Super Junior announces tour passing by Brazil – From 130312

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

The South Korean group Super Junior has announced that they will bring their tour “Super Show 5” to Brazil this year. The announcement was made during the chat “Google+ Hangout”, which saw the participation of fans from around the world.

Until the closure of this matter, there was no official confirmation on date, tickets and venue. The group just announced that the presentation will be in the city of São Paulo. This will be the first time of the musicians in Brazil.

The first stop of the tour “Super Show 5” will be in Seoul, capital of Korea on Oct. 23. The band also plans to take their shows to Japan, China, Argentina, Chile, France, England, among other countries.

Super Junior began his career in 2005 and is today one of the most successful groups in South Korea. The current lineup has nine members, with two singers from the original on hiatus to fulfill the mandatory military service for all South Korean male.

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  1. “Super Junior began his career…” his… HIS!
    oh wow, I guess SJ are really one -.-

    • Sorry dear, I was translating it fast… I tried ^^

  2. October?

    • It’s incorrect.. It’s March!

      • It was like this on cifras club çç

  3. all the best sj for the worldwide’ concerts

  4. the translator must have made a few mistakes but never mind i really appreciate the translation.If there is one in my language i would gladly translate it but i doubt there will be one XD

  5. Sorry for the mistakes guys, I was late for course, so I just did it fast ç.ç I really thought I had corrected the “his”. And the “October” was just wrote like this on the site… Sorry sorry ^^

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