130222 OFFICIAL, Super Junior-M Fan Meeting in Taiwan [52P]

February 22, 2013 at 4:14 pm | Posted in Events/Concerts/Perfs., Pictures/Videos, Super Junior-M, Wonderboys | 13 Comments

Compilation: 130220 SUPER JUNIOR M in Taiwan & “Summer Snow” Musical Press Conference with Sungmin in Japan

Credit: ettoday.net
 Reupload and Posted by: Destinyhae (www.sup3rjunior.com)
Please credit ‘SUP3JUNIOR.WORDPRESS.COM’ as well. Thank you

sjm 130222-1

sjm 130222-3

sjm 130222-2

sjm 130222-4

sjm 130222-5

sjm 130222-6

sjm 130222-7 sjm 130222-8

sjm 130222-10

sjm 130222-11

sjm 130222-12

sjm 130222-13

sjm 130222-14

sjm 130222-15

sjm 130222-16

sjm 130222-17

sjm 130222-18

sjm 130222-19

sjm 130222-20

sjm 130222-21

sjm 130222-22

sjm 130222-23

sjm 130222-24

sjm 130222-25

sjm 130222-26

sjm 130222-27

sjm 130222-28

sjm 130222-29

sjm 130222-30

sjm 130222-31

sjm 130222-32

sjm 130222-33

sjm 130222-34

sjm 130222-35

sjm 130222-36

sjm 130222-37

sjm 130222-38

sjm 130222-39

sjm 130222-40

sjm 130222-41

sjm 130222-42

sjm 130222-43

sjm 130222-44

sjm 130222-45

sjm 130222-46

sjm 130222-47

sjm 130222-48

sjm 130222-49

sjm 130222-9


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  1. I am not into this kind of approach, but maybe I am wrong
    I see them as grown men, not pubescent kids, no matter how cute they may be
    I don’t wish them to have love substitutes
    I wish them a healthy love life

    • why so serious? lol
      ofc they will. As much as I love to see them together, I just take it as brotherhood/close friendship relationship only.I think this is just for the fans, SJ shares this kind of close bond with ELFs that it doesnt matter anymore to show this kind of things to their fans.

      • truuuue 😉 it just for fun, n i’m sure they did it for fanservice 😉 no worry, n i’m quiet happy to know that several of them dating… i’ll happy for them n wish them all the best n hope them always happy n healthy 🙂
        dont worry too much 😉
        as much as i ship kyuhyuk, i saw it as a reeeeelly care dongsaeng *orhyungwannabe* to hyukkie 😉 but sometimes fangirling is okay too 😉

        • i love you..we have the same feeling for them 😀

    • Dude in Korea is it normal for boys to have a LOT of skinship with each other. They probably think nothing of it. Sadly for me, because I ship all of them together xD and I want them to be real couples



  3. 3rd to last picture…Sungmin’s facial expression xD
    the non-performance pictures are all so funny!!!

  4. Henwook is so funny, Henry really like a kid, his expression is soooo cute, i am more more more more more like him yaaaaaaahooooo

    • agreeeee!
      I’m sparkyu but also like henry 🙂

  5. Well, yes, maybe it’s cultural…in Europe we are not used to this sort of approach, nor to the media making such big mysteries about dating 🙂 especially when it involves someone who is 25 years old lol
    As long as the guys feel good, it is ok
    I hope you all feel good too

  6. Henry has becoming truly Koreans now…kekeke

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