[PROJECT] Super Junior’s Lee Hyukjae B~Day Project

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Super Junior’s Lee Hyukjae B~Day Project


Hi! We come to announce that we will make a Birthday Project for Super Junior’s Lee Hyukjae (aka Eunhyuk). The project will be a video showing our love and birthday greetings. We love to tell you that you can be participate to this project by sending your video or photo greetings. Please read carefully.

First thing is First!

Download or save the Jewel sign. → (download)

PRINT it in a quality paper, A4 size.

CUT it into a Jewel shape. → (preview)

Video greeting

1. Make a short video greeting with the jewel sign. (maximum of 5 seconds only)

2. Video’s format is .avi but any format will do. (as much as possible make it an .avi file)

3. Say the greetings with Korean or English. (you can use your language as long as you have the translation)

4. On the email sheet, please fill this form:

a. Name:

b. Country:

5. Attach the video or upload it somewhere and send us the link to with subject [VIDEO Eunhyuk bday project].

6. Deadline: March, 24th

 Photo greeting

1. Take a picture of yourself or your friends holding the jewel sign.

2. On the email sheet, please fill this form:

a. Name:

b. Country:

3. Attach the picture and send to with subject [PHOTO Eunhyuk bday project]

4. Deadline: March, 24th 2013


You can also include pictures, posters, cards, albums and even banners of Eunhyuk / Super Junior to show Eunhyuk and boys how much you love and support them 😀

Make sure the quality of the video/photo is good and at least 360 res.

The Jewel Sign must be included in the video/photo.

If you can’t print the Jewel Sign, draw and copy the sign.

The final video will be posted on our youtube channel

It will be great if you can participate to this project, we can show how special April 04 to him and to us. Any inquiry and questions please don’t hesitate to comment and ask below the notes, contact @iEunhyuk on twitter, or send us email.


-iEunhyuk’s admin-

ps: we would to thank you if you can share this note’s link anywhere ^^


Korean Script

슈퍼주니어의 은혁 생일 프로젝트

슈퍼주니어의 이혁재 생일 프로젝트

안녕하세요~ 저희 아이은혁(iEunhyuk)팬층는 슈퍼주니어의 이혁재 (은혁)에게 생일 프로젝트를 하려고 발표하겠어요. 프로젝트는 우리 엘프의 사랑과 생일 축하 보여 줄 수 있는 비디오예요. 여러분의 비디오나 축하 사진들을 보내기로 이 프로젝트에 참여하길 부탁 드려요. 이 홍보를 잘 보고 따라해 드리길 바래요.



이 보석 모양있는 사진 더운로드하거나 저장해 주세요 →

A4 사이즈로 적당한 종이에 프린트를 해 주세요.

보석 모양으로 잘라주세요 → (preview)


*비디오 축하

1. 보석 모양있는 판이랑 짧은 비디오 만들어 주세요. (5초 동안만)

2. 비디오의 포맷는 .avi예요. 다른 포맷이면 .avi로 바뀔 수 있기만 해도 돼요.

3. 한국말이나 영어로 인사하고 축하해 주세요. 만약에 여러분 나라의 언어를 말하고 싶으면 자막과 하면 돼요.

4. 메일 시트에 이 다음 내용을 작성해 주세요:

a. 이름:

b. 나라:

5. 여러분 만든 비디오 업로드한 후에 링크는 저희 메일주소 hyuksilver@gmail.com로 [VIDEO Eunhyuk bday project] 주제로 보내 주시길 부탁해 드려요.

6. 기한: 2013년 3월 24일

사진 프로젝트:

1. 보석모양 있는 판과 함꼐 여러분이나 엘프친구들이랑 시잔을 찍어 주세요.

2. 메일 시트에 이 다음 내용을 작성해 주세요.

a. 이름:

b. 나라:

3.저희 메일주소 hyuksilver@gmail.com로 [PHOTO Eunhyuk bday project] 주제로 보내 주시길 부탁해 드려요.

