(ENG SUB) MBC Section TV Interview with Super Junior (& Ailee) [Cut] – From 130315

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

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130315 MBC Section TV Interview with Super Junior (& Ailee) [Cut]

130315 Super Junior select the member with the cutest butt

Credit: Subbings – Naya
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  1. They are do funny 😀 :D:D

    That is not true that Siwon is the more confident of his body. As he has the best body they believe he should be the more confident.He does not value himself enough

  2. Lol, out of the blue, they talked about sungmin and his cutest butt.^-^

  3. I like that they did this with Ailee, I like her. LOL Kyu and his “never dated scandal” and he didn’t point to Sungmin when they said nicest butt, must be thinking it should be him. xD

    • Kyuhyun is the one that started sungmin with the cutest butt in variety show^^

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