130311 Epop Malay Magazine March 2013 Issue – Super Junior [TRANS]

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

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epop: What do you like lately?

Kyuhyun: Delicious food!
Shindong: That’s weird~
Kyuhyun: Weird, isn’t it? I don’t mind doing errands as long as there’s delicious food!
Shindong: Lately, I love to play golf~ I once said in a show that I know how to play golf. So, everyone assumed that I know how to play golf. They all want to play golf with me.
Leeteuk: You don’t know how to play golf, do you?
Shindong: Honestly, I don’t!
Siwon: I love to look at matching colors everywhere I go! When I see a weird combination of colors, I will think, this combination doesn’t match at all. This game is fun to play while I’m bored.
Donghae: I like to put aromatherapy candles at home! I really like the smell of the fragrance fron the candles.
Sungmin: I really like some things lately!

Yesung: What is that? Is it golf?
Sungmin: Shindong influenced me to play golf!
Ryeowook: I love to travel!! I like to travel to Europe at young age!


epop: What is your special talent or advantages compare to other members?

Kyuhyun: I’m good in playing electronic games!
Leeteuk: He likes to do a gathering with other professional gamers during his free time.
Kyuhyun: I ate roast meat with them!
Leeteuk: I’m good in pull-up!
Kyuhyun: How many times can you manage to do it?
Leeteuk: At least 20 times~
Ryeowook: I’m good at cooking! I’m a chef!
Sungmin: Wait a minute, you’re not really good at cooking…
Ryeowook: Do you know how hard cooking is?
Sungmin: If it is, teach me some methods to cook.
Ryeowook: I really like to eat snack! I’m good in cooking Daigaku Imo (Glazed Sweet Potatoes)!
Sungmin: Ahh~ Daigaku Imo is so delicious!
Yesung: I like to recommend movies! Besides SJ members, the other artists within the same company always call me or texting me to ask for movies recommendation before they go to the other countries.


epop: What is the meaning of SUPER JUNIOR for you?

Kyuhyun: A loving family!
Leeteuk: A happy family.
Kyuhyun: How to say this… sometimes I’ll attend shows by myself, but I know that SJ is my family forever! I can go back to members’ side anytime I want.
Leeteuk: I used to be introvert and passive. SJ members are the one that make me understand about the meaning of happiness.
Siwon: SJ is the best vitamin for Donghae!
Donghae: Right!
Siwon: SJ is like a group of army! SJ is a friend and the best team work for me.
Eunhyuk: Agree. I’m thinking of the same thing too!
Siwon: Our minds think alike. It’s hard to look for words to explain our relationship.
Eunhyuk: Agree, there’s no words to explain our relationship.
Donghae: SJ is a family!
Yesung: SJ is so important to me like water.
Sungmin: SJ is a medium for my dream. Because of SJ, we’re getting closer to our dreams!


epop: What is your childhood dream?

Yesung: Do you want to be a flying bird who’s free to fly in the sky? (asking Ryeowook)
Ryeowook: Yup, when I was a kid, I want to be a bird!
Yesung: I have a lot of dreams when I was a kid. I once wanted to become a basketballer. After I took Art course, I wanted to be a designer instead. Later, I changed my dream to be a sports’ reporter. Never in mind would I think of being a singer.
Sungmin: I don’t have much talents, I need to spend more time to practice than other members. For that, members gave me ‘practice worm’ nickname.
Yesung: We’ve become a trainee for five years before debuting! During that five years, Sungmin was presented in almost every single practice session! His perseverance is what makes who he is now.

Translated from Malay to English and Shared at by: salimahsj

*I think they took this from Lotte interview. 🙂



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  1. epop took this from somewhere else and claimed like they own.. cehhh

  2. this interview, interview of lotte duty free is not it?

  3. oh they have sweet reationship each other <3333 Love ya !!

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