Compilation: 슈퍼주니어 ”World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5”

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This compilation includes EVERYTHING (that we’ve posted) & more…

Cities Planned by SM Entertainment for the Tour:


………………………. ”ASIA”……………………….


City: Seoul
Location: Olympic Gymnastic Arena
Dates: March 23rd at 7PM & 24th at 4PM
Fanclub: February 25th
General ticket: February 27th

Buy Tickets:

Compilation: 130323 슈퍼주니어 “World Tour, SUPER SHOW 5” Seoul, Korea #SS5Seoul


City: Tokyo
Location: Tokyo Dome
Dates: 27th & 28th July

City: Osaka
Location: Osaka Dome

City: Fukuoka
Location: Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome

City: Nagoya
Location: Nagoya Dome


City: Beijing
Location: MasterCardCenter

City: Shanghai
Location: Mercedes-Benz Arena


City: Taipei
Location: Taipei Arena


City: Singapore
Location: Singapore Indoor Stadium


City: Jakarta
Location: Mata Elang International Stadium


City: Bangkok
Location: Impact Arena

………………………. EUROPE ……………………….


City: Paris
Location: Palais Omnisports Bercy


City: London
Location: Wembley Arena

………………………. SOUTH AMERICA ……………………….


City: São Paulo
Location: Moved to the Credicard Hall
Dates: April 21 at 8PM
Buy Tickets:


City: Buenos Aires
Location: StadiumLunaPark
Dates: April 23rd at 8PM
Buy Tickets:


City: Santiago
Location: Movistar Arena
Dates: April 25 at 8PM
Buy Tickets:


City: Lima
Location: Jockey Club del Perú
Dates: April 27 at 8PM
Buy Tickets:

HONG KONG  ”Contract terms and conditions with the sponsor company is undefined”

City: Hong Kong
Location: AsiaWorld-Arena


City: Kuala Lumpur
Location: Stadium Merdeka
Dates: October 5th at 6PM


City: Manila
Location: Mall of Asia Arena


City: Hanoi
Location: Hàng Đẫy Stadium (San Hanoi Stadium)


City: Los Angeles
Location: StaplesCenter

City: New York
Location: MadisonSquareGarden

MEXICO ”Contract terms and conditions with the sponsor company is undefined”

City: Mexico City
Location: Mexico City Arena


City: Sydney
Location: Allphones Arena

^^ Thanks Super Junior – Super Show 5 Tour


Compilation: 130318-21 at the SM Building for SUPER SHOW 5

Compilation: 130321 Super Junior’s Special Naver Line Chat Event

Social Network Updates, Twitter, FaceBook, Weibo
(in chronological order)

SMTown Global Twitter Update: Finally – From 130215

130310 Siwon Twitter Update: Thank you jakarta!

130310 Super Junior Weibo Update: we will announce something for our china fans soon.

130311 Super Junior Facebook Update: We ask for your support!

130311 SMTown Twitter Update: #SUPERSHOW5 will be held in 4 South American countries

130311 Super Junior go into their moment of zen in the practice room

130311 Siwon Twitter Update: I used to have these sort of time often in the past

130312 Zhoumi’s Weibo Update: We are preparing very hard for SS5

130213 Siwon Twitter Update: Hello beautiful hongkong. Im here!

120315 Kangin Twitter Update: I am in the midst of filming a VCR

130316 Eunhyuk Twitter Update: There is one week left?????

130317 Siwon Twitter and Weibo Update: we are ready for SS5 now.

130317 Famous_Jae Twitter Update: SuperShow 5.

130318 Famous_Jae Twitter Update: SuperShow5

130318 Donghae Twitter Update: SS5 Coming soon…D-day6

130319 Shindong Twitter Update: Hmm… What are you anticipating for the most??

130319 Donghae Twitter Update: D-day5 Super Show 5~~

130319 Ryeowook Twitter Update: hang in there for a little

130320 [Twitter Roundup] Super Junior’s Shindong Teases SS5

130320 Siwon Twitter Update: D-3

130320 2AM’s Jokwon Twitter Reply to Siwon

130320 Zhoumi Weibo Update: Missing him already.

130321 Ryeowook Twitter Update: D-2 SS5

130321 Henry Weibo Update: Super show 5 will be starting in Korea the day after!

130321 Ryeowook Twitter Update: D-2 SS5

130321 Zhoumi Weibo Update: Finished signing all the way until midnight 3AM

130322 Donghae Twitter Update: Super Show 5 D-day 1 Left with a D A Y^^

130322 Eunhyuk Kakao Status Update: SS5~~~~~^.^

News Articles (Including other information)

