 please come to malaysia

  4. me too SJ anticipating SS6 with teuki and heenim ^^ ,, my bias and sis as well .. SJ<3 ELF fighting

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