130221 Super Junior-M Fan Meeting in Taiwan | Part 2 [FanAccount]

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Compilation: 130220 SUPER JUNIOR M in Taiwan & “Summer Snow” Musical Press Conference with Sungmin in Japan

The Origin of Pabos…. BY Cho Kyuhyun

From last time’s You are the orange of my heart, After that Kyu added in Pabos =.=

130221 They were asked about their feelings after the ending of today’s fanmeeting

Kyu: You all are pabos. Why?

Fans: Huh!???????

Kyu: You are all pabos. Why?

Everybody still had a confused look on their faces.

Kyu: You all are pabos. (Points the mic at us) Why?

Everybody : ??????????

(What Kyuhyun actually wanted us to say was that when he say that we all are pabos, he wants ask to reply “Why?”)

Kyu: You all are pabos. (Points the mic to us)

Fans: (shouts loudly) Why?

Kyu: Because you all are the pabos that only love us.

Everybody in the venue were screaming after that.

Kyu: We are also pabos.

Everybody in the venue continue screaming.

Kyu: Because we are the pabos that only love all of you.

Other members: Pabos Pabos

Kyu: You all are pabos. We are also pabos.

Other members: Pabo. (Points here and there)

After that, someone like told him that his father (Kyu’s father) was also there at the venue.

Kyu: My father is also a Pabo, (serious tone)

Other members start to panic.

Kyu: Father is …….. a pabo who only loves me.

After that, members start to randomly say Pabo pabo in the rest of the conversation.

Source: 羽兒-S_Kyu
Translation by: sherlyn (@sweetkyu21) at @OurGyuhyun

130221 SJ-M Taiwan Fanmeet Hyukmin

“Eunhyuk pulled Sungmin to some high-fives during a song. Then, during Blue Tomorrow, Eunhyuk touched Sungmin’s face before placing his arms over him and they kept hugging. At the closing, they were glued to each other with their waist bent and ran from left to right (vice versa) to wave goodbye to everyone. It was so cute! At the end, when they were supposed to go backstage, Eunhyuk waited and called Sungmin at the same time. He kept calling out to him, “Sungmin! Sungmin!” However, we were unable to get that shot.”

“The two of them had their hands draped over each other’s shoulder for what seems like an entire length of the song.”

Source: @hyukminbar

Translation by: @hyukminshipper

Everytime Sungmin and Eunhyuk sings their parts correctly, they’ll hug tightly
 photo 58181_900_zpsd3a7320f.jpg

Source: @13elieveSG

“Donghae grabbed Eunhyuk’s hair when #Hyukmin were hugging.”

 photo 57925_900_zpscd733c1a.jpg

Credit:  李家蓉蓉

Translation by: @hyukminshipper

This fanaccount was from her tweets while she attended the fanparty so it doesn’t make much sense xD and she doesn’t speak Chinese so she’s just going by what her friend is telling her.

Arrived at the venue! Omg we started giving out mibar and @SunshineZhouMi postcards and business cards and this HUGE line formedpic.twitter.com/ITaas0cKPN FOR LIKE FIFTEEN MINUTES! I totally ran out of postcards and business cards lol I’ve never said xie xie so many times in my life. Mi’s fringe is up btw, he must have not done his hair before those backstage pics. Donghae just blew a kiss into the mic lol Kyu why so cute. He ran out of questions to ask lol. I have no idea what’s going on btw lol, Hyuk and hae keep randomly coming out with English though lol. The mc keeps catching Henry off guard and asking him questions and he’s like ‘huh what me?’ Henry is talking about Masterchef. Seat order is Wook, Henry, min, Siwon, hae, Kyu, Hyuk, Mi. I think it’s literally impossible for min to look more like a lost kitten. Assistant was rolling the table out with the fan questions in it and Hyuk stole it as it rolled past lol, Kyu took it back 😛 They played Kai bai bo for the first question and Hyuk won, so he picked it out with his teeth lol. The question is English! ‘Is there any activity you want to do with ELF?’ they don’t understand lol. Now eunsihae are fighting to translate it lol, hae is translating to Chinese. Hyuk just started beat boxing and i have no idea why lol. AHHHHHH WOOK. Wook said he wants to take all ELF to Australia and he will pay! I just started screaming AUSTRALIA WHAT ABOUT AUSTRALIAAAA. Second question also English, Siwon chose it. ‘Compare elf to something you carry with you all the time’ Donghae said ‘heart’ lol, so cheesy. Ryeowook wanted to say ‘air’ but he pronounced it like ‘chicken’ lolol Kyuhyun is trying to say something and everyone is yelling GAME. ‘Elf is my…’ ‘GAME’ ‘not game!’ ‘Elf is my…. voice’ awwwwww. Everyone is calling Mi ‘MiMi’, Hyuk said ‘gentleman Mimi’ and someone started singing ‘do re mi mi Mi’ Mi’s question is ‘who is the most handsome in this group’ Lame answer, he said all members. And himself haha. Question time is over! Mi is being teased by everyone tonight lol, it’s really cute. VCR now. I just screamed at QMI in the VCR and the whole stadium was quiet lmao. SJM band is about to start! So beautiful, Henry’s looks his most gorgeous playing violin. Siwon/Hyuk/Wook stage! Today must be tight pants Thursday because oh boyyyy Hyuk just smacked Siwon’s butt lol. Siwon and Hyuk are pointing at each other and doing body rolls… ZHOU MIIIIIII. Omg he’s beautiful. Best thing I’ve ever heard in my life omg Zhou Mi you are magic. The whole stadium is swayin their lightsticks with the song. Oh god that was beautiful ZHOU MI YOUR VOICE IS HEAVEN. Siwon’s solo now. Mibar banners were distributed in the seating area and I could see people holding them 🙂 Someone should have learnt bagpipes for Siwon’s solo lol. Actually during question time some and in the front row held up the banners and Mi waved to them. Henry and Kyu! I dunno why they’re sayin but apparently it’s really funny lol. Talking about girlfriends lol. They asked each other if they had girlfriends. Then Kyu said I’m lonely, and Henry said I’m lonely too, so lets play piano Or something like that anyway. Kyu’s giant grey cardigan makes him look really small hehe. Mmm Kyu’s voice is like a warm blanket. Just wanna wrap myself up in it. Eunhae! Fuck they are hot man. I didn’t know hello has a fanchant?. Another mention part. Showing unseen photos. Zhou Mi’s jumpsuit from Taiwan lol. Talking about Mi’s book, he’s gone off stage to get it???? IT’S PINK. WHY IS IT PINK? It’s pink with a yellow stripe across it? Like a rainbow. But only yellow, and I pic of him on the back made of a collage. Photo of min pouring water onto a sleeping Kyu’s face hahaha. BAHAHAHA weirdarse photo of Mi jumping off a chair. Looks like Peter Pan taking flight. He didn’t being out the actual book btw, just a board that showed the covers. Last photo was of henmi in the cart thing at the amusement park in Taiwan, when Mi was going crazy and Henry was staring at him. I don’t know how to explain things lol. This photo is of hae sleepin in the airport lounge? Super unattractive photo lol. Kyuwook with their dumplings! So cuuuute. Mi is sitting with both his feet up on the stool footrest btw, looks so adorable. Haha that super old pic of haekyusiwon with the Pepsi and making ridic faces. They’re asking them to reenact the photo, with other members though. Hyuk did it but made a sexy face instead, licking his lips haha. Fans went mental haha The pic of Siwon rehearsing ‘your raise me up’ and all the members kneeling at his feet. They reenacted it with Kyu instead so he sang a few lines of you raise me up. Now they are making Henry sing it. Oh they’re about to pick three fans to go onstage for a photo. Donghae just picked a whole handful of tickets lol. Zhou Mi is leaning over Kyu’s shoulder to whisper into Hae’s ear how to say the seat number XD. Kyu’s turn to pick someone. Mi helping Kyu read XD Siwon’s turn nowwww. Hae said to his fan ‘if you are tired I will come and pick you up’ Kyu said ‘of you are tired just… jiayou’ lol. Eunsihae are actin like idiots, using the screen to make it look like they are hitting each others heads. Meanwhile Mi is spinning circles on a stools lol. I don’t how to explain what thy were doing lol, Siwon was standing further forward so eunhae stood behind and played with the screen. QMI sitting together :P. Donghae is holding his fans hand. He was pretending to kiss we hand but actually kissing his own hand lol. Two of the fans on stage are Kyu fans l. KYU STOP HUGGING THEM AHHH. Kyu is such a pimp omg, he’s standing with his arms around the two fans. Hyun is trying to win the heart of all the fans, and failing lol. Group photo over. Omg Kyu just ran off stage with his two fans BAHAHA. MI IS BACKHUGGING HYUK. That was so cute omg. Orz kyuhae ❤ hae was holdin Kyu’s hand and strokin his face while singing Goodbye my Love. Min tried to create a moment with hae but hae covered his eyes with his hand lol. Hyuk is laughing too much to sing lol, I think he stuffed up. Mi hit him in the back. Henry sang to Siwon and Siwon put on this ‘wtf no’ face then laughed hahaha. Now is Destiny. Zhou Mi are your pants painted on holy crap. Min and Henry picking confetti from wook’s hair. Mi has confetti in his hair but I think he’s too tall for anyone to see lol. Mi’s gorgeous smile at the end of destiny ahhhh. singing Me yay!. Mi tried I get the confetti out of his own hair just before but failed lol, it’s still there. Omg during the ‘don’t want to say goodbye’ part hae put his fingers on Henry’s lips like ‘shh’ hahaha. Singing A-oh now. Eunhae punch each other for no reason… Omg then min put a towel around Hyuk from the back and was rubbing it on his chest bahaha Hyukmin were high fiving in time to the music so hae came and started smacking Hyuk’s arse, than hitting Siwon’s back. Mi is being really cute and just bouncing around. Eunhae tried to stay on stage after the song finished and starting singing again but the lights turned off lol. Breakdown!!. Fishnet shirt Mi hurrrrrr. AHHHHHHH ZHOU MIIIIII SH DOSLSISNEISNS. Us mitangs just completely lost our shit ahahahah. HE TOOK HIS JACKET ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR HIS PART. I CAN SEE YOUR FUCKING CHEST FROM HERE MI. Song is over, talking again. Mi just kinda half skipped across the stage? So weird lol. Mi and hae bro-fived. ZHOU MIIIIII. ANDBDISNEJSMDIDBE DKDOSBEHE HE HAS HIS JACKET RESTING OFF HIS ELBOWS. I KNOW YOU’RE DOIN THT ON PURPOSE MK. Siwon is in the middle of speaking and everyone is quiet and I just started screaming ahahaha. HE IS TOWELING HIS CHEST. TOWELING. HIS. CHEST. Kyu went to ask Mi something an Mi has his arm around Kyu’s shoulder Wait no, Kyu’s hand is on Mi’s shoulder, like at the back of his neck. Boo Mi put his jacket back on. They’re making jokes saying Hyuk got eyelid surgery. Kyu doesn’t know what to say so he’s just blabbering lol. Kyu is calling the fans silly? Or something. Whatever it was Mi reached around and whacked him lol. Hyuk reminded Kyu that his father is here, kyu said no problem, he is stupid too lol. Hae blew another kiss into the mic lol. Mi was trying to speak to Henry from across the stage but Henry didn’t have his earpiece in so didn’t realize haha. Mi talked for ages but I have no idea what he said lol. Hyukmin had their arms around each other singing then bear hugged!!! Now Kyu has his arm around Hyuk and singing to him lol. Hae just picked up Henry and threw him over his shoulder lol. Ok everyone is hugging now an stuff, can’t keep up lol. hyukmin hugging again! Hae went and interrupted lol Lots of henwon and wookmi lol Wookmi holding hands 😀 Finished! Hae dragged Hyuk off stage by his hair haha. Wook was the last on stage and when he realized he scurried off.

Source: Fi ‏@fibabo

Donghae and Sungmin hugged each other happily. At the ending, they hold each other’s hands and bend their backs while walking around together. Donghae taught Sungmin how to say “Give me a call tonight” in chinese. They whispered in each other ears and touched each other’s waist.

Source: HaeMinBar 
Translation by: Michkkl

Shared at sup3rjunior.com by jazzzyjam



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  1. Frantic, funny fan account…just loved it!

  2. oh so jealous! I want to go to a fanmeet! Even if it’s just one…= ( But I’m glad others can go and then come back to write these fan accounts. Thanks so much!

  3. awwwwww KYU is so adorable
    that’s reason why i love him ^^

    HYUKMIN so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee ^^

  4. laughing the whole time reading the long fan account. sounded like so much fun!!!!

  5. wow, sounded u all hving fun and wish u all have the greats coming 2

  6. i loved the full account of the fanmeet.thanks a lot.love eunhae and hyukmin…..thanks again 🙂

  7. Hae don’t be jealous, Hyuk all yours ><

  8. he actually said in Chinese ” ben-dan” which means dummy/stupid 😀 even the Mc D’s staffs were talking about Kyu’s new remark today…
    some said he picked ben-dan because this word was use in the movie, You’re the Apple of My Eye where his solo song originated from. it was a significant moment in the movie…
    i’m just super happy i made it out here to see Kyu from LA \m/

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