Super Junior Announces Concert in Peru – From 130201

130213 Super Junior World Tour “SUPER SHOW 5″ Seoul (Korea) – Information

130214 SUPER SHOW 5 Announcement by S.M.C& C★★

130213 Super Junior World Tour “Super Show 5′ First Stop Confirmed

130214 Official Super Show 5 Info Update on Super Junior Website

130214 Super Junior Official Website Update – Super Show 5 in Seoul Official Announcement

130214 Super Junior to kick off their 5th world tour ‘Super Show 5′ in March

130215 SMTOWN and Super Junior Facebook Update: Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 5′

130215 Super Junior to kick off ‘Super Show 5’ in March

130308 Super Junior to hold live chat event with overseas fans

130311 Super Junior thanks fans for successful Indonesia performance

130310 Super Junior reveals SS5 poster and confirmed countries

130311 South American ELFs break open those piggy banks, Super Junior’s ‘Super Show 5′ is heading your way

130311 Super Junior Pumps Up Fans for ‘Super Show 5’ in Seoul with Teaser

130311 Ryeowook Nervously Wraps a Snake Around His Neck

[RUMOUR] 130311 Super Junior Announces “Super Show 5 in Seoul” and New South American Locations

130312 Super Junior releases ‘Super Show 5 in Seoul’ spot video

Super Junior announces tour passing by Brazil – From 130312

130318 Super Junior’s Siwon says “We are ready”!

130320 Super Junior sold out 50% of tickets for their Show in Lima.

130321 Has Super Junior Ryeowook’s Twitter Been Hacked?

130321 Super Junior members count down to ‘Super Show 5′

130321 [Twitter Roundup] Super Junior Counts Down to Concert

Indirectly related articles

130302 Super Junior KRY Feels Leeteuk′s Empty Spot

130312 Super Junior Hits Up Jakarta

130214 Super Junior’s Kangin spotted in Vietnam

130214 Super Junior’s Donghae reveals his cute charms

Super Junior’s Kang In exercises hard at a gym – From 130219

130319 Sukira (KTR) with Sungmin and Ryeowook [Transcript]

130321 Super Junior Ryeowook’s Twitter gets hacked?

130323 Mexico is waiting for Super Show 5

Google + Hangout

130310 Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_YouTube APOP ‘STAR WEEK’ Google+ SUPER HANGOUT EVENT [Full]

 130310 CONFIRMED SUPER SHOW 5 Stops: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru & Indonesia!!

130312 OFFICIAL, Super Junior Google+ ‘SUPER HANGOUT’ [14P]

130316 Super Show 5 World Tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Super Junior Greetings

Super Show 5 World Tour in Buenos Aires, Argentina – Super Junior Greetings [ENG SUB] – From 130316

130316 Super Show 5 World Tour in Lima, Peru – Super Junior Greetings

130318 Peruvian ELF with SUPER SHOW 5 Tickets [2P]

130318 Super Show 5 World Tour in Santiago de Chile, Chile – Super Junior Greetings

130318 Super Show 5 World Tour in Santiago de Chile, Chile- Super Junior Greetings English Translation

Super Show 5 Peru Seating Plan & Ticket Prices [2P] – From 130318

130320 OFFICIAL, Super Junior APOP ‘Star Week’ Google+ Super Hangout Event [FULL]


[RUMOUR] SS5 Seoul Song List [1P]

130307 OFFICIAL, Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 Poster [1P]

130310 Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 Promotional Poster [1P]


130317 Super Show 5 Promo Poster at Olympic Park Seoul [1P]

130321 Official Goods, World Tour “SUPER SHOW5” [1P]



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    • NYC….Please, please, please!

      • I know how you feel, I’m begging and praying they come to NYC

    • YESSS!!! Come to LA ;—;;

      • Even though i live in Las Vegas it’s right next to LA so i agree if they can’t come to Las Vegas then LA is good with me…… 🙂

        • Yup..lets pray they’ll come

          • Praying 🙂

    • Chicago~ (even though there’s like a 0.000001% chance that’d happen) Or if it’s LA, let it be in August. >_< Oh, jebal…

      • please please please please come to chicago

    • Now i am so so so happy to see the background of my darlings love u

  2. SS5 in Mexico please!!!

  3. i’m waiting for SS5 in Malaysia, please~

  4. Wow. I’m sure this took SO long!! Thank you so much admin =D!

  5. Thank you for the handwork. Hope to see some of you at the concerts. ELF United 🙂

  6. oooooooooo super junior fighting i wish to you a happy show

    saranghae suju oppa

  7. #MyanmarNeedsSS5

  8. please come to malaysia ~~~~~

  9. stadium Merdeka, Malaysia. is it true?

