#Random Super Junior Game

March 17, 2013 at 2:45 pm | Posted in ELF, Random/Other, Wonderboys | 140 Comments

Update*********** Let’s move this game to the shoutbox!!

Thanks to’ Favourite | ღanything about Super Juniorღ

Here’s the rules:

What you do is I’ll say a word related to Super Junior, and you have to post another word related to Super Junior that stands with the last letter that I said. Here’s an example:

Person one – “Miracle

Person two – Eeteuk

Okay, so MiraclE ends with an E, right? So the next person who posts (which is you; hopefully… *pout*) has to post a word that starts with E.

A bit confusing, I know… But it’s because it’s hard to explain.

Let’s Play Together

My Words [you need to start with its last letter]


p/s:start with letter  N

p.s. No Repeated answers! & comment on this post.
p.s….s… If I delete your answer it’s because it has already been answered!



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  1. Neorago

    • Next word with the letter O!

      • Only U

  2. No other ❤

  3. No Other

    • ryeowook

      • kyuhyun

  4. Neorago

    • Oppa Oppa

  5. No other!

  6. oppa oppa

  7. Oops

  8. No Other ..

  9. NOW!

  10. Neorago..

    Kkk.. XDD

  11. opera

  12. Norago

    • pls delete this comment i made above. i thought i can play as well, but it seems like i can’t ‘cus others are faster. thx

  13. Never

  14. neorago

  15. Only U..

  16. No Other

  17. Oh.. minahe… OUR LOVE!

  18. No Other

  19. All my heart..

  20. Next letter U! Okay .. U is hard…

    Let’s try again. New Word.


    New word starting with L.

  21. a man in love

  22. A CHA!

  23. Ryeowook

  24. oppa oppa

  25. andante

  26. andante

  27. unbelievable outing

  28. Love U More

  29. ryeowook

  30. Endless Love

    • Next letter was K 🙂

  31. Lee

  32. kyuhyun

  33. Kyuhyun

  34. A Cha

  35. Eunhyuk

  36. No other

  37. no other

  38. Now

  39. No Other


  41. No other

  42. K.R.Y

  43. Rokkugo

  44. Rest

  45. rokkugo

  46. why I like U ?

  47. tunnel

  48. why i like you

  49. twins

  50. Kissing You

  51. Kangin

  52. Kang In

  53. kibum

  54. yesung~

  55. this is so confusing.,.. which thread am I suppose to follow now? can sid please clear the comments that are not supposed to be there.. gomawo~

  56. good bye my love

  57. Tic Toc

  58. Love you more

  59. Ever Lasting Friends

  60. it’s suppose to be like this rite. when sid posted Sungmin, next is No otheR. so next is…
    Oppa oppA
    A Man In LovE
    My love my kiss my hearT
    Sorry sorrY
    Grand PalacE
    ELF ❤

  61. Eunhyuk

  62. So I continue with “F” right?

    Full House

  63. Full housE??
    Easy!! (I’m not easy!!) XD
    This is fun!!

  64. First Snow

  65. Way for love

  66. Ways to break up

  67. Wonder Boy

    • You and I

      • It’s You

  68. Yesung

  69. Gulliver

    • Rock This House

    • reowook

  70. Rockstar

  71. Kangin

    • New endless love (one of our evil magnae’s solo stage during ss3) ^^

  72. Evil Magnae!

  73. Endless Moment

  74. The Girl is Mine

  75. embrace of distance

  76. Exploration of the human body

  77. Y style

    • Extravagant Chaellenge =D

  78. Everlasting Friends

  79. So Cold

  80. Disco Drive

    • ELF! 😀

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