130323 Super Show 5 Seoul, Korea D-1 – Song List! #SS5SeoulDay1

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

Into VCR
Mr. Simple (Opening)
Super Girl (Korean ver.) (with Henry & Zhou Mi)
It’s You (Neorago)
Sexy, Free & Single 
Boom Boom
Club No 1
Siwon, Henry, Donghae & Eunhyuk (New Song)
Kangin’s Solo
Zhoumi, Sungmin, Ryeowook , Kyuhyun (English song)
Yesung – Gray Paper
Shindong’s Solo
Shindong, Eunhyuk, Donghae’s Dance Stage
Kangin (Gain) – Bloom
Sungmin (HyunA) – Ice Cream
Siwon (Son Dambi) – Saturday Night
Ryeowook (Bada) – Loving U
Siwon, Ryeowook, Kangin, Sungmin – Alone
VCR – Zhou Mi, Henry, Sungmin & Ryeowook
Super Junior-M – Break Down (Korean. ver)
Super Junior-M – A-Oh (Korean ver.)
Super Junior-M – Go (Korean ver.)
Shake It Up
KRY (New Song)
Bittersweet , Someday & Memories (Ballad Medley)
VCR Superheroes

Sungmin (Karate Kid) Kyuhyun (Loki) Eunhyuk (Wolverine) Donghae (Iron Man) Henry (Goku) Shindong (Hulk) Thor (Kangin) Zhoumi (Woody) Yesung (Captain Hook) Ryeowook (Spiderman) Siwon (Captain America)

Dreaming Hero
VCR – Dance tutorial with Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ryeowook & Shindong
Sunny (with Henry & Zhou Mi)
Wonder Boy (with Henry & Zhou Mi)
VCR SS1 Marry U
Marry U
Ending MENT


Sorry Sorry (Encore)
Show Me Your Love (with Henry & Zhou Mi)
Sapphire Blue
Ending MENT (with Henry & Zhou Mi)
So I
Behind the scenes VCR

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  1. is it no solo for kyuhyun?

    • were really looking forward to Kyuhyun’s solo…..

      • I guess he really has no time to prepare for a new solo and it seems this SS focus on collaborated performance. this is the first SS so there will be many changes later on. You can expect that at SS in Japan /china/encore. Hope so.

  2. english song sang by miwookminkyu.
    KRY song is 중 (Jung)

  3. is this all?
    no eunhae new song? i thought peter one way mentioned ’bout new song for eunhae.. or it turn to eunsihaery ??
    omg!! they make dance stage.. the last time they did it si in 2010 with kyu..
    n they sang rockstar.. i love that song..
    i thought there would be performance dadicated to teuk like ss3 to kangin, ss4 to heechul

    • may be that song is for eunhae’s comeback….

    • i was wondering that too. where is EunHae’s new song that peter was talking about? He said it’ll be on SS5 but its not..I think they change it, but not sure

  4. They are walking down the memory lane themselves with all those old songs.
    Marry U!!!
    Tumblr is crazy right now saying how SS5 has turned into a sobbing club.
    Hee~ but everybody seems to be very happy.
    Especially Zhoumi and Henry. 🙂

  5. No SPY ????? :O

  6. ‘Thor (Kangin)’ ahahahahah I died.

  7. Kangin (Gain) – Bloom
    Sungmin (HyunA) – Ice Cream
    Siwon (Son Dambi) – Saturday Night

    lol just thinking bout this is funny
    i want fan cams now @_@

  8. YAY~~~~~ Henry and Zhoumi are finally included more (usually only 2-3 songs for them – SJM songs). I am so happy they finally being accepted as part of Suju.

  9. because of the concept came from SJ so we can see more henmi! there’s also not the same song as last 4 Super show like AMIL, Dont don, U, Twins and so on.. I think if SM prepare the song list, it will be the same song as always..

  10. Do you guys know? The VCRs, costumes/outfits etc for SS5 are mostly directed and designed by SJ members themselves.
    Now, with such talented people, all they need is to get out of SM and create their own SJ entertainment. This way, there will be much better prospects IMO.
    SM is kinda ruining SJ, if you guys know what I mean…

    • actually that’s Siwon’s dream, to do something like Shinhwa did… XD

  11. no Superman??..most epic song by Super junior??

  12. Okayy so after reading all the ss5 tumblr, i’m quite disappointing in some ELF, not all. How could they said “they hate it like that,” this SS5 was different from other SS because SJ actually PLAN it themselves, not sleeping because of us yet some ELF got the nerve to say they hate it. Be freaking thankful that they get to go, i’m an international ELF and you dont know how suck that is, cant do anything about it either =/ In an opinion of a long time ELF, i absolutely love this SS5. Why? Because SJ plan it, Zhoumi and Henry are actually in it, not as guest, and they sing all of ELFs favorite song too. You cant please ppl all the time i guess, they always got to complain at everything. Sorry for the rant guys.

  13. Until last week to many people were afraid about SS5 would be like SS4 2.0 and now that SS5 it looks so different are complaining for not being as past SS… who understand this people?

    I really loved this Super Show for being so different, and of course i miss some songs but it would be impossible for Suju include ALL their songs in just one concert…
    Anyway i hope for SS5 in Mexico!!!

  14. Guys what does “ment” mean lol??

    • i actually don’t know what it stands for exactly…
      ‘ment’ is when they’re just talking to elfs, first ment would be when they’re introduce themselves…. the rest is just taking a break and talking to the fans… stuff like “did u like it?” etc…

  15. “it’s You” aaaa… my favorite song ^^

  16. this is good…it’s like a new thing as they r not performing the same song from the past 4 ss…zhoumi and henry is everywhere not just in 2/3 song and during ending…..

  17. Club No 1 live ❤ ❤ there's also rockstar but where's butterfly :/

  18. I was super happy with this show even though I could only watch what I could from fancams but I really thank all ELF for taking those!! It sucks being an international ELF sometimes… But I’m so happy with the songs. Wish they would do Carnival because I really love how fun that song is!

  19. I’m a little disapointed, I don’t like the fact that there’s no Don’t Don, Twins, Man in Love, Superman and SPY ! hope they’ll add them 🙂

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