130320 Super Junior sold out 50% of tickets for their Show in Lima.

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Show that south korean group will be give in our country also has generated interest in fans of Bolivia, Panama and Venezuela.

Super Junior, one of the most popular of the KPop hallyu, will come to our country this April 27, but the furor aroused among his admirers it’s felt from now.

Tickets for the concert at Jockey Club left yesterday at noon for sale and closure of this note were already exhausted 50% of the available tickets.

As explained by Michelangelo Carrillo, Shows Work representative, the company in charge of the event, the show in our country has generated interest from fans Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Panama, Canada and the United States.

“The Latin American tour includes only Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, where close. And so they want to make it big. They chose Peru to close because they know very well the degree of acceptance that they got here with Kpop shows. In terms of region, Peru is a power of Kpop and they are not oblivious to that fact.” said the businessman.


Carrillo also said the Super Show 5, name given to the concert, will be one of the most impressive that have been seen in our country for the technical and visual effects they bring.

“Super Show 5 is a show where the technology is constant. They have walkways, cold pyrotechnics, special effects. Constantly fed to the public. Of all the shows I’ve seen in Lima, I have not seen anything like that. Always something going on over three hours of the show.” said the businessman.

“The show includes a T-shaped catwalk that reaches the middle of the site and everyone can see comfortably. It’s a huge stage.” Carrillo said .

To generate expectations.

Eleven members of Super Junior will come to Lima. The names will be confirmed by the Shows Work on your social networks. Unfortunately, Leeteuk, the leader of the group, will not be present, because he is serving military service in his country. One person who really will come it’s Kyuhyun, the youngest member of the group.

Tickets for the concert can be purchased still Teleticket Wong and Metro.

Source: http://elcomercio.pe 
Translation by: https://twitter.com/ShinDongChingu 
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid


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  1. 11 members??
    kibum n hankyung too??

    • Zhou mi and Henry = ]

  2. wait, that means that rumours about Yesung enlisting after Seoul’s Show are false!!
    really hoping he will be at Paris too…

  3. “One person who really will come it’s Kyuhyun, the youngest member of the group.”

  4. And still no info about SS5 in Brazil. 😦

  5. OMG I seriously cant wait…from the description here it seems like its gonna be really awesome! SS4 was already awesome, I wonder how they’re gonna surpass them…Anyway, can anyone tell me the capacity of the concert in lima?

  6. SS5 Peru will be held in The Jockey Club del Perú has a seating capacity for about 25,000.

  7. FIGHTING, Peruvian ELF! Don’t miss this chance of watching SuShow in your country! You will never regret it! 😀

  8. why so secrect for the details of ss5?

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