130302 Super Junior KRY Feels Leeteuk′s Empty Spot

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Compilation: @Star1 Magazine March Issue with Super Junior K.R.Y

Doing their own thing with their own style, Super Junior KRY’s Yesung, Kyuhyun, and Ryeowook are finding success in Japan, reaching the top of the Oricon Daily Single Charts and standing on the stage of Tokyo’s Budokan.

Through star fashion magazine, @star1, Super Junior KRY talked unit group success, Super Junior and Leeteuk.

About their recent success in Japan, Yesung revealed that they weren’t expecting it at all, saying “Because it was an album and a single that we weren’t really anticipating, we were especially touch.”

He continued, “We were putting on the K.R.Y concert and releasing an album when we got number one on the Oricon Chart. I think it was twice the happiness because all three things happened at once.”

Kyuhyun remained humble, saying that it was more than something the three members did. “I believe it’s the fans who love Super Junior who helped. It does make me happier that we as a smaller number accomplished this.”

With the group’s leader in the army, Super Junior KRY admitted that Leeteuk is very much missed.

“I thought the absence of the leader would be small, but it felt a lot bigger than I thought,” said Ryeowook. “When he appeared at the entertainment awards just for a second, we all laughed hard, but I heard his mom cried a lot.”

Yesung and Kyuhyun echoed similar sentiments on the empty leader spot in the group.

“I believe it especially feels that way because he was a hyung who psychologically led the members with strength. While he’s gone, the other members will have to fill in the weak spots,” added Yesung.

Kyuhyun said, “When we’re resting in the waiting room, he used to tell us a lot of fun stories, but now Kangin hyung does that a lot. When we’re all together, it seems like we wouldn’t notice it since we have a lot of members, but because all the members are so boisterous, when there’s even one member missing, it feels quite empty.”

When they get breaks from their busy schedules, the Super Junior KRY members said they enjoy watching movies, playing games, eating, reading books and drinking with friends.

On possible Super Junior activities in 2013, the members replied that there aren’t any so far, especially with members doing their own things.

“I honestly hope this year passes by a bit more comfortably,” confessed Kyuhyun. “Even before starting Radio Star two years ago, I haven’t been able to rest. It’s not a complaint, but I just want to sit for a second without thinking about anything.”

The full interview and pictorial can be found in the March issue.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will be holding its target=”_blank”>Super Show 5 concert on March 23 and 24.

Source: http://enewsworld.mnet.com
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  1. they are missed Leeteuk so much. me to T_T

  2. annyeong kry, all the best for “promise”. take care u all

  3. “When we’re resting in the waiting room, he used to tell us a lot of fun stories, but now Kangin hyung does that a lot”
    Kangteuk <333

  4. i’m getting really worried about kyuhyun and the boys, but specially Kyuhyun. He has so many things to do, he’s going all around asia working with KRY, SJM, coming back to Radio Star, SJ, CMIYC musical, etc. And he’s lost so much weight this past two months.
    He needs some rest!

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