130310 CONFIRMED SUPER SHOW 5 Stops: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru & Indonesia

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Sup3rjunior Charity Fan Project ”Happiness is Best Shared Together”

Compilation: 130303 Kyuhyun and Siwon in Bangkok, Thailand

130310 ss5

Super Show 5 so far….

♥ Seoul (South Korea)
♥ Sao Paulo (Brazil)
♥ Buenos Aires (Argentina)
♥ Santiago de Chile (Chile)
♥ Lima (Peru)
♥ Jakarta (Indonesia)

Credit: 린채 ‏@lynchae & SiwonChoi ‏@siwon407
Reupload and Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you.

Siwon SS5 Jakarta


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  1. confirmed?? but it’s like old picts.. congrats to Brazil, Argentina, Chile & Peru Elf if it’s really true.. i hope it’s true 😀

    • Yes!!!!!!!!!!! It was captured today, from their live chat with ELF!! ;D Will upload the video soon!

      • E os ingressos ? por favor me informe disso ‘-‘

        • quando vana a venir??? donde puedo comprar los tickets??? porfa.. diganmelo lo mas antes posible….

  2. A whole 4 countries!!!! I thought at max they’d visit 2, but 4??!! OMG I hope there are enough ELF in South America to fill 4 concert venues 😉

    • 4 is out of my imagination too… i’m worried abt that too. anywway, SM said it’s 10,000 -capacity concerts….hope our boys can make it

  3. i think they will make it…as long as SM announced it early enough for people to get prepared

  4. Don’t look down on us, South Americans, people ^-^
    At least here in Brazil SJ is very popular, people are really crazy about the guys and passionate about concerts.
    And even if we don’t fill up the arena, I’m confident to say that our cheering is worth the double of any sold out concert (we spend a whole lot of time waiting for our favorite artists to come to our country, so when they do, it’s like a party and we really want to show our love and gratefulness).

    I’m sorry if I sound arrogant or something like that. It was not my intention. It’s because if there are things about Brazilian that I’m proud of, one of them is our fans.
    We’ll do fine, trust us ^-^v

    • THIS!

    • Same happens here, Argentina is big and there’s a lot of fans!! and it’s cheaper coming to Buenos Aires for people from near countries.. so, for example, people from Bolivia and uruguay also confirmed to join us 😀
      Fighting Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru!!!! We’re going to do it great! rest of the worls, please cheer for us!! ^^

      • i believe in you guys.. ^^ take a good care of our oppas,and enjoy the concert 🙂
        i hope i’ll be able to go too..i can’t see SS4 last year, so SS5 INA is a must !! (eventhough siwon has mention it,just need SM to confirm)

    • Yes I believe in you! I’ve seen lots of fancams from South American ELF 🙂

  5. I think jakarta was confirmed too. Siwon did in his twitter, right? Kyu ever mentioned about ss5 jkt too in previous ss4 jkt, he promised that he would back here in the next ss.

  6. Chile \(;u;)/

  7. I think Thailand is also as good as confirmed – the boys themselves said it numerous times during SJM fanmeet, also Henry mentioned SS5 Hong Kong (though not sure abut the original source), and Philippines concert organizer has been tweeting about it, it seems.

  8. I’m hoping NYC in autumn…

    • I hope for that too. I live in Miami, but I’ll go running to NY if I have to, let’s all hope they come to USA.


  10. YES!! finally, a real world tour! and now waiting for Europe… *please Paris again*

  11. congrats to all South American ELF, especially those 4 countries. that’s awesome. I thought 1-2 max, but 4 is more than expected. 🙂
    totally not doubting the spirit and love South American ELFs have for SUJU but hope they pick arenas that are not too large so they are able to sell. also, not having to $$$ tix and giving enough notice to purchase tix.

    now if they only they would announce anything for US ELF. there better be at least one concert in the US (pref. CA) this “world tour.” 🙂

  12. oh they will not be coming to Latin America, and ami dear chile


  14. ahhh…. congrats to the ELF´s in South America, now´s when I wish Mexico was part of South America as well , mexican elf´s waited for so long, so now we only hope that they guys will announce their tour dates for North America … Mexico wants a Super Show too! 😀

  15. Brazil will surely be full, i’m a sone, and sones will be there supporting sm familly (and i will se my couples live, omg), also a lot of kpoppers will be there, so dont worry (:

  16. when will they come in sub america??? when?? where can i buy the tickets??? tickets…..

  17. Estou muito ansiosa para vê-los>>>Brasil.

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