  10. Why not Germany?? 😦 my parents wont allow to france or england ….

  11. New York City!!! or Boston!!! They have never gone to Boston before!!! Only if! 😦



  14. Thank you for the List… Hope they will come to US

  15. My sister is madly in love with Super Junior.. Going to follow you so I can keep up to date with things… Or at least try 🙂



  17. CANADA? 😦 😦

  18. Oh, any by the way, thank you for your hard work in compiling all this. >u< SS5 is daebak!!

  19. ELFs, panic ‘ÇÇ
    credicardhall (the place where the show will be hold in brazil) banned entering with lightstick!
    will it be a black ocean? ottoke?

    • since there is no way to delete, let me just att
      in january there was a fire in south of brazil (you can search “santa maria tragedy” to know more), so all show houses are know avoiding whatever could make a similar situation, and lightstick are flammable
      but we remember that neon bracelets arent, so its for know our only solution to dont be a black ocean.
      If you have a link that sell blue sets of neon light please send to brazilians elf, we will need a lot of them

  20. Ss5 in Malaysia

    • did u know when they will sell it?
      ss5 in msia tix..

  21. sorry but i confused that Vietnam has been confirmed ??? Can you explain it help me ??? Thank ^^

  22. When is the uk leg??? Gosh!!! Finally dream come true uk elfs!!

  23. is the site got haked or what cause actually i don’t understand what is this about kana nishino wiiiiierd

    • lol

      look at the calendar

  24. who is “kana?”

  25. me too i don’t understand anything…and i found that really annoying

    • i got it late xD

  26. LOL Look at your calendar people XD

  27. april mop? LOL

  28. is this their april fool’s day joke, it’s not even april yet here

    • It is in asian countries

  29. Lol Sid =D I always love your April Fool’s day jokes hehe =D

  30. hahahahahahha I was like “did I open the wrong website ?!! then I was like oooooooh right must be April Fool … 🙂 “

  31. I think sid is doing April Fool ….when i first visited i got doubt is the same site i use to see or i came to wrong site and then realized by seeing the date.

  32. i was wondering wtf, yaaah, is not april first here yet!!!

  33. ‘kay, fine! i’ve got the shock of my life~! haha, seriously, i wanna cry at first, thinking dat my fav sj website posting nonsense things about a random female singer,,, haha.. thanks for the shock~ i’m fooled~

  34. this was an awesome april fool’s trick! i was really shocked when i saw the title at my tab then is saw the bg i was like -_- haha to the managers/unnies of this site, thank you!! 🙂

  35. I was kinda shocked too. Your April Fool’s day prank worked on me. Anyways, she is cute, although I have no idea who she is.

  36. Lol!!!
    Scared me to death…hahah..
    U got me there admin..really u did it..hahahaah

  37. I thought this page hacked or something but soon i realise that today is 1st April and that means it’s an April Fools
    I’m totally shock because of this prank and i really shock because i open this page at 3 a.m when i’m still half asleap

  38. I was laughing so hard at this prank~ Kana-chan is my favorite Japanese singer XD

  39. Lol.sid…you cant fool me this time. I already learned my mistake from last year XD

    • Me Too XD Last Year was After School and that’s how I got to know them XD

  40. lmao omg at the April’s fool gyus XD i was shocked at first tho o.O lol !!!

  41. Happy April fool day ♥

  42. Excellent information, keep it up and post more articles about it.

  43. What was the ticket price for ss4 in france ? so i can know how much its about this year.

    • annyong hashimnigg

      • =)

        • hello

    • It was about 120€

  44. How much cost the ticket in Indonesia & where I can buy it ? Plz help

  45. No one posted here, but SS5 in Hong Kong added another show on June 15th. So now, there are 2 shows in Hong Kong: June 15th and 16th. There are still some seats left on the 15th, but the 16th is already sold out.

  46. [SELL] Ticket SS5 in BKK Day 4 Aug Zone SB 2 Ticket mention me if u interest Thx. @conankind on Twitter

  47. Does anyone know how well the SS5 Taiwan tickets sell? I didn’t know that it started selling on July 14th. I’m kind of disappointed that it’s only for 3 days. Last time for SS4, it was for four days. I was hoping that SS5 will be for 5 days (to keep the trend of SS2 for 2 days, SS3 for 3 days, SS4 for 4 days, and SS5 for 5 days.

    Anyone know how it did in sales?

  48. SS5 in VietNam. T.T PLZ.

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