6. 기한: 2013년 3월 24일



– 은혁이랑 우리 슈주 맴버들에레 얼마나 좋아하고 얼마나 응원하는 게 보여 줄 수 있도록 은혁이나 슈퍼주니어의 사진, 포스터, 카드, 앨범이나플래카드까지도 써도 돼요.

– 반드시 비디오/사진 질이 좋고 적어도 360로 해상도.

– 보석 모양있는 판이 사진/비디오에 있어야 돼요.

– 만약에 보석 모양있는 판을 저장하지 못하면 그냥 그리고 복사하세요.


최중 비디오는 저희 유투브 채널으로 업로드하게 될 거예요.


이번 저희 프로젝트에 참여할 수 있으면 얼마나 좋겠어요.

이거 읽어서 감사하고 질문이 있으면 주저하지 말고 물어 보세요.

또 한국어 변역 별로 하지 못해서 죄송해요. 이해하고 참여할 수 있으면 정말 감사해요.


–아이은혁의 관리자-

추신: 이 노트를 공유할 수 있으면 좋겠어요. 또 감사해요 ^^



Chinese Script

Super junior 生日划案 您好!将会帮助 祝生日。我将会制作一个视频为生。

首先下载此宝石标志 –> (download)
接下来剪成一个宝石形状 —> (preview)

视频format 最好是avi
。把视频发送给我们,不管用任何管道然后把视频上传地址发到 标题为 [VIDEO Eunhyuk bday project]
截止日期是 324

。把图片发送到 标题为 [PHOTO Eunhyuk bday project]
4 .

请记得那视频必须是至少360p .如果你没办法打印出那宝石图案把他画下来。
完成的视频将会发放在油管 .

各位的参与会是一件很棒的事情,们可以让他知道44对他和对我们来说有多特别。有任何疑问请联系@iEunhyuk 推特。





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  1. i wanna participate but im not allowed to take pics with my face in it and post the, (my parents wont let me) so in this video, can i just be holding a sign but my face doesnt show?

  2. i really wanna be part of this project but im not allowed to post pics with my face in them online ( my parents wont let me) so is it okay if im just holding up a sign but my face isnt showing ? thnx

    • i think its pretty fine just write your so Hyukiee will know hhhahhaha
      is it because of your religion?? :))

  3. I will try!! ^O^ Hyukkie oppa hwaiting!!!~

  4. What does the jewel sign say inside?

    • Eunhyuk-oppa! Saranghae! ^__^ *Love*

  5. only 5 second for video project?

    • Yes 🙂 We’re worried if the final vid will become too long, that’s why. You can send both of photo and vid 🙂

  6. for siwon???

  7. I will also try it , for my bias !! Hyuk Jae Oppa:D

  8. I would love to do the project also but i don’t want to scare anyone with my face lol.just kidding. Saranghaeyo ❤

  9. so we can take a picture of anything we want to make like pictures or posters as long as the jewel symbol is included in the poster????

  10. We will give 2 CDs of Mr. Simple Japanese albums for 2 lucky participants.

    Check the notes (currently available in English, Korean, Chinese, and Indonesian):
    This one is in Italia’s translation:

    • Could u tell me the time difference between Korea and USA. My daughter is trying to do the birthday project but between school and track & field she hasn’t had much time.Right now it’s still March the 23rd and it’s 1:03.Thank You

      • I really hope its not to late.

  11. ps: the CDs is free.
    Comment on the notes for fast reply ^^
    Thank you.

  12. Excuse me? I’m a mexican ELF, could you tell me what is the size A4?

  13. Hi! I’m a mexican ELF. I’ll participate but could you tell me what is the size A4?

  14. April 4th is my Birthday too and I wanted to say something about that to Hyuk but I can’t really show my face on video so I was wonderingIf i could just hold up the picture and doesn’t have to be in Korean right?I can speak in English? And also do I have to add in the translation?

    • It doesn’t matter if you don’t wanna show your face.
      You can speak in English and no need to put the translation ^^

  15. how much big the photo size? and how much photo we can send?

  16. I really want to participate but every time I print it one the beginning of the jewel prints 😦 How can I participate if it won’t print?

  17. I really want to participate but no matter what every time I print the jewel, it never comes out full. How can I participate if it doesn’t print?

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