130323 Super Show 5 Seoul, Korea D-1 [Fan Account]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130323/24 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea

henry zhou mi was in many songs. yesung was injured during a stage and was out for most stages. he apologized many times

yesung was very teary before leaving at the end. he apologized again. ryeowook did aegyo dance for him to cheer him up

when yeye came back on stage first time after disappearing (due to injury), ryeowook went and hugged him

yesung said Super Show 5 is probably his last super show before going to army

at the end of marry u, kyuhyun mouthed “i do~” ^^


when members were taking turn at end to say whatever they wanted, Yesung said “i feel embarrassed (in informal slang”

few members didnt see how yesung got injured so kyuhyun explained “he got really excited, and tried to jump on the stage. but he slipped”

yesung said “i got really overexcited since it was a concert after a long time. so i jumped onto the stage, and i felt my feet slip.

yesung left the venue alone. going to hospital possibly?

Shindong said members had trouble while preparing for SS5 & making ideas. so he feels very happy that it was successful


donghae came to standing D, then came closer, tried to hear what one fan was saying ♥♥. then he left smiling xD

members made Sungmin do kiyomi butt version. 1+1= butt 2+2= butt xD

sungmin said “how did i end up being butt min…”

Donghae Eunhyuk and Yesung are the ones that come most to Standing D ^^

marry u and vcr played. Elf sang along to it. Eunhyuk “it feels like yesterday when u guys sang it to us during SS1.. and it’s already SS5.”


when members had sungmin do kiyomi butt ver, they kept counting up from 6+6, 7+7, etc. they counted faster and faster xD

ryeowook at the end “ahh i don’t want to leave.”

kry sang a song “중 (-ing)” this was a song that was suppose to be in KRY’s album few years ago but the album plan was canceled

kangin “then shouldnt the song have ‘ing’ (english) instead of ‘joong’ (korean)?” kyuhyun “-sings the lyrics again +”ing”at the end”

eunhyuk “are you all coming tomorrow too?” elf “yes!!!” eunhyuk “i knew it >:D”


oh yesung said his hand was injured too but he said he doesnt know how he injured his hand while falling ._. …;;

hyuk said after ss4,he felt really tired &thought’this isn’t good’ so few weeks before ss5, he started doing exercises to increase strength

but he said it’s still hard doing a full concert. siwon made fun of him saying “Eunhyuk-ssi i’ve never seen you tired!”

Eunhyuk “it’s because i didnt eat.” ELF ” Awwwww” Eunhyuk “to show off my abs, i didnt eat kkkk.”

fan had a fanart of Leeteuk/heechul and Kangin took it from her and held it up. members put a mic to it and was like “speak!!”


when it was Donghae’s turn to talk, he talked in lots of fragments so members made fun of him.

Donghae said “Leeteuk hyung always wrapped up my ments well but since he’s not here, it’s very hard now…”

hyuk said to please continue to support them as they do world tour. he said they will b able to visit many new countries this time

zhou mi took @/SunshineZhouMi ‘s slogan 😀

SJ wanted to sing many ballad songs. they did melody of few songs. kyuhyun forgot his line in first song (bittersweet i think?)


hyuk said good thing about coming to day 1 is that every songs are fresh and you get to hear it first

but the bad side is that members rnt used to performing those yet and make mistakes. Hyuk said members will gradually get better 🙂

Members kept saying Kangin was tense xD kangin “i’m not tense but these members keep telling me i am!!”

Donghae then said “Kangin hyung, it’s okay to be tense” Sungmin said “since kangin hyung is tense… let’s make him dance!!”

but members all scolded Min saying “this isn’t sukira!” xDD


Kangin asked if ELF ate. ELF replied no and all SJ said was “awwww” xD

when Henry was talking, members told Henry to talk in Eng since many foreign fans were there.Henry “but i havent practiced (eng) in a while” members said Henry forgot most of his english already

Zhou mi talked a bit in Chinese and he told Kyuhyun to translate into korean. kyuhyun “i was trying to not to pay attention xD”

kyu was only able to trans few parts of it and Yesung made fun of him “He only understood up to what i understood.”

donghae was iron man, hyuk was wolverine, siwon was captain america, Henry was super saiyan xD


Bada came to help Ryeowook today during his crossdress stage xD. wook said a different guest might be there tomorrow :D!

lee soo man was there xD he was swinging the glowstick near the end xDD

SJ said many celebrities and friends/family came to concert today. Hyuk “those who r celebrity or friend/family only, please scream!”

someone in standing B screamed and SJ was like “are you a celebrity? oh! you are! why did they put you in standing xD??”

shirtless donghae and eunhyuk was hot ♥♥ xDD


kyuhyun “during SS1, i was early 20’s and teuk hyung was 26. hyungs kept saying at that time, ‘im tired’. i couldnt understand why they were tired then. but now, im in the age they were, and i get very exhausted. i respect my hyungs for performing so well.”

henry kept shooting energy balls (kamehameha) to audience xD

at the end, Yesung moved to Eunhyuk’s side and whispered something while holding his side… T.T hope u get well soon

ryeowook said “it’s ss5 now.. and you guys will promise to come to ss6.. ss7.. and so on right?”

kangin brought waterbottles to members. ♥


kangin was sitting in front when they were doing ments so hyuk said “ajusshi u can’t do this here” xD

Donghae mouthed “i love you” during one of the stages xD ♥♥

kyuhyun kept doing the stabbing (?) motion with his… staff..(?) xD

boys said they tried to use all of the stage this time (they really did go all over xD)

Credit: ◆NKsubs ‏@NKSubs
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by salimahsj


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  1. can you tell me more about the accident with yesung ? he fall from the stage or what ?? o: and what did he injured ?

  2. I cant wait SS5 in my country!! ><

  3. Aww poor yesung, got too excited! Be careful, oppa!
    Thanks for the account, so exciting to hear!

  4. aw get well soon yesung oppa 😦

  5. He jumped on to the raising platform during Rockstar and his feet slipped..luckily it didnt look terrible but he was having a hard tym after dt…and he was so excited during the rest of da song 😦

  6. Poor Yesung. Feel better!!! We are all here for you ❤

    Lol Lee Soo Man xD

  7. Get better soon Yesung <3. Wish i was there to see EunHae with no shirt. 😦

  8. Oh man i really really really want TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

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