“Summer Snow” musical Press Conference with Sungmin [Transcript] – From 130220

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Compilation: 130220 SUPER JUNIOR M in Taiwan & “Summer Snow” Musical Press Conference with Sungmin in Japan

In the first interview Japanese greeting: “Hello, I’m SungMin.Would like to talk today to act as Natsuo. Thank you *^^*”

Q:Highlight point?
Sungmin: “SummerSnow is the moving drama hit in Japan in 2000, and I was looking those days.
I think that all the directions that looked at this are impressed.
But since it thinks that what can be expressed in a drama and a musical is different, what is expressed in a musical should be enjoyed fully this time.”

Sungmin–> SungJe–> and a question come, when it was the order of seats, it was next SeungHyun, but it is skipped on the relation of a question. The next is also skipped — SeungHyun asked to MC “Do you hate me ?? “”. Sungmin was gently said in Japanese “Sorry. (Because)You are special*^^*”

Q: Why you chose SummerSnow while there are many offers for stage?
Sungmin: I heard “such a good drama becomes a musical”, the drama movingly was listened to, and avarice came out.
If you would like to show Natsuo’s character through performance.
I would like to show the charm different from an old role again.”

(About “Natsuo”)
Sungmin: “To tell you the truth When I heard SummerSnow will be a musical, I’m heard the wrong information. My role I have heard it first “Seiji”, I have to analyze and diary writing and personality. However, in fact, my role was a role of Natsuo. when my role is Seiji,I think hate Natsuki, Then, when I know my role is Natsuo it has become a hate Seiji (laughs). So I was able to know the personality of both thanks to that, it will help on the acting :))”

Message to the Japanese fans: “Time has passed since I came to Japan with all SJ. KRY members had a concert, it came, but there has blanked to come by all the members. I want to show everyone to a nice appearance if you can wait a little. For me it is his second musical to be staged in Japan. Please give a lot of hope and love! And please enjoy the healing effect by looking at me:))”

Session impression (Tomoe Shinbo): Sungmin eyes have always shining today, even when people are talking of MC, even when other performers who are talking, He had heard always with a big smile and nod. I heard “wow amazing Sungmin” from photographer behind me♪

Source: ニッポン放送 新保友映 ‏@tomoe_shinbo
Translate by: rie @101holic
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by myblacksmile101


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  1. thanks for the transcript

  2. “wow amazing Sungmin”

    Proud of you, Min..You have worked hard..

  3. good luck aegyo king

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