130312 Siwon Twitter Update: 10days 8times flight. feel like this is my home.

March 12, 2013 at 12:14 pm | Posted in Cyworld/Fancafe/UFO/Twitter, Pictures/Videos, Shiwon, Wonderboys | 10 Comments

Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130313 Giorgio Armani Event, Hong Kong with Siwon

10days 8times flight. feel like this is my home.


Source: @siwon407
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia


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  1. oooh OPPA….it’s ok and be healthy 🙂

  2. frequent flyer!!must hv clock alot of miles now on his card

  3. siwon saranghae

  4. Must be tough…VIP lounge, Armani private jet…(sigh)

    • I don’t know my boss (4 level up) always fly first class. He spend 250 days on the road last year and hated it. It does take alot out of you even if you get to wait in the VIP lounge. But I agree much better than regular waiting room and economy seats (almost hell when it is an internatinal flight)

  5. At least you get access to that lounge Siwon lol

  6. Am I seeing things or is that a piano?
    And where are the comfy chairs?

  7. why siwon go to hongkong ? pls reply

    • Armani fashion store promotion.

  8. “feels like home”??? so your home looks like this?? Whoaaa….!! XD

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