[Rumour] 130311 Super Junior Announces “Super Show 5 in Seoul” and New South American Locations

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Super Junior Announces “Super Show 5 in Seoul” and New South American Locations

As we announced before, K-Pop idol group Super Junior will be having another world tour with “Super Show 5.” They will kick off their tour in Seoul with “Super Show 5 in Seoul” on March 23 and 24. Tickets are currently available on Gmarket.

Also, good news for South American ELFs! According to the official Super Junior Facebook page, “Super Show” will be held in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru for the first time! Here is the full current list of countries and cities.

Korea – Seoul

Japan – Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya

China – Beijing, Shanghai

Taiwan – Taipei

Singapore – Singapore

Indonesia – Jakarta

Thailand – Bangkok

France – Paris

UK – London

Argentina – Buenos Aires

Brazil – São Paulo

Chile – Santiago

Peru – Lima

Check out this video spot SM Entertainment released to promote “Super Show 5 in Seoul.”

Source: SMTown and Soompi
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by firnia

Red = Confirmed.

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  1. what about mexico ? …. exist a possibility to have a super show in mexico?

  2. London? Is it really legit?

  3. i want a ss5 in london as well

  4. …Australia? 8((

  5. 4 South America concerts? What about the US? T^T… Please come to LA or SF >.<"

  6. Japan 4 places?

  7. Will Australia still be considered after what happened in Sydney last time? I was one of the very dissapointed Oz ELFs :((

  8. WHY! Why not in the USA!!! 😦 Sad!!!! If they do come to America then they would go to LA right…? I don’t live close to LA but I’m allowed to go if they do 😦 Despite it being far… But WAH! Please come to America! :’c

  9. No America?! Sad days. T-T

  10. Jakarta??It hasn’t confirmed yet!! Eventhough I’m Indonesia ELF,I hope they won’t come to Jakarta.All promotor in here are suck,,I prefer to go to Singapore to see SS5,,

  11. omg, what happen to hk & nyc? there won’t be on the lists?????????????

  12. SJ SS5 London please!!!

  13. Jakarta.. XD

  14. rumour romour!! please come to malaysia too ❤

  15. And so, another Super Show passes the US by… v_v Fancams shall be my best friends